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What is SentinelOne?

SentinelOne’s breakthrough platform is certified as an antivirus replacement, recognized by Gartner and NSS Labs for its disruption.

Guranteed Ransomware Protection

It’s time for security companies to back their technology and provide users with the financial assurance they deserve against ransomware attacks. SentinelOne users now have that assurance. If we’re unable to block or remediate the effects of a ransomware attack that’s on us! And we’ll reimburse your company or organization up to $1000 per endpoint, or $1,000,000 in protection overall for the company. Guaranteed.

Holistic endpoint protection for the modern healthcare institution

The SentinelOne Endpoint Protection Platform continuously monitors all endpoints that access HIPAA-sensitive electronic records and protected health information. It predicts advanced attacks across major vectors, and intelligently automates the entire response process to eliminate threats while seamlessly adapting your defenses.

SentinelOne Awards

SentinelOne currently scores 92/100 in the Cyber & Data Security category. This is based on user satisfaction (94/100), press buzz (53/100), and other relevant information on SentinelOne gathered from around the web.

The score for this software has improved over the past month. What is this?
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SentinelOne Review

Editors' Review by the Cyber & Data Security Software Review Team

SentinelOne is a solution for businesses and organizations in the education, energy, healthcare and finance industries, offering endpoint security that protects networks connected to laptops, tablets, desktops, mobile phones and other devices owned and used by their clients.

When installed on these devices, it detects and eliminates attacks like exploits, ransomware, and other cyber threats.

The software’s remediation function helps users reduce the effects of cyber-attacks while also helping efficiently restore systems.

Additionally, SentinelOne also helps identify threats even before they happen, as well as prevent future threats by providing immunity to users. Elimination and response is done as soon as the attacks are detected.

SentinelOne uses artificial intelligence and machine learning in bringing together detection, prevention, remediation, real-time forensics and response.

It also has features like activity visibility, behavioral attack detection and automated responses. SentinelOne can detect even cyberattacks that are considered to be highly advanced.

The system has a behavior tracking engine that watches out for suspicious patterns and processes.

Once malicious activity starts, the engine, aptly called the Dynamic Behavior Tracking engine, automatically tracks and scores its behavior patterns.

Developed by Tomer Weingarten and Almog Cohen in 2013, SentinelOne was created by experts in cybersecurity who discovered how easy it was for technically skilled attackers to threaten endpoints security.

It is considered the pioneering provider of autonomous endpoint security, as well as protection for cloud environments and data centers.

SentinelOne is intended for all business sizes, ranging from small, medium and large enterprises. It is available as on-premise software or on the cloud. It can also be accessed on your desktop, your tablet and your smartphone. 

SentinelOne’s endpoint protection solution is known as the SentinelOne Endpoint Protection Platform. Users and businesses, however, simply use SentinelOne to refer to the entire protection system.

SentinelOne Homepage

SentinelOne Features

SentinelOne has a bevy of features that ensures your system is protected from cyber threats and attacks.

Singular platform

SentinelOne offers a central platform that comes with all the things you need for the detection and prevention of malware and other suspicious activities, as well as responding to the threats.

Everything is in a single platform, no need to shift from one tool or app to another.

AI and machine learning for threat detection 

SentinelOne’s most important features are its ability to identify and eliminate network security threats and its endpoints immunization capabilities.

By using artificial intelligence and machine learning, the software is able to detect attacks and provide protection to endpoints.

If it detects that a device can bring in possible attack or threat, the software will immediately cut the device off from the network.

After successfully detecting and stopping an attack, SentinelOne will right away provide immunization for the network.

Behavioral AI engines

Also known as the DBT or the Dynamic Behavior Tracking engine, this feature tracks suspicious processes so once a malicious activity is identified, it automatically and quickly sends out the corresponding response.

Behavioral AI allows SentinelOne to work in real-time in detecting attacks of every kind and every size.  

Automated EDR

This feature is what you will need to gather forensic data that will then be used to automatically mitigate threats.

It is also an essential safety feature as it is used for carrying out network isolation. The automated EDR is likewise used to provide endpoints immunity to new threats.

This feature also makes it possible for SentinelOne to push endpoints back to their pre-infected state as your device will restore itself.

SentinelOne Ranger

SentinelOne Ranger is one of the products and services created to provide support to the SentinelOne Endpoint Protection Platform.

With SentinelOne Ranger, a device can be transformed into a “sentinel”. It performs mapping and locates devices that are rogue, as well as those that have dynamic policies.

In addition, the SentinelOne Ranger also focuses on vulnerability hygiene.

SentinelOne Vigilance

SentinelOne Vigilance is another of the products and services designed to provide support to the SentinelOne Endpoint Protection Platform.

This feature provides extra protection for your solution through the SentinelOne Cyber Security Analysts.

Thus, protection is strengthened and threat detection, response and prioritization is improved and become more efficient.

Additionally, these Cyber Security Analysts also offer you sample forensics on-demand while also hunting for security incidents and threats.

Security integrations

There are many security integrations that SentinelOne can offer you. Some of these integrations include Okta, Splunk, Tanium, BigFix and Fortinet, among others.

