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Robly Reviewed

Editors' Review by the Email Marketing Software Review Team

Robly is an email marketing software solution optimizing businesses’ email campaigns by up to 50%. It works by sending out the first email according to the specifications of the user. It then follows up with prospects that did not open the first email with a second email with a tweaked subject line, thereby maximizing response rate.

Robly also allows businesses to have their campaigns sent to the target market at the right time based on the prospects’ online behavior. This allows marketers to be more efficient in their marketing methods.

How Robly works

The software solution makes sure that before leaving a website, customers are persuaded to enter their email for subscription. This is in contrast with the traditional sign-up method widgets used by normal websites and advertisers.

In addition, the Robly A.I. determines the behavior of the target user by knowing when they open their emails. This gives the software user an opportunity to send out their intended marketing and publicity materials right on time.

Emails are also sent out to popular social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook from the actual dashboard of the software. This eases the role of the social media account managers when it comes to reaching out to people on social media platforms.

More than 100 customizable templates and skins are also provided to effectively manage the aesthetics of their marketing campaigns. These templates are appealing, giving current users an edge over their competitors.

Moreover, reports and analytics are automatically generated within the software to increase the awareness of the user on the effectiveness of the campaign. Clicks, subscribes, opens and even mobile viewing are gathered.

Autoresponders are also included. While the campaign manager is busy with the analysis of the analytics sent out by the system, the software is preparing itself for an autoresponse. This makes the workflow cost-efficient.

The other features of the software that helps users boost their otherwise inefficient, mass-based campaigns.

  • OpenGen technology automates the sending of an autoresponse or subject-modified emails to boost the conversion by 50%.
  • Robly A.I. determines the prospect’s behavior, determining exact time they usually open their inbox, increasing the effectiveness of your email campaign.
  • Multi-variant and A/B testing optimizes everything contained within an email: Textual content, subject line, and even the email address.
  • Exit pop-up technology creates a more efficient means to collect emails from website visitors. Incentives are offered to users having an intent to sign up for the email program.
  • Pre-made templates from the system assure users the content of the marketing emails is aesthetically pleasing and scalable even on mobile.
  • Reports specify the performance of emails and other marketing materials on phone and desktop. Email open rates are also demonstrated.
  • User-friendly interface for less technical people.
  • HTML email tool offers users the ability to send out HTML emails without having to learn how to code.
  • Quality support team assures the workflow runs seamlessly. Technical aspects of the software are discussed thoroughly and carefully.
  • Spam and bounce rates are thoroughly noted through the extensive data analytics.

Robly Review

The benefits of Robly

Efficient, non-random email marketing

Gone are the days where users can just randomly send out spam messages to subscribers. This inefficient marketing strategy is what inspired Robly to enter the market and ensure clients get maximum benefit from their efforts. As has been mentioned, emails are scheduled when the prospect is most likely to open their emails, ensuring the materials gain optimum levels of visibility.

Reflective and honest analytics

The analytics of the software accurately determines the number of interactions, clicks, downloads and even mobile access to the publicity material as soon as it is uploaded. It also shows whether or not the email campaign has penetrated its target market.

Effective email capturing

With the use of the pop-up technology in place of the simple sign up widget, companies are now capable of obtaining emails from website visitors in the most efficient manner. By offering rewards and incentives to those signing up to the email subscription program, the software user has a higher chance of getting the precious email address.

Predictive technologies

The A.I. technology within the software determines the exact time when people open their emails. By doing this, users of the software are given an avenue to put their marketing materials right on top of the other marketing emails in his or her inbox.

Robly pricing plans

The pricing of the product depends on the size of the list garnered by the user. The basic package is the Premium Email for 500 targets. Priced at $15 per month, the software provides basic features such as unlimited sending, OpenGen, Robly A.I., pop-ups for exit intent, autoresponders, A/B testing, templates that are mobile friendly, CRM and multi-platform software support.

The Pro Marketer package, costing about $49 per month, offers additional features such as advanced landing pages, landing page A/B testing, automation of marketing, workflow builder, automation of sales, lead and contact scoring, sales pipeline and forecasting and customized domain.

The most advanced package—named Enterprise package—costs about $149 per month for 500 targets. It includes all aforementioned package inclusions, with the addition of round-the-clock consultation for marketing and email design, one-on-one onboarding scheme, limitless live training, customized pop-up widgets, customer success handler, Evergreen modified template, two hours of automation consultation and unlimited user access.

A 14-day trial is available for users to determine their email optimization needs.


Robly allows users to have their email campaign optimized to perfection. With the use of various methodologies and features, Robly makes sure the email advertisement of the company is sent at a time when the email will have its highest probability of being opened. The personalized sending time of the campaign makes it highly effective—raising the open rates by 50%.
Big brands benefit from the services of the software by getting the most out of their current email marketing software. Complemented with the features of the popular email marketing software in the market, Robly allows firms to be cost- and temporal-efficient in many ways.

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