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TrackingTime Reviewed

Editors' Review by the Attendance Tracking & Time Clock Software Review Team

TrackingTime is a web-based attendance tracking and time clock application that helps organizations improve efficiency and collaboration when it comes to managing projects, keeping track of personnel working times and evaluating employee productivity. This type of software is best suited for small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs), project managers and freelance professionals who lend their expertise and skill sets via the cloud.

TrackingTime is a well-designed, user-friendly time tracking solution designed for all kinds of firms and agencies, especially those that employ remote knowledge workers and freelance professionals. The application effectively simplifies the time tracking process via native mobile apps, robust desktop apps and web browser extensions.

TrackingTime also serves as a basic project management solution that offers simple team management functions, project and task time tracking tools, web-based timesheets and team work hours reporting capabilities. The software works to make project and process execution easier and more efficient, while supporting work visibility to provide users with valuable insights about productivity and performance.

In addition to the software helping businesses and agencies, it is also useful for freelancers and all types of work teams providing some sort of online service. TrackingTime gives freelancers the ability to monitor project progress as well as keep track of and differentiate billable hours from the non-billable ones. The application facilitates the organization and assignment of important tasks for team members, while allowing for proper access management of sensitive data through user permissions.

TrackingTime gives users complete control over employee attendance, work breaks, overtime and time off. It not only allows project managers and stakeholders to create online timesheets for each individual business process, the application also lets them export the data into professional reports to share with clients and customers for evaluation. TrackingTime gives users an up-to-date view of tasks being completed by individual team members, including relevant information like employee comments, suggestions and notifications.

With mobile support, the application gives you the ability to track time and billable hours remotely, from any mobile device. The software also supports third-party integration, which allows you to directly monitor work hours via your existing project management software or through any of the multitude of online services available. This is one of the reasons why TrackingTime is widely used by a lot of businesses across multiple industries, including software development, news and media, web design, architecture, photography, public relations and marketing, digital arts and every other business sector where cloud-based collaboration is possible.

TrackingTime Features

TrackingTime offers businesses and freelancers a wide variety of features, tools and capabilities, effectively making it much more than just your basic, run-of-the-mill time tracking solution. Many of these features give value to the application, making it a must-have for companies and organizations that employ remote professionals and freelance service providers.

Fully functional time tracker

TrackingTime’s time tracker is easy to use, ensuring your entire team can easily adopt and use it. Ease-of-use is merely the beginning when it comes to the adoptability of any software solution. This is one of the highlights of this time tracking tool. TrackingTime’s time tracker gives you the ability to properly organize and plan your own time as well as your team’s, so you can work smarter and more efficiently.

Like most of the top-tier time tracking solutions in the market, TrackingTime also boasts a one-click time tracker where the tool will begin tracking activities and time with just a click of a button. The tool allows you to easily keep track of your team’s work hours via a fully functional online timesheet that not only helps to simplify time tracking, but the monitoring of all assigned tasks and processes as well.

Real-time time tracking is another component that TrackingTime’s time tracker is good at. With a modern workforce that can work anywhere in the world, real-time time tracking is a godsend for a lot of business owners and employers. The time tracker feature allows you and your team to easily track work time in real time wherever you are currently working. This tool lets you set due dates to effectively manage and prioritize all your ongoing projects and tasks, while automatically syncing them with your team’s and employees’ calendar so you will never miss a deadline ever again.

TrackingTime’s time tracker comes with mobile app support for both iOS and Android devices. This enables you to track work time regardless of location.

Project tracking

TrackingTime facilitates project management with its project tracking software feature. This tool lets you organize your team’s workload, communications, tasks and processes. Project tracking software gives you the ability to assign specific tasks to each individual members of your team, delegate core responsibilities and keep track of your progress with ongoing projects and tasks. This should help improve teamwork and collaboration within your organization.