Device support

SentinelOne is available as an on-premise solution and as a cloud-based platform. It also works on a variety of devices—desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Likewise, it is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

Some of the other features you’ll find in SentinelOne include deep file inspection, endpoint protection, antivirus replacement, zero downtime, secure privacy, activity log, whitelisting and blacklisting among others.

SentinelOne Benefits

SentinelOne benefits many businesses, especially the ones that value their security and online safety.

Perhaps the most important benefit it offers is its ability to anticipate and detect cyberattacks.

Here are the core benefits of using SentinelOne:

Detects attacks and threats early on in the process

SentinelOne detects and identifies attacks and threats instantly and acts right away so the threat is detected even before it reaches the endpoints.

This is made possible by the software’s artificial intelligence and machine learning features. It digs deep into the files, documents, credentials, emails, browsers and memory to find red flags.

Easy to use

You do not need to have first-rate technical skills to use SentinelOne. It’s simple and easy to use. You and your team won’t have problems using the software.

Deployment is also easy because you have two options and you can choose whichever is convenient for you.

SentinelOne immunizes networks

After SentinelOne stops an attack or threat, it will automatically configure the network and return it to its original state.

In addition, the software will then immunize the network and keep it safe from future attacks and from threats of the same kind.

This is made possible by a real-time 360-degree endpoint view.

Immunizing a network is important because it works on vulnerabilities while also strengthening the general security of the system.

Centralized, comprehensive, single platform

Everything that you need to protect endpoints from attacks and threats are in SentinelOne.

You do not have to access and use a lot of tools and software just to ensure safety and security. This helps reduce manual labor and saves a lot of time.

In addition, it helps a lot that it works in real time. Threats are effectively dealt with as they come.

Certified and recognized

SentinelOne is recognized and certified by the security industry. It is fully compliant and legal.

It uses TLS or Transport Layer Security encryption when transferring data. It also has ISO 27001 Certification.

Specific business industries

SentinelOne is for all business sizes but it is made specifically for businesses that fall under the education, energy, healthcare and finance categories.

As such, you are guaranteed that the solution is created to cater to the specific needs of these industries. Thus, you are assured of reliable and efficient tools.

24/7 customer support and Knowledge Base

If you need assistance, SentinelOne’s customer support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

You’ll be talking with a live representative, so you’re guaranteed to get feedback in real-time.

Also, SentinelOne has various resources that you can avail of if you need training help.

You can go online and talk to their live representative. You can learn from their webinars and documentation. You may also opt to talk to somebody in person.

SentinelOne Homepage

SentinelOne Pricing

SentinelOne has customized pricing that’s dependent on the client’s needs and preferences.

To choose a package and get the pricing, you will have to visit their website and fill up a form. You can also get a quote or pricing list from their sales representatives.

There is no free version available but you can sign up for a free trial if you want to first try out what SentinelOne has to offer.  


SentinelOne is an innovative and comprehensive endpoint security software solution. It uses unique concepts and technologies, such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, to detect malware and other suspicious activities.

Furthermore, it also locates and detects new strains and future threats using behavioral AI. Additionally, SentinelOne is created to protect and detect various types of cyberattacks.

It is also ideal for all types of businesses in many industries, ranging from small, medium and large enterprises to any type of business looking for better protection against threats.

Cyber & Data Security Market Radar

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SentinelOne Product Overview

  • Next Generation Endpoint Protection

  • Total Endpoint Protection

  • Ransomware Protection Guaranteed Up to 1 Million Dollars Covered

  • Cyber security protection

Languages Supported: English

SentinelOne Features

  • 2-Factor Authentication
  • Anti-Virus
  • API
  • Batch Permissions & Access
  • Dashboard
  • Data Export
  • Data Import
  • External Integrations
  • File Sharing
  • File Transfer
  • Firewall
  • Multi-User
  • Notifications
  • Password & Access Management

SentinelOne FAQs

Does SentinelOne offer guides, tutorials and or customer support?

SentinelOne Professional Services and Technical Support

SentinelOne offers professional services to assist you throughout your security deployment, and technical support to ensure continued success. Our cyber security experts work with you to design and implement a solution tailored to your specific requirements. Our Support Engineers leverage deep threat analysis experience to provide detailed insights into any malware or attack encountered by the SentinelOne platform and fine-tune your detection policies and response protocol to maximize protection.

SentinelOne Technical Support

9/5 Global support
Email and web support
Self-service portal
Unrestricted knowledge base access

24/7 Global support
Email, web and phone support
Self-service portal
Unrestricted knowledge base access
Designated account manager

SentinelOne Professional Services

Kickstart Package:
Set your team up for success with deployment planning, initial deployment assistance, training, sign-off, and documentation conducted by SentinelOne’s cybersecurity experts.

End-to-End Deployment:
Rest assured that the SentinelOne platform is configured and functioning properly from day one. SentinelOne provides on and off-site deployment assistance, ad-hoc issue tracking, and daily assistance for cloud and on-premise deployments.

Team up with our cyber security experts as they guide you through product administration, malware analysis, and incident response. Become your security organization’s in-house expert and go-to person.

What is SentinelOne generally used for?

SentinelOne’s breakthrough platform is certified as an antivirus replacement, recognized by Gartner and NSS Labs for its disruption, and trusted by the world’s most forward-thinking companies to protect their business.

Who are the main user groups of SentinelOne?

Healthcare industry
Education sector
Finance sector
Energy industry

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