What is Treehouse?

Treehouse is an online learning platform offering courses in web, mobile and business development. The platform has tutorials on HTML, CSS, Javascript, UX, WordPress, Ruby, PHP, iOS Development and more.

Treehouse is an online education platform helping users to learn code, make apps, and start their own businesses.

Treehouse’s web development and programming courses are focused at the beginner to intermediate level. Treehouse also has a range of other courses to teach users marketing skills and other business competencies.

Treehouse’s courses are taught through a collection of short videos, interactive challenges, quizzes etc. User’s can earn badges for the progress they make on the platform!

Treehouse Awards

Treehouse currently scores 89/100 in the MOOCs & General category. This is based on user satisfaction (85/100), press buzz (66/100), recent user trends (rising), and other relevant information on Treehouse gathered from around the web.

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Treehouse Review

Editors' Review by the MOOCs & General Software Review Team

Treehouse is an e-learning platform designed for individuals and students who want to learn how to code a variety of languages. It’s used primarily by people who want to access educational courses from a supportive online community. Educators can use Treehouse for their online IT classes and companies can also use this to conduct training courses.

This solution lets you choose between a variety of options to learn new content. This includes video tutorials, online courses, interactive content and many more. Having these options keeps you engaged and interested when it comes to coding. It also reiterates the notion that online learning doesn’t have to be rigid and structured, as you can access unique and interesting lessons to ensure that what you’ve learned sticks with you.

Treehouse is found under the MOOC (massive open online course) category, meaning it’s an open-access web-based solution that has unlimited participation from people across the globe. MOOC lets people with different professions meet in the middle when it comes to a specific topic.

In Treehouse, you get to see professors, students, freelancers and several others interacting in a community where their coding goals can be achieved. Having these interactions let people gain immediate feedback regarding quizzes and assignments.

Treehouse helps you learn how to code, gain relevant skills and get hired by prestigious companies. If you want to learn new skills but don’t have the time to do so, you can check out this solution.

Treehouse is flexible in a way that you can insert your lessons in between busy tasks and schedules. It’s also supportive, which means you can interact with other people who are in the same predicament as you. With Treehouse, learning doesn’t have to be restricted within the classroom, as you can learn coding basics anytime and anywhere.

Treehouse Features

Treehouse comes with many features and functions that help facilitate and create an ideal learning environment for students:


Treehouse has an affordable coding “Bootcamp” or training program known as Techdegree. This is offered to people who want to learn how to design and code. It comes with guided learning paths, interactive quizzes and code challenges.

Techdegree is designed for beginners and assists them when it comes to learning how to build projects and practice what they’ve learned so far.

Techdegree offers courses on Full-stack JavaScript, User experience design, Front end web development and PHP.


Treehouse also has an Apprenticeship Program called TalentPath which features a variety of interactive content and team-based training. With Treehouse, you get to check out different types of content to learn from. This ranges from online courses, interactive quizzes and downloadable videos. Having these options lets you pick between which ones you want to learn from.

This feature means you can customize Treehouse to train your teams when it comes to reaching a collective goal. This is designed for employers who are looking to teach their trainees the ways of their business or how they do their jobs. Team-based training is helpful in creating career paths and enhancing their knowledge.

Online Community

Treehouse has many students who are learning at the same time and have created a learning community that allows students to find like-minded individuals who share the same interests as them. The community encourages students to share ideas, ask and answer questions and contribute to their learning.

Treehouse Homepage

Treehouse Benefits

Using treehouse provides users with many benefits, including:

Online Learning

With the help of Treehouse, you get to learn at your own pace at your own home and depending on your plan, you can access interactive courses and download videos for you to learn from. You can even receive feedback from other people regarding your code. This helps you grow and learn in terms of your mistakes while not being restricted in the traditional learning method.

Treehouse allows you to learn new things despite being busy. It comes with soft deadlines and roadmaps to ensure you’re motivated and dedicated in finishing your goals. If life gets in the way, you’re more than welcome to pause your lessons and come back when you have more time.

Open Community

Learning things on your own can have its disadvantages. You might not know what you’re doing wrong until you reach out to someone and ask about it. When it comes to Treehouse, you don’t have to worry about this since the platform falls under MOOC and includes a vast community of students.

You get to interact with several people and receive feedback from them. Examples are from the Slack community and Techdegree specialists. This helps you build a reliable network where resources, tips and projects can be shared with one another.

Tracking Your Progress

With Treehouse, you get to track your progress and see how far you’ve gone in learning how to code. If you’ve started on training topics and interactive courses, then you’ll be able to see how well you’re doing. Additionally, you can get right back on track if you ever decide to take a break.

Treehouse Pricing

With Treehouse, users get to decide between three different pricing packages. They differ according to their tools and features. Additionally, the packages offer different levels of functionalities and access into the library and projects. Before you decide on a subscription, you can check out each plan with a 7-day free trial period.

Treehouse’s pricing plans are:


The first plan is priced at $25.00 per month and is considered a low-risk platform. This gives you a basic solution to try and check out coding courses online. Using this feature, you get to enjoy on-demand, expert-led video courses, access to an online community and interactive practice sessions. This plan is considered the most popular.


Priced at $49.00 per month, the Pro plan is suitable for individuals looking to achieve their coding goals. With this plan, you get to benefit from new beta tools and full library access.

You also get to all the features offered in the previous plan with a few additional tools such as bonus content, new beta features and the ability to download videos to learn even when you’re offline.


The last pricing package costs $199.00 monthly. With all the features found in Basic and Pro, users also get to review real code, create projects and prepare an exceptional portfolio.

Additionally, you get to check out the curated curriculum and projects offered in this system. You can also benefit from personalized feedback on codes, have self-paced and flexible schedules and real-time support from the staff and the Techdegree students.

If you’re in need of a platform to train two or more members of a team, then Treehouse also offers customized plans. Just contact the sales team and they’ll give you a quotation.

Under this customized package, you get to benefit from all the features in Basic and Pro with dedicated support, access for all members, customized learning tracks, robust reporting and flexible licensing options.


Treehouse is a viable option to have if you want to learn how to code when you have a busy schedule. Since it’s part of the MOOC category, you get to learn and interact with others. This means you’ll receive feedback, enjoy interactive content and access beta features in the solution. You get to absorb information through videos, quizzes and courses. If you’re looking for the right place to start studying new skills and preparing your portfolio then Treehouse provides the best foundation for you to do so.

Treehouse Product Overview

  • Interactive and video learning: Treehouse has 650+ tutorial videos and adds new content every week. Video learning is supported by quizzes and interactive code challenges.

  • Learn web, mobile and business development: Learn all the basic skills to get your business off the ground.

  • Earn badges: Earn badges as you progress and stay motivated to succeed. Some companies are even known to recruit new employees based off the badges they’ve earned.

Languages Supported: English
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