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What is RocketBolt?

Intelligent lead tracking from RocketBolt helps you sell more, by knowing exactly what your sales leads are doing and when to reach out.

RocketBolt is a simple, yet powerful lead tracking tool that decreases the amount of time sales teams waste researching and monitoring leads.RocketBolt integrates seamlessly with your current marketing and sales workflows to record lead activity.Once a high-priority lead is identified, RocketBolt continuously monitors that lead's activity - on your website, in the news, and across social media; and alerts sellers to key strategic contact opportunities in real time.

RocketBolt currently scores 64/100 in the Sales Management category. This is based on user satisfaction (100/100), press buzz (35/100), and other relevant information on RocketBolt gathered from around the web.

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RocketBolt Review

Editors' Review by the Sales Management Software Review Team

An Overview of RocketBolt Lead Tracking and Sales Management Software

RocketBolt is a sales management software solution, essentially a lead tracking and customer conversion program that allows users to track leads, monitor contact activities and behavior and convert more website visitors into loyal paying customers.

A web-based software solution, RocketBolt uses an intelligent lead tracking system designed for small- to medium-sized businesses and large marketing agencies, providing them with a reliable and consistent platform to conduct email marketing and sales management.

The sales management platform has a simple and practical design, yet it boasts of a robust and highly effective lead tracking solution that helps to minimize the time your marketing team spends on doing research and monitoring sales leads.

How RocketBolt sales management software works

At its core, RocketBolt is a solution for tracking contacts or leads. The platform enables users to effectively manage their contact lists, as well as know exactly what their leads or website visitors are doing.

It’s a software solution that provides you with real-time updates about what your leads are doing with the emails you’ve been sending, what they’re doing on your website, how many mentions your brand is getting on social media and other community platforms.

Not every single salesperson might need a software solution like RocketBolt. However, if you’re in the marketing business, whether you’re a small marketing agency or a large enterprise salesperson, you might find this type of web-based sales management platform very useful, especially when you’re trying to build a solid long-term relationship with a sales lead.

RocketBolt is designed to integrate with a multitude of marketing and sales workflow solutions in an easy and seamless way. And with these integrations, the platform has the power to identify high-priority leads and monitor that leads activity on your website, in the news and on various social networks. And it provides sellers with real-time alerts and vital information on key strategic contact opportunities.

rocketbolt review

The benefits of RocketBolt sales management software

With RocketBolt lead tracking and sales management software solution, you can empower your sales team to succeed with comprehensive and real-time lead data for a wide array of marketing solutions, from your customer relationship management (CRM) solution to RocketBolt’s application program interface (API), to make your entire marketing a cost- and time-efficient process.

You can also automate your marketing and sales workflows using RocketBolt and the tools that your marketing team normally uses every single day.

RocketBolt integrates well with the following solutions:

  • Salesforce – You can add RocketBolt’s data tracking tool to your Salesforce contacts to let you know exactly what your target leads are doing while visiting your website, i.e. which pages their viewing, how much time they spend on your pages, etc.
  • WordPress – RocketBolt’s WordPress plug-in allows you to add advanced lead tracking technology to your WordPress website with just a single click. It’s quick, easy and no coding skills required.
  • Zapier – You can trigger sales processes across multiple applications based on activity on your website. RocketBolt does the tracking automatically and provide you with up-to-date data and real-time alerts.
  • Gmail – You can integrate RocketBolt with your Gmail account so you’ll know when people open your marketing emails and newsletters or when they click on your links. You may also see when leads on your Gmail contact list are on your website.
  • SalesLoft – Find out which of your sales leads or sales prospects are actually clicking on your links or visiting your website even if they don’t respond to your SalesLoft campaign emails and newsletters.
  • MailChimp – Discover which of your MailChimp campaign email and newsletter recipients actually click on your links and visit your website. You may also monitor what pages your recipients are viewing.
  • Zoho CRM – You can add RocketBolt’s data tracking technology to your Zoho CRM solution so you’ll know exactly when one of your Zoho contacts visit your website and what pages they’ve recently viewed.
  • Infusionsoft – RocketBolt’s tracking data also helps you determine what pages of your website your contacts are visiting when you incorporate the solution with your Infusionsoft application.

As you can see, there are a lot of integrations possible with using RocketBolt lead tracking and Sales Management Software. The third-party solution mentioned is not even the half of it. There are a lot more marketing solutions you can seamlessly integrate with RocketBolt, such as HubSpot, Pipedrive, Marketo, Outlook, ToutApp, Outreach, Constant Contact, Slack and Reply.

And the best part about RocketBolt is, it’s very easy to integrate. Users don’t have to have extensive experience with advanced integration processes of third-party software programs or advanced coding skills. RocketBolt is designed so you can easily incorporate it into your existing marketing software solutions and start tracking leads and converting website visitors as quickly as possible.

rocketbolt review

Pricing for RocketBolt sales management solution

RocketBolt’s pricing is designed to match the varying needs of companies of varying sizes. The pricing is scalable to match the volume of leads your company tracks and monitors on a monthly basis. As a starter, you can track up to 100 leads for a starting price of $99 per month.

You can visit RocketBolt’s official website, go to the pricing page and use the pricing calculator. It’s just a slider that allows you to adjust the number of leads your company tracks on a regular basis. The calculator then determines the price of your package based on the number of leads you’ve chosen.

You can choose between monthly billing and annual billing, although you will get 20% off when you opt for the latter. You may also schedule a demo if you want to learn more about the product. Contact the vendor directly for any questions you might have or for more information about RocketBolt sales management software solution.

The bottom line

RocketBolt is a lead tracking and sales management solution that is simple and practical in design yet robust and highly functional when integrated with CRM platforms and other marketing solutions. It allows you to gather comprehensive data about your leads and sales prospects. The pricing is very scalable.

If you’re looking for a solid and reliable lead tracking software that is capable of doing so much more, RocketBolt is definitely worth a look.

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RocketBolt Product Overview

  • Integration: Integrates with all major marketing automation and email platforms such as Gmail and Outlook.

  • 24/7 Lead Monitoring: Across the news and social media with instant alerts about relevant sales opportunities.

  • Real-time tracking of sales leads on your website, and one-click lead and data syncing with Salesforce.

Languages Supported: English
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RocketBolt Pricing Plans

Other pricing information:

Free users get up to 500 tracked emails per month and unlimited CRM contacts and usage.
Premium tiers start at $39 per seat/per month after a one month free trial.
Pricing increases as the number of tracked and monitored leads in the system increases.

Plans starting from: $39.00/month Credit card required: N/A
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Our teams use Rockbolt to track which content customers are most interested in... very helpful for fine-tuning our communications with individual customers.

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