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Statusbrew Reviewed

Editors' Review by the Social Media Software Review Team

Made for small businesses, bloggers, entrepreneurs and big agencies alike, Statusbrew is a social media marketing platform with various tools and features for your social media management needs. It is scalable and customizable, allowing for room to be creative but responsive to different issues that may arise. It also lets users create, plan, schedule and publish their social media content through other platforms and integrations.

Statusbrew Features

Statusbrew supports social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google My Business. When you sign up to Statusbrew, you can add your social profiles depending on the plan you’ve chosen. Additionally, you can even add team members and categorize them into groups to make publishing content easier. What this does is it allows you to have full control over who gets to publish content, when to publish content and where to post it.

When it comes to social media marketing, the key to a successful business is to keep the audience interested and engaged. If you have different platforms, it’s harder to track and respond to the various messages, comments and mentions your business receives. To address this challenge, users make use of social media marketing tools like Statusbrew to stay updated and keep in touch with customers.

These tools are highlighted in the following:

Social media publishing

This feature lets users centralize their publishing efforts in one single system. This improves their ability to keep content consistent across different social media channels. You can also collaborate easier with your team since configurable workflows and approval permissions are made available by the solution.

Other than being able to collaborate with your team, you can also properly organize your social campaigns. This eases your ability to add tags to your post and measure the impact of your marketing campaign’s performance. Additionally, this also allows for deeper insights regarding which posts are more impactful and what time of day holds the spot for the most engagement.

Social groups and profiles

This feature allows you to create groups and profiles within your workforce. Since posting engaging content online needs to be a collective effort, you need a software solution that helps to maximize management capabilities and team collaboration. What this does is it avoids overwhelming the entire workforce with several tasks all at once.

Reporting and analytics

With this feature, you can make informed and data-driven decisions to improve how your business runs. This also means being able to analyze how your content is performing online. Analytics also lets you know what time of the day you should schedule and publish your posts around to reach maximum engagement with customers.

Statusbrew social marketing platform

Statusbrew Benefits

At the end of the day, your main goal should be to build good relationships with your audience by creating content online that caters specifically to their wants and needs. Since Statusbrew allows full control of all your channels (such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn), it won’t be as difficult to know what your customers think of you. It also offers several features and tools to improve the way your business runs and functions.

Planning and scheduling

Planning and scheduling your social media content is essential in making sure your audience is well informed but won’t feel like they’re being spammed by information. It’s crucial to keep them updated but make sure that it’s not too much. With the ability to plan and schedule, your team members become more aware of what to post and when to post.

This prevents any similar content from being posted more than once. It also allows your team to work with more organization and control. Consistent but not redundant publishing is the key to keeping your audience updated and informed.

Automated workflows

Automated workflows are integrated into Statusbrew through settings that allow you to configure the entire social media publishing process. Instead of instantly posting online and committing any errors through your content, you can have other team members review and approve your posts. This is done automatically so you can’t have a post move forward without prior approval.

Assigning and collaborating with team members

Because you have more than one social media platform to focus on, assigning groups for your team members can be extremely helpful. It reduces the unnecessary workload for some people and promotes collaboration within the workforce. Statusbrew also has management capabilities that make it easier for the team leaders to keep track of their members and finish their tasks.

Tracking and monitoring

Statusbrew instantly notifies you every time your company or brand name is mentioned by your audience. This allows you to check what they’re talking about and engage with their posts and comments. Not only does this work for the customers but it also works for team members.

You can track the performance of your team members by seeing who is actively participating in their assigned social groups and profiles.

Social listening

Social listening means you can understand what your audience truly wants out of you. This is also enhanced by Statusbrew’s monitoring and tracking tools mentioned previously. With social listening, you can follow discussions and conversations about your brand. It allows for a learning environment within the workforce, letting you know what to do and what to eschew to keep your audience interested.

Statusbrew workflow collaboration

Statusbrew Pricing

Three existing pricing plans are made available by Statusbrew for its users. However, you can check out some of its core features and functionalities through its 14-day free trial. No credit card details are required so you can get started right away.

The first plan Statusbrew offers is called Essentials, whose price starts at $99 per month and bills users per year. It lets you add three users to the system. Its core features include all-in-one social inbox, social publishing tools, social media reports, approval and assignment workflows, integrations with popular applications and up to 10 social profiles.

The second plan, which is the most popular, is called Professional. It’s suitable for teams and agencies looking for collaboration and optimization in their workflows. It can be expensive but it’s because it’s catered to companies and organizations with a larger workforce. Its maximum limit of users is ten, but you can add more for an additional price of $50 per month. Its key features also include team and productivity reports, agent collision detection, sentiment analysis and social CRM tools.

The last plan, Enterprise, is customizable. As such, you’d have to contact Statusbrew for a quote. It’s suitable for enterprises that need additional security, control and support. It has the following features: separate client logins, account manager, custom integrations support, personalized training, client onboarding, white-labeled solution and SAML single sign-on.

Statusbrew lets you change your subscription plan at any time. It also accepts payments through credit cards and debit cards. However, the debit option is only available in the U.S. If you’re not sure which plan to use, Statusbrew lets you talk to their support team to discuss the best solution for your organization.


If you’re looking for a way to stay updated on social media and keep on top of your audience, then you should consider Statusbrew as one of your choices. Users can do a series of tasks and actions through one common pool alongside their team members. It becomes easier to plan and strategize regarding your marketing methods.

Additionally, not only will this social media tool help to improve your efficiency to work within the workforce, but it provides insights and analytics regarding how your audience feels about you. Every time customers discuss your brand, whether it’s through posting, commenting or mentioning, you are immediately alerted. This helps in building better relationships with your audience and improving your ability to handle their inquiries and questions.

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