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What is Sauce Labs?

Sauce Labs provides the world’s largest cloud-based platform for the continuous testing of web and mobile apps. Deploy with confidence across hundreds of browser/OS platforms.

Sauce Labs is the leading provider of continuous testing solutions that deliver digital confidence. More than 3 billion tests have been run on the Sauce Labs Continuous Testing Cloud, the most comprehensive and trusted testing platform in the world. Sauce Labs delivers a 360-degree view of a customer’s application experience, helping businesses improve the quality of their user experience by ensuring that web and mobile applications look, function, and perform exactly as they should on every browser, OS, and device, every single time. Sauce Labs enables organizations to increase revenue and grow their digital business by creating new routes to market, protecting their brand from the risks of a poor user experience, and delivering better products to market, faster. Co-founded by the original creator of Selenium, Sauce Labs remains deeply rooted in the open source community, and provides a combination of expertise, data insight, and customer care that no other automated testing provider can match.

Sauce Labs Awards

Sauce Labs currently scores 88/100 in the Testing category. This is based on user satisfaction (86/100), press buzz (60/100), and other relevant information on Sauce Labs gathered from around the web.

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Sauce Labs Review

Editors' Review by the Testing Software Review Team

Sauce Labs is a cloud-based automated performance testing solution for mobile and desktop apps. It is designed to help users test multiple virtual machines across different combinations of devices, operating systems, and browsers.

The Sauce Labs app performance testing tool is specifically tailored to be instantly scalable, as it is mainly developed to support continuous integration workflows. The platform works by automating tests and running them in parallel on various virtual machines across several different browsers, as well as a wide variety of device and platform combinations. This strategy aims to effectively reduce the testing time.

The Sauce Labs testing cloud is designed to work with a robust continuous integration (CI) system, which enables developers and development teams to continuously and affordably test different applications in the earlier stages of the development process. Through various combinations, dev teams can easily test desktop and hybrid, as well as mobile and native web applications, more consistently and accurately. The cloud-based platform also enables administrators to leverage existing test scripts to capture actionable insights into their apps’ front-end performances, visual regressions, and other functionalities.

Sauce Labs enables developers and teams to conduct their testing within the organization’s secure data center. This protects customers’ personal data, while supervisors are given the ability to visualize relevant data from various resources, such as screenshots, video recordings, customer responses, commands, and Selenium logs. The automated testing platform gives admins and other stakeholders the ability to manage user accounts and set permission-based access controls using a unified user interface. They also have the option to login through single sign-on (SSO) functionality.

Sauce Labs Features

Sauce Labs is a premier cloud-based testing solution for desktop and mobile applications. It facilitates the test management requirements of open-source dev teams, SMBs, and enterprises, regardless of size and scale. The platform offers both manual and automated testing capabilities for multiple browsers, as well as web and mobile applications, supporting Android and iOS devices. Sauce Labs is equipped with a variety of features and tools to help users conduct better and more efficient testing. The following are just a few of the more notable functions and capabilities this platform has to offer:

Cross-browser testing capabilities

This Sauce Labs feature lets you test your websites and/or applications across thousands of mobile and desktop browser combinations, including different operating systems, all from within the safety and security of the cloud. Cross-browser testing helps ensure digital confidence for your team, allowing for a reliable, fast, and relatively easy testing process throughout the entire software development cycle. The software helps remove the common challenges and hassles of performing maintenance, so your dev team can devote their time and effort to testing multiple applications.

With the cross-browser testing feature, users can speed up the development process of their applications with parallel testing capabilities. The cloud-based platform is optimized for parallel testing across a wide range of operating systems and browser combos, thus expediting the test process by up to 10 times the average runtime. The tool also helps identify and fix bugs quicker and more efficiently by giving dev teams access to multiple screenshots and video recordings.

Mobile app testing tools

Sauce Labs is equipped with mobile app testing capabilities, allowing users to create and develop some of the most comprehensive testing strategies for various mobile applications from the development stage all the way to production. One of the main objectives of having such tools is to improve speed and quality across the entire mobile app development lifecycle. The real device cloud function, for instance, can help expedite the automated and live testing process of mobile applications, while a mobile emulator for Android and a simulator for iOS can work to minimize the build time and perform automated performance tests on mobile apps during the earlier stages of development.

A beta testing tool is also available, allowing teams to optimize the beta testing process of various mobile applications. It is tailored to help streamline app distribution for iOS and Android using a secure all-in-one platform. This tool enables mobile app developers to iterate and launch higher-quality applications much faster, complete with intuitive in-app bug reports and real-time video recordings of different sessions.

Then there’s the error monitoring and reporting function, which helps in capturing, prioritizing, and resolving different errors within the application during the development phase, beta testing,  and/or post-launch. It allows you to mitigate various application risks by providing more in-depth insights and visibility into the main causes of application failure. It also provides robust crash analytics and high-fidelity error data to help you gain more actionable insights into your mobile applications. These are very useful in determining the root cause of several application issues and failures.

AI-driven low-code app testing function

Sauce Labs offers an AI-driven SaaS app testing solution designed for developers and admins looking to save time and energy by speeding up the process of creating test cases and execution. The tool can detect changes automatically for autonomous test maintenance. Essentially, with Sauce Labs, you get a smart and autonomous testing platform that progresses with your applications. It offers smart test management capabilities through an NLP engine that autonomously creates various test cases, scripts, and other relevant data.

