What is Rackspace?

Rackspace is the #1 managed cloud company. Its technical expertise & Fanatical Support® allow companies to tap the power of the cloud without the pain of hiring experts in dozens of complex technologies.

Rackspace® is the #1 managed cloud company, delivering open technologies and powering hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide.

We integrate the industry's best technologies for each customer's specific need. We deliver best-fit solutions by leveraging a portfolio of public cloud, private cloud, dedicated servers, and a combination of platforms. Most importantly, it's all backed by our award-winning Fanatical Support.

The company offers choice, flexibility and freedom from vendor lock-in.

Rackspace Awards

Rackspace currently scores 85/100 in the Domains and Hosting category. This is based on user satisfaction (75/100), press buzz (61/100), recent user trends (falling), and other relevant information on Rackspace gathered from around the web.

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Rackspace Review

Editors' Review by the Domains and Hosting Software Review Team

Rackspace is a company that provides managed infrastructure services such as managed hosting, managed cloud and email hosting. The brand has been closely associated with the development of open-source cloud services in the past several years. Today, Rackspace is well-known for providing robust third-party managed cloud services.

Rackspace offers three main types of cloud servers: The private cloud, the open/public cloud and the hybrid cloud server. The company offers decent hardware, image backups, over 15 operation systems, scalability, Raid 10 and many other useful services.

While they provide impressive cloud services, Rackspace’s expertise is in managed dedicated and cloud hosting where they’ve developed a remarkable reputation among businesses and organizations all around the world.

Today, Rackspace is the global leader when it comes to providing expertise and managed services. Its dedicated hosting is available for Windows and Linux operating systems and offers both colocations as well as managed hosting.

Rackspace Features

Rackspace offers a rather extensive product portfolio, which includes the following services and features:

Managed cloud service

Rackspace’s managed cloud service comes with a variety of options, which include private cloud, public cloud, hybrid cloud and multi-cloud. The last option ensures you’re not stuck or locked into the company’s cloud environments. You can actually mix and match your cloud service with other third-party cloud providers.

Private cloud – This is a single-tenant cloud service that comes with either a virtualized or dedicated server environment.

Public cloud – The public cloud server option is a multi-tenant environment that offers clients with ad hoc scalability. This means the client will only have to pay for the services they need and use.

Hybrid cloud – This option allows you to set up a cloud environment that best suits your needs as an organization. You can select the features and capabilities you prefer from public and private cloud services, as well as traditional dedicated servers.

Multi-cloud – With this particular option, you will be able to set up a cloud environment that utilizes multiple cloud services managed by different providers, including Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), VMWare and OpenStack.

Managed hosting service

The managed hosting service provided by Rackspace is a single-tenant environment packed with a variety of tools and IT solutions your organization needs to keep all your services safe, secure and stable online. Rackspace offers two main levels of hosting service, managed and intensive. Both levels are designed to serve as an IT department for your company. This way, you won’t need to be concerned about your hardware.

Some of the features that managed hosting has in store for you includes 24-hour support, hardware monitoring, virtual private network (VPN) access, OS patching, 100% network uptime guarantee, managed firewall, URL/port availability, managed data backups and restores, on-demand support consultations, one-hour hardware replacement, as well as backup and bandwidth performance utilization. There is also a plan-specific or optional feature available.

Features such as guaranteed response times and advanced performance and monitoring are only available on the intensive level of service. Server virus scanning is available in intensive but optional in the managed level. The remaining features like DDoS mitigation, managed security services and encrypted backups are all optional in both service levels.

Colocation service

This feature enables you to set up your existing hardware in one of Rackspace’s data centres and have their team manage and secure all or some of your physical servers. This is an ideal service if you already have existing hardware that you still want to use or incorporate into your Rackspace-managed infrastructure services.

Email hosting service

In addition to their managed cloud and hosting services, Rackspace also offers good email hosting service for when you want your email address domain to match that of your business website. The service provider offers several hosting options that will help you get started immediately. You have three main choices available; Hosted Exchange, Office 365 or Rackspace’s proprietary email options.

Rackspace’s email hosting service comes with all the tools you need to gain easy access to your inbox at any time from multiple locations; it has ample storage capacity and they even provide you with productivity tools in some cases. Rackspace also provides additional professional services like reliability engineering and cloud migration, which facilitates the process of moving between cloud-based services.

Additional features and services

Rackspace also provides application-based services in various sectors, including database management, customer relationship management (CRM), business intelligence (BI) and more. Furthermore, the company provides data-related services, DevOps as well as security and compliance support.

