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Setmore Reviewed

Editors' Review by the Calendar & Scheduling Software Review Team

Setmore is a free online scheduling software solution designed to help you manage staff and customer appointments quickly and easily. Create schedules and nail down appointments from anywhere at any time, using your service profile, your website or your social media page.

This free scheduling platform is developed for and used by businesses and organizations of all sizes, from small business owners and freelance service providers to nonprofit organizations and large-scale enterprises. Setmore is a calendar and scheduling software solution you can use to connect with your customers in the digital realm.

Setmore Features

Setmore is a web-based calendar and scheduling software solution that provides your clients with a robust scheduling application allowing them to set up appointments quickly. The online platform also helps your staff effectively manage schedules, ensuring appointments are always covered and clients are always happy.

The software solution offers dependable client features that allow clients to make appointments via mobile and receive text reminders from your staff regarding upcoming appointments. Moreover, the service provides administrative tools, like payment scheduling, to further enhance efficiency and user experience.

The scheduling platform is designed to integrate and perform seamlessly on any device. It is tailored for efficiency when it comes to online booking, engagements, scheduling, payments, automation and other crucial business processes. In many ways, the service and its features actually help turn casual customers into regulars.

Setmore Review

Setmore Benefits

Built for companies providing some type of service on an appointment basis, Setmore serves a specific purpose as an online scheduling platform. It helps connect your real-world business to online consumers.

The online service offers a comprehensive collection of managerial and business process solutions that enhance user experience on the client side. This means if customers are looking for a service provider such as you, they won’t have to thread the needle, so to speak, just to avail of your services and schedule an appointment.

User-friendly platform

The scheduling platform is designed to be user-friendly as well. And when it comes to business process solutions and web-based services, ease of use is a pretty important aspect. With Setmore’s features, your staff won’t need training and your clients are sure to have a stress-free experience booking your services.

Setmore has text reminders and mobile scheduling, which work well together in providing customers the kind of service quality and experience they deserve. For every appointment booked, canceled or rescheduled, the program will automatically send a confirmation message either through email or SMS.


Another unique feature available with the Setmore calendar and scheduling software is its ability to integrate well with social media, particularly Facebook. Now, you can connect your Facebook page and business website to the service, giving your clients the freedom to schedule their appointments directly through social media.

Setmore also provides loadable website widgets, which allows customers to book appointments quickly and conveniently whenever they’re browsing through your business website. Other third-party programs that integrate well with Setmore include Instagram, Weebly, Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, Office 365 and WordPress, to name a few.

Online payment and customer support

Convenient and reliable online payment processing is another great feature you can expect from your Setmore subscription. Now, processing online payments through credit cards is a lot simpler and more efficient for both the business and its paying customers.

The excellent customer support service is another feature worth mentioning. Considering the integral role Setmore plays in your business once it’s fully integrated, it’s important you receive quick and sufficient technical support when needed.

In addition to the aforementioned benefits that come with the Setmore calendar and scheduling software solution, there are other features like 2-way calendar sync, customer reviews, recurring appointments and mobile programs for both iOS and Android devices—that make the scheduling and appointment management process easier.

Businesses that benefit greatly from this online scheduling platform include hair and nail salons, spas, pet services, personal trainers, photography, financial services, counseling, law firms, consultation services, medical service providers, health and wellness, acupuncture, home repair and automotive services.

Setmore Pricing

Setmore offers a Free, Premium, and Pro Plan. The Premium plan begins from $9.00 and the Pro plan begins from $5.00.

The Free plan includes: Unlimited appointments, the iOS & Android app, Custom Booking Page, Teleport Video Conferencing, Social Media Integrations, and more.

The Premium plan includes: Unlimited appointments, iOS & Android app, Customer Booking Page, Email/SMS appointment reminders, Recurring Appointments, Accept customer payments with Square & Stripe, Video Conferencing integrations, Social Media Integrations, CMS integrations, and more.

The Pro includes all the features of Premium but for 3+ users.


Setmore offers a convenient and simple scheduling and appointment management solution that business owners and staff, as well as the clients, can appreciate. It comes with an impressive set of tools that can enhance user experience and boost productivity.

Also, the service is free, with an option for a premium upgrade at a reasonable rate. At the very least, Setmore is definitely worth checking out.

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