Through low-code automation, which includes auto-maintenance and auto-discovery, among others, even non-technical users and team members can be more than capable of handling quality assurance (QA) tasks at scale. The platform’s deep-learning capabilities help users spot potential alterations and enable self-healing for various test assets. This strategy provides admins and managers with vital, real-time feedback, which ultimately ensures long-term scalability.

SauceLabs Features

Sauce Labs Benefits

Sauce Labs provides SMBs and app development teams with robust and valuable cloud-based tools tailored for running various tests on both web and mobile applications in a quick, secure, and efficient manner. Due to the low-code nature of the platform, especially when it comes to creating test cases and test executions, it has garnered a reputation within the app development community for being a simple and user-friendly solution while still having the capacity to deliver advanced functionalities through its agile frameworks coupled with its open-source code methodology.

This all-in-one cloud-based testing solution delivers a comprehensive set of tools to app developers, testers, and development teams, allowing them to conduct a wide variety of tests across multiple platforms, browsers, operating systems, and integrations. Sauce Labs’ automated testing capabilities give it the power to accelerate and optimize the testing process by simply running the tests through the Selenium log files, metadata, and console logs with a complete list of all compatible commands. This strategy aids in acquiring detailed responses and test results in a faster and more efficient manner.

Sauce Labs comes with Android emulators and iOS simulators for testing applications on different mobile devices at any scale. This approach is much more cost-effective, very reliable, and well-optimized for continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines. It works by amplifying the emulator and simulator testing process via automated test runs within the Sauce Labs platform. This approach maximizes the test results as well as the coverage without requiring the real device platforms, which significantly reduces testing costs.

During the development process of any application, the occurrence of bugs and errors is virtually unavoidable. Their presence will almost always slow down the app development process. To reduce the time spent on tracking down and fixing different bugs and errors, Sauce Labs offers a cloud-based platform that is designed not only to diagnose potential errors in the application but also to streamline the different capabilities and resources available for resolving all the identified issues.

Sauce Labs Pricing

Pricing plans for Sauce Labs’ continuous testing cloud are tailored to suit the needs of different businesses, app development teams, and testers. The subscriptions are divided into three main packages, all of which are priced per month and billed either monthly or annually.

The different Automated and Live Testing plans include the Free plan, the Monthly plan, which starts at $50 per month, and the Annual plan, which starts at $600 per year.

An enterprise-grade package is also available with quote-based custom pricing. Interested parties can contact the Sauce Labs sales team directly for their custom quote as well as any other information they might need about the cloud-based testing platform.


Sauce Labs is a well-known and widely used cloud-based testing platform that is designed to facilitate the app performance testing and test management requirements of various open-source app development teams and enterprises, regardless of size and scale. The continuous testing cloud solution offers both manual and automated testing of both web and mobile applications for more than 800 browsers. It also supports continuous testing of apps for Android and iOS mobile devices.

The cloud-based platform is capable of running tests automatically daily, ensuring high-quality performance and functionality. Basically, the software helps to make sure the applications are performing well, have infrastructure compatibility, and are functioning as intended.

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Sauce Labs Product Overview

  • One source for all your testing needs - Web, mobile emulators and simulators, and real devices - all from one company. Run the same or similar tests across all the platforms you need from one company.

  • We offer both a public cloud for testing edge cases on a wide variety of devices. And, a private cloud for the highest security for testing on devices dedicated to only your team.

  • Test on emulators and simulators to verify app functionality quickly. These satisfy ~95% of app testing needs and are more cost effective than real devices.

  • We spin up a new "single-use" virtual machine for every test which increases security and reduces test flake. No residual data or temp files from previous tests - ever.

  • Setup, manage and view test results all from within your CI server - complete support for Jenkins, MSFT VSTS, Bamboo, Circle CI, Travis CI and BitBucket - and easily create tickets and share results between teams via Slack and HipChat.

  • View test results and get actionable information on how to address test failures and quickly resolve them. Option to export test results and usage to your own custom or third-party dashboards.

  • As the experts in Selenium, we understand how to best run a Cloud service. Low flake rate of 0.02% leads the industry.

Languages Supported: English
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Sauce Labs User Reviews

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4.31/5 based on 131 user ratings.
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"Mobile and Web Testing"

// Web Developer at Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company

What do you like about Sauce Labs?

I like the capability to alter in between each internet browser and compare my test results throughout all the various internet browsers offered. They have among the finest client assistance group, which is readily available to make the distinction.

What do you dislike about Sauce Labs?

In some cases, it brings unforeseen habits to test. My greatest grievance has to do with how sluggish the reporting website is to load. SauceLabs is regularly enhancing their item and I've seen modifications to the control panel within the last month, however it is sluggish when aiming to pack videos and big lists of trial run.

What have you been using it for and what problems did Sauce Labs solve?

SauceLabs is the only test cloud business that manages every customer in the book. Incorporating with third-party-services is constantly hard, and it was included comfort to understand they might manage all our requirements without needing to get in contact with a number of various companies.

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