Rackspace Homepage

Rackspace Benefits

There are many benefits to choosing Rackspace as your primary managed infrastructure service provider. Whether you’re looking for a managed cloud service, a managed hosting service, a colocation service or email hosting service, this cloud solutions provider has it all for you.

The following are some of the benefits you can expect from Rackspace:

Easy setup and configuration

When it comes to web hosting and other cloud-related solutions, most people tend to think it’s going to be a serious IT challenge. The premise of managed/cloud service providers is to offer businesses and organizations an efficient way to set up their cloud services and web applications in such a way that they won’t have to worry about the technical aspects of such processes.

With Rackspace’s Managed Cloud service, you will be able to set up and operate on any operating system within minutes and without the help of IT experts and/or professionals. That is the whole idea, the main goal of availing this kind of service, so even non-technical users can effectively manage their own web applications and cloud infrastructure.

Rackspace has decent customer support firmly in place, ready to help you out in any way they can. So if you come across any issues during the setup and configuration process, their team is ready and able to provide assistance.

Server uptime and reliability

The SLA or service-level agreement provided by Rackspace guarantees a hundred per cent uptime and extensive control of the data centre infrastructure.

To ensure server stability and an almost perfect uptime, Rackspace utilizes a variety of critical services, starting with the robust RAID 10 hard disks all the way to the server image backups. So if you’re in the market for top-tier solutions with the capability to build isolated networks, then Rackspace might be what you’re looking for.

Good customer service

Rackspace promises to provide excellent customer support by only utilizing high-quality bandwidth providers. This essentially underlines one of the company’s main goals—to provide its clients with high-quality, dependable service without exemption.

Rackspace’s drive to provide above standard customer support is a key component to its web hosting service, which is backed up with more than a five thousand strong workforce on the customer service side of the organization.

Additionally, Rackspace is renowned in the industry as a company with one of the fastest average response times when it comes to answering customer queries and coming up with effective resolutions to various problems. They also provide unlimited technical support over the phone. Finally, customers have complete access to a vast knowledge base on the official Rackspace website.

On top of the large knowledge base, Rackspace also offers 24-hour live chat, phone and email support to all its clients, as well as an open cloud community equipped with vast knowledge and experience about Rackspace products and services.

Affordable pricing

Rackspace has quite reasonable pricing as they have recently reworked their business plan. Instead of merely trying to become another AWS service provider, the company is offering to manage and maintain all of your AWS instances, including any and all services you might have running on Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and many other infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) platforms. This makes Rackspace a centralized solution for all managed services.

This transformation also allows Rackspace to broaden its reach and customer base, while maintaining robust services, ease-of-use and a high level of stability. In other words, you are getting your money’s worth when it comes to the services the company is offering.

Rackspace Pricing

As for the actual cost of deployment for Rackspace managed services on your business, the company operates on a quote-by-quote basis. This allows them to accurately put a price on the services that you actually need and would use on your day-to-day processes. You may visit the official vendor website and request your free quote.


Rackspace is an ideal managed infrastructure service provider with a long and established history. It provides organizations and users with excellent hosted solutions for all needs, comprehensive customer support and a variety of tools and features that can help businesses better succeed.

Rackspace Product Overview

  • Solutions built for your needs: Whether its one of our Cloud, Dedicated or Email & Apps offerings, we'll always help you find the best solution for your bespoke needs, not ours, If you end up spending less, that's great!

  • Greenspace: From cost-effective green servers to company-wide conservation programs, our Greenspace™ initiative is dedicated to doing business in an eco-friendly way.

  • The world's service leader in hosting: Hosting is all we do. We've set the standard for Cloud, Managed and Email Hosting with our support, expertise and diverse solutions. That's why in 2012 Rackspace won the prestigious UK Customer Experience Award for IT & Telecoms.

  • Fanatical Support: It’s our unbeatable level of customer service. Rackspace employees are available 24/7/365 to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Languages Supported: English

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Rackspace Features

  • 2-Factor Authentication
  • Analytics
  • Anti-Virus
  • API
  • Batch Permissions & Access
  • Bulk Domain Management
  • Calendar Management
  • Dashboard
  • Data Export
  • Data Import
  • External Integrations
  • File Sharing
  • File Transfer
  • Firewall
  • Multi-User
  • Notifications
  • Password & Access Management
  • Scheduling
  • Third-Party Plugins/Add-Ons
  • Database
  • Malware Protection
  • Network Visualization
  • DDoS Protection
  • Media Streaming
  • Custom Domains
  • Geo-filtering
  • Real-time Alerts
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