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SignUpGenius Reviewed

Editors' Review by the Event Management Software Review Team

An Overview of Event Management Software SignUpGenius

SignUpGenius is an event management software solution, a web-based program designed to simplify the process of organizing events, planning activities and volunteer scheduling. It is a user-friendly software solution that addresses the common problems organizers deal with when trying to manage or initiate huge events.

The software is often used by event organizers and individuals initiating online signups for businesses, nonprofit organizations, schools, colleges, faith groups, big family reunions and sporting events. In fact, SignUpGenius is one of the most popular software solutions used by hundreds of nonprofits all around the world.

What does the software do?

SignUpGenius is designed to make the entire process of getting a large group organized considerably more efficient by completely eliminating the need for time-consuming phone and paper signups.

The features and capabilities that come with the package are pretty straightforward and efficient. The software can be used to organize school signups, religious events, university affairs, conventions and mobilize volunteer movements.

Additionally, SignUpGenius is also an effective software solution for managing standard family affairs such as reunions, weddings, baby showers, anniversary parties and even neighborhood cookouts, just to name a few.

Some of the key features of SignUpGenius include:

  • Basic signup creation
  • A simple signup process
  • Robust group messaging tool
  • Advanced administrative tools

The Core Benefits of SignUpGenius Event Management Software

With SignUpGenius, large groups, individual users and nonprofit organizations will find the process of organizing and managing events a lot easier and less time-consuming. Regardless of the scope or the coverage of the event, the planning and signup process, as well as mobilizing large groups of volunteers, essentially becomes faster and easier.

The software is user-friendly and effective.

The simple signup creation feature makes the process of creating, managing and organizing events a lot easier than ever before. With the software’s intuitive wizard, creating signup sheets is much faster and easier, not to mention it’s free and there’s no limit as to the number of signup sheets you can create.

The wide selection of professionally-made themes you can use.

There are literally hundreds of finely crafted themes users of the software can choose from, while creating and designing their signup sheets.

In addition to gathering information from participants and volunteers, the signup sheet can also be designed so that it is capable of collecting donations and payments, depending on what is required to join the event. Reserve slots for volunteers can also be added to the form.

The software comes with an excellent group messaging function.

SignUpGenius has a powerful group messaging feature users can take full advantage of, allowing them to generate a unique signup URL that can be shared to as many volunteers and participants as needed.

Furthermore, communication with volunteers and participants isn’t just limited to a single option. There are other means to connect and reach out to people, such as email, social media and a widget that can be installed and embedded on the user’s website.

The signup process made easier and more convenient for volunteers and participants.

From the perspective of the participant or the volunteer, the whole signup process is designed to be much faster, easier and more convenient. The system doesn’t require them to sign-in or create an account. More than that, participants can also make changes to their schedules and sync their calendars quite easily via the software’s swap and edit feature.

It features advanced administrative software designed for meticulous admins.

Setting and customizing event dates, creating and configuring notification messages and emails to volunteers and participants are all part of the job of an event organizer. The process can be painstaking and time-consuming, but it doesn’t have to be.

Some of the functions included in the package allow organizers and administrators to quickly modify information already on the signup sheet or form. It also enables them to generate reports for volunteer hours, configure security settings and export pertinent data to Excel and so on.

What’s the pricing plan like with SignUpGenius?

The vendor offers four pricing plans for you to choose from. There’s the Basic plan, the Pro Silver, Pro Gold and Pro Platinum. The Basic plan is completely free and it comes with a variety of features, including the following:

  • Unlimited participants
  • Admin management tools
  • Social media sharing
  • 700+ great visual design themes
  • Email delivery reporting
  • Email customer support
  • Email and text reminders

The SignUpGenius Pro Silver plan will cost you $9.99 a month and it comes with all the Basic features as well as the following:

  • Auto-hiding of dates on signups
  • 5 multiple admin email notifications
  • 1 custom signup theme
  • Signup tabbing
  • Signup start/stop dates
  • Signup locking by date
  • File attachment capabilities on signup
  • Advanced email sending functionality
  • Themed email invites

Plus so much more.

The Pro Gold plan is priced at $24.99 per month and comes with all the above mentioned features and the following:

  • Up to 10,000 email tool for invites and thank you messages per month
  • Unlimited custom signup theme
  • Reporting functionality on volunteer hours
  • Email open and click-through tracking function
  • Email scheduling
  • Up to 25 multiple admin email notifications

The Pro Platinum plan is for the really busy event organizer. It costs $49.99 per month and comes with all the features included in the other plans as well as the following:

  • Up to 20,000 email tool for invites and thank you messages per month
  • Up to 50 multiple admin email notifications


What do you think? Is this the right Event Management Software for you?

Judging from the functionality and the capabilities of the software, it can’t be argued SignUpGenius is an excellent event management software solution. It is user-friendly, highly efficient and comes with a wide range of useful features.

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