The project tracking software also gives you a weekly overview of all team activities and task assignments. With a simple drag-and-drop function, you can easily manage, organize and edit all of your time entries in a well-designed calendar view within TrackingTime’s project management solution. The tool allows you to figure out exactly how much time your team spends on answering emails, meetings and other non-billable activities so you can further optimize and improve the profitability of all your projects.

Project tracking software allows you to stay updated with all your team’s projects, track due dates and prioritize tasks pertaining to projects that are getting close to the deadline. All of these should help you avoid getting bogged down with unnecessary and repetitive tasks that don’t do anything to help move your projects to the next development stage.

Online attendance tracker

TrackingTime’s online attendance tracker enables you to not only track work time, but employee attendance as well. You can use the attendance tracker tool to instantly create organization-wide online timesheets for efficient and comprehensive reporting. The tool also supports team management as team members and employees can easily fill and submit timesheets that can then be exported into professional reports.

You may manage access levels based on user roles, so only users with the proper credentials and permissions can have access to certain information. The feature also gives you the ability to define custom rules with a versatile and flexible set of user permissions and roles. The main goal of this particular feature is to allow you to effectively handle your team’s overall performance across multiple projects and activities.

TrackingTime’s attendance tracker, along with its project and time tracker, works seamlessly with the platform’s flexible reporting engine.


With TrackingTime, you get access to reports for time, projects, billing and payroll to help minimize administrative work. There is a reason why TrackingTime is highly regarded among industry professionals and businesses. It has one of the most flexible and efficient reporting engines for billing and payroll within its weight class. You can access all the reports you need in a single platform, from standard company reports to project reports, billing, payroll and timesheets for invoicing.

TrackingTime empowers users and business owners to manage their processes and projects more efficiently with the platform’s project budgeting tool, payroll data, client billing, productivity analytics and other crucial modules. Time entries of individual team members can be grouped together based on user requirements. They can be filtered and sorted using advanced operators in order to weed out unnecessary information.

TrackingTime Features

TrackingTime Benefits

There are lots of benefits that you may experience with proper implementation of TrackingTime in your day-to-day operation, especially if you employ remote workers and freelance professionals. The ability to accurately track work time is in itself very beneficial, as it allows you to make better decisions based on highly detailed online timesheets with in-depth statistics regarding your team’s billable hours, tasks assignments and accomplishments.

TrackingTime’s project management offerings allow for great improvement with team productivity and efficiency. Real-time updates and notifications help ensure a more streamlined workflow where every team member and collaborator is always on the same page at every level of the project development process. The software also promotes transparency in project completions; helps improve budgeting, forecasts and estimates for projects and allows more flexibility for remote workers and freelance service providers.

TrackingTime allows you to effectively manage multiple projects at once, the teams assigned to those projects and your clients by giving you the ability to easily and consistently monitor almost every aspect of your day-to-day processes, from tracking billable hours, assigning available tasks, optimizing workloads, monitoring remote employees, getting access to all types of reports and more. It also helps to keep you from micro managing your employees and every single aspect of your project.

In essence, this simple tool can help build a culture of accountability and autonomy among remote employees and freelance service providers.

TrackingTime Pricing

TrackingTime follows a subscription-based model with two pricing options available: TrackingTime Free and Pro. Yes, you can start implementing TrackingTime for free. The free version gives you access to the time and task tracking tools with up to three users, three projects and basic reporting capabilities.

The Pro version starts at $4.99 per user per month. However, the price goes down to $4.16 if you go with the annual billing option. There is a 14-day free trial for TrackingTime Pro if you want to check it out before signing up for a subscription. You may visit the TrackingTime official website for more information regarding the software.


TrackingTime is an easy-to-use time tracking application with far more functionality than what you would normally expect from any software in its category. It is best suited for freelancers, teams and SMBs that employ a remote workforce. Time tracking, project tracking, attendance tracking, reporting and integration support are just a few of its many features and capabilities. You should consider checking out the free version or the 14-day free trial to know more about the product.

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