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Smartling Reviewed

Editors' Review by the Localization Software Review Team

Smartling is a cloud-based translation and localization software created especially for businesses that intend to increase their audience reach. It is a program used to capture and translate content, thereby localizing it and delivering it to various audiences, including multilingual and international ones.

It is a program that allows data-driven businesses to better connect with and understand a more varied audience. Thus, the high-quality content it delivers has a wider reach. As a result, businesses are not only successful in removing language barriers—they also have the best chances of increasing production and revenue.

Effective communication is an essential factor in business success and this is what Smartling was made for. It is the ideal translation software for enterprises and companies that understand the value of accuracy and convenience to audiences and customers.

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Smartling Features

Generally, what Smartling does is give businesses the chance to penetrate new and wider markets by offering localized content to audiences and customers. The localization process is not confined to one area or aspect of the business or brand. It offers translation solutions not only for websites but also for documents and apps.

The Smartling process consists of seven phases. Phase one focuses on content collection. If we are to look back to the past, this phase would involve a lot of copying or cutting and pasting – a lot of manual hard work using a spreadsheet. Since Smartling has an API that automates and centralizes the collection of content and then shares it with translation resources, this is more convenient and definitely more efficient to perform now.

Phase two is the translation process, where the material or content is translated into the language businesses want. Smartling Language Services gives businesses the chance to choose from an extensive list of highly trained professional translators. A big advantage in using translators is access to a variety of tools that help make things like design, style, and space easier to work on. In addition, translators are given an idea of what or how the final outcome will look like.

The third phase is where the translated content is reviewed and approved. This is when editing and polishing are done. If changes or extra work are needed, the translator will be prompted via an alert or notification. As in the translation phase, an extensive variety of tools are available for use in reviewing and editing. After the review is done, the material will then be approved. The best thing about this particular process is progress can be tracked by the project manager.

Phase four will see the return of the translated content to its source via the tool’s API. Everything is convenient and automatic, so there is no need to resort to the cut, copy, and paste process.

The fifth phase is where the new, translated content is placed in a translation memory. While it is stored there, the material is continuously analyzed to assure businesses there is and will be no content duplication. As such, there is no need to stress over re-translating the material for other purposes or platforms. This is one of the advantages of cloud-based software.

Phase six makes use of the Translation Management Platform in providing businesses an idea of how effective and efficient the translated content is. Performance feedback is delivered through real-time analytics and reports.

The last phase, phase seven, has to do with content maintenance. As previously stated, Smartling is a smart tool—it understands how content works. It knows content is forever changing. As such, it regularly collects content – and it doesn’t stop doing so. The collection and addition of new content is automatic.

Smartling’s Translation Management Platform works because it understands the elements needed for effective and efficient translation of global content.

Here are some of the most important features of Smartling’s cloud-based translation and localization software:

  • Website translation
  • Automatic content collection
  • Translation management
  • Analytics integration
  • Review of translation
  • Workflows are automatic
  • Content replacement
  • App (mobile) translation
  • Document translation
  • In-context view
  • Glossary
  • File organization (of translated content)
  • Style guide

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Smartling Benefits

Speed Up the Content Collection Process

Instead of collecting content to be translated manually, the Smartling Translation Management Software speeds up the process because it uses automation and integration. Therefore, employees will have more time to focus on other pressing/important matters or tasks.

Also, businesses can choose from an extensive list of highly trained and experienced professional translators.

More Efficient Processes and Excellent Quality

No time or task is wasted with the intelligent Smartling software. Workflows are intended to address specific needs of businesses. The process is extra efficient because it involves not only the translators but also the stakeholders. Regular alerts and notifications allow project leaders to stay updated. Content can also be reviewed and approved by the stakeholders. Additionally, the software has tools that help improve and ensure quality outputs.

No Need to Manually Download Files

Instead of spending time (and using up space) by manually downloading translated files, Smartling does all the work for businesses as it delivers the new content back to the source system.


The cloud has a lot of advantages and one of it is proper (and secure) management and storing of files. Businesses won’t have to worry about where or how they will organize and store their documents/translated materials.

Re-appliable Translations

Since Smartling stores all translated materials in a translation memory, it will be easy to re-apply translations in the case similar content types come up in the future. To make this extra convenient it is all done automatically. Again, customers do not need to worry as they won’t have to perform complicated procedures.

Help Cut Costs

The program eliminates the use of the manual process by at least 90%. Since translation time is faster and work is more efficient, overall costs are significantly minimized. It’s a win-win situation for the businesses and their audiences.

Smartling Pricing

Smartling has four options for pricing packages. Paid plans come with a free trial period. Businesses can choose according to their needs (and size) as each package comes with varied features, although all packages offer unlimited translation memory, projects, and users. The difference lies mainly in the number of words that can be processed per year.

Essential (Free)

  • Fundamental translation tools
  • Content API
  • Unlimited projects, users, and translation memory
  • Good for all file formats
  • Visual context
  • Purchase expert/highest quality translations (add-on)

Pro ($400 monthly)

  • All Essential features
  • Unlimited translation memory, projects and users
  • Processed words per year: 25,000 (per additional 1,000 – $75)
  • Option to invite own translators
  • Mobile app SDKs
  • Mobile app over-the-air updates (add-on)
  • Free trial available

Business ($1,000 monthly)

  • Every Pro feature
  • Unlimited translation memory, projects and users
  • Processed/Hosted words per year: 50,000 (additional words is $75 per 1,000)
  • Translation memory fuzzy matches
  • Standard platform connectors: Unlimited
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Web proxy (add-on)
  • Free trial available

Enterprise (By Quote)

  • All Business features
  • Translation tools: advanced
  • Reporting and analytics: advanced
  • 99.5% uptime SLA
  • Full enterprise API
  • Customer success services
  • Enterprise platform integrations & professional services (add-ons)

Businesses that want to avail of the Enterprise package are advised to contact Smartling for more details.

All the pricing plans indicated above are billed annually. Monthly billing is also available, although rates can be slightly higher. More information can be gathered from the Smartling Help Center, Phone Support, or sales team. You may also visit the Smartling website.


The biggest advantage of the web-based Smartling translation and localization software is its ability to eliminate language barriers that often prove to be major problems for businesses. Thus, this program does not only internationalize content, it also helps data-driven businesses improve their reach, production, and profitability. If you believe these factors are essential for your business or brand, then by all means, get a good Smartling plan now!

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