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Semrush Reviewed

Editors' Review by the SEO & SEM Software Review Team

SEMrush is a tool that helps marketers and businesses manage their digital marketing campaigns through search engine optimization, social media marketing and content management. It is an all-inclusive suite of tools that’s used by some of the world’s biggest companies.

The software is equipped with many features intended to make your SEO tasks simpler and easier. Some of these tasks are keyword research, traffic analytics and analytics reports, backlinks research, advertising research and social media tracking, among others. SEMrush actually has over 40 tools in its system.

In addition, SEMrush will give you access to eight billion keywords gathered from over 100 countries. It has one of the largest, most comprehensive keyword databases in the world.

Launched and introduced as Seodigger back in 2008, SEMrush was created to help marketers and businesses gather relevant information about market trends and industry developments and practices. It is ideal for beginners as well as for SEO and digital marketing veterans.

With its visually appealing and engaging interface, SEMrush helps you and your marketing teams find relevant, profitable and useful keywords so you can come up with content that they want. SEMrush also aids marketers in ensuring website or blog visitors a satisfying experience.

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SEMrush Features

SEMrush includes many features that are designed to assist with your marketing and SEO campaigns.

Using the search bar, type the URL of the website you want to check out. SEMrush will automatically generate a report that shows details about the domain you chose while also giving you a list of its most significant keywords. This, then, is what you will analyze and use to come up with a strategy or strategies for leveling up or moving ahead of your competitors.

The second option, creating SEMrush projects, effectively and efficiently collects external data—or data found outside of the database. After analyzing the collected information, you’ll be able to determine how visible your website is as well as give you insights on how you can improve performance, particularly in relation to your competitor websites.

SEMrush also has numerous toolkits, which are packs of customizable tools and reports that you can use for your campaign. You don’t necessarily have to use everything, but given the wide variety available, you’re guaranteed to find just the right report and tool you need to efficiently track the progress of your campaign.

Here are some of the key features you might find useful:


This is where you’ll get an overview of the domains you’re monitoring. Basically, what you will see are numbers for organic traffic, organic keywords, ads traffic and ad keywords.

Organic research

Through organic research, you’ll get an idea of what your competitors’ best keywords are and be able to understand the value of each keyword and how they’re performing in search engine results pages. Additionally, you can also check how they’re doing in terms of search volume, traffic, search results number, CPC estimate and competition.

Domain analytics

This feature allows you to enter your domain so you can get data that’ll tell you how well your website is doing. Likewise, domain analytics provides you with useful information regarding the keywords that are giving you good ranking; the ones that Google likes. In addition, you can also track the changes in your ranking position.

If you want to see who your competitors are, then you can go to the competitor tab and you’ll get the details you need. What you’ll find is a list of keywords that are common with you and your competitors and are ranking.

Lastly, domain analytics also features a backlinks tab that allows you to monitor the backlinks that lead to your domain. This will give you an idea of which among your site’s content is attracting the most number of audiences.

Keyword research

This looks for the keywords and phrases that are an excellent match to your content so you can increase your site’s online presence. For every search term, SEMrush finds Google top 100-ranked domains and analyzes them. Then you’ll be given a keywords list, the ones that are common among the domains. This list is then extended to include the variations and synonyms of the queried word. So, you now have your own pool of keywords.

Aside from matching keywords, the keyword research feature also provides you with long-tail keywords, which can also significantly help improve your site’s rank.

Traffic analytics

This is where you’ll get information about the online performance and traffic of your competitors’ website, as well as valuable details about their marketing strategies.

Traffic analytics gathers numbers showing the website traffic volume of your competitors, including those of your prospective partners’. It also tells you where their audiences come from—search, social media, through referral, paid and direct sources.

Traffic analytics will also help you understand the behavior of prospective customers and discover new investment opportunities, markets and niches.

Keyword magic tool

This feature is what you’ll use if you need ideas for keywords, as all you need to do is enter your topic or term in the search bar and after you click on the Search button, you’ll be provided a list of keywords relevant to your topic. 

Advertising research

Basically, this feature is essential for proper budgeting. Information provided by advertising research will help you gauge how much you should spend for specific activities, particularly paid searches.

The tool actually evaluates the strategy and budget of your competitors in four aspects: their current expenses, their year-long expenses, which keywords they are spending on and your competitors’ ad campaigns experience.

Likewise, this feature will allow you to track and view landing pages and ad copies. With this, you’ll get ideas about how you should create and position your landing pages and ad copies.

SEO writing assistant

To help make sure your content is optimized, the SEO writing assistant tool provides you with target keywords, including variations and semantically related ones. In addition, it can send you alerts whenever you start to stuff your content with too many keywords.

The SEO writing assistant makes sure you produce perfectly crafted, well-structured content for your target keyword and ensures that it is SEO-friendly.

Other features you’ll find in SEMrush are charts, domain vs. domain comparisons, keyword difficulty tools, product listing ads, market explorer, display advertising tool, CPC map, reports, site audit, and backlinks, among others.

It also has a social media tracker, which uses competitor information in helping you come up with better social media strategies. You can schedule your posts on all your social media accounts using the social media poster feature.

SEMrush Features

SEMrush Benefits

SEMrush offers many benefits to users of their platform. The most important benefits that SEMrush provides are:

Better understanding of a site’s SEO performance

A lot of businesses know that SEO is an essential factor in digital marketing campaigns. However, not everyone understands how good SEO can help their website—the keywords, pages, title tags and everything. The same is true when it comes to errors like broken internal images, files and links, missing title tags, crawlability and other similar issues.

SEMrush can help businesses get a better understanding of all these. It points out the problems and recommends solutions or actions. SEMrush also lets you know if your website is performing well in search engine results pages.

Assists marketing teams better

A company that carries out an SEO campaign relies a lot on marketing teams. They are the ones who come up with good content and SEO strategies that can elevate the company’s website to greater heights. SEMrush helps marketing teams by offering tools that they can use to optimize content, find the right keywords and target the right audiences.

Combines SEO and social media marketing seamlessly

SEMrush is a centralized system that can perform multiple digital marketing tasks. Everything is in one platform. This enables marketing teams to handle all their SEO, content marketing and social media marketing campaigns on one platform.

Helps businesses understand their competition

SEMrush provides a lot of competitor data and this will help you learn and understand their strategies and actions—their campaign in general. Then you’ll learn to value your competition and this will push you to improve your campaign.

SEMrush Pricing

SEMrush has three pricing packages for you to choose from, all of which offer extensive features and benefits that can assist teams with their SEO and marketing campaigns.


The Pro package is worth $99.95 a month and is ideal for startups, in-house marketers and freelancers that are on a tight budget. It comes with over 40 advanced tools and features for tracking competitors’ ranking, social media results and traffic sources.


Ideal for small and medium businesses, the Guru package costs $199.95 per month and comes with all the Pro features in addition to branded reports, content marketing platform, extended limits and historical data.


The Business package is priced at $399.95 a month and is recommended for companies with wide web presence, eCommerce projects and agencies. It comes with all the features in the Guru package and API access, Google Data Studio Integration, White label reports and extended limits and sharing options.

There’s also an Enterprise package that you’ll need to get in touch with SEMrush representatives if you want this customized solution. A free trial is available for all packages.


SEMrush provides users with a seamless solution for convenient and efficient digital marketing management. The extensive range of features and benefits helps teams make better marketing decisions, understand their competitors better and ensure that marketing teams have all the tools they need to improve marketing and SEO campaigns.

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