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Quire Reviewed

Editors' Review by the Project Management Software Review Team

Quire is a cloud-based, modern-generation project management solution created for small teams and enterprise-level businesses, allowing them to manage everyday tasks and facilitate team collaboration.

Quire is a centralized task management and collaboration tool that enables teams and organizations of different sizes and scales—across multiple industries—to effectively manage projects, tasks, workflows, and other crucial processes in real time. By using this robust and user-friendly platform, even remote teams can operate efficiently and productively. It provides a collaborative task management solution that is easy to use and allows teams to organize their ideas, plan their projects and strategies, as well as collaborate on tasks with other individuals and teams, regardless of their location and/or time zone.

One of Quire’s biggest selling points is its comprehensive nested concept, which is arguably one of the first of its kind. As a centralized project management solution, Quire offers a nested task list function with unlimited subtasks and subtask levels, along with a nested Kanban board capability. However, besides all of that, what makes this full-featured platform special is the simplistic but powerful user interface. It is tailored to ensure ease of use by removing components confusing components from the interface without compromising functionality and usability.

Quire is equipped with a wide variety of features that enable users to properly organize and map out their ideas and concepts, easily break those ideas down into pieces, and handle them one piece at a time with the entire team. The platform’s range of features and capabilities aims to minimize the difficulty and overwhelming challenges of managing complex, time-consuming team projects by effectively breaking them down into more manageable tasks that can be allocated to individual team members. The cloud-based software also lets users and teams prioritize each assigned task according to preference.

Quire features

Quire Features

Quire is a feature-rich project management solution, equipped with standard and advanced capabilities for managing every aspect of project development. Some of its key features include project planning, discussion boards, real-time editing, document management, communication tools, milestone tracking, and file sharing, just to name a few. The following are some of the functions and capabilities of Quire that are worth noting:

Project and visual task management

The Quire task management solution gives users the ability to gather ideas and concepts, organize them into bite-sized tasks, and then categorize them into more manageable workflows. This is visualized through a tree-like structure that highlights the logical relationships between tasks. The nested task list is one of Quire’s more unique and very effective features, allowing users to streamline and view ideas into a well-optimized list of smaller and more digestible to-dos. This approach to the feature is more effective and user-friendly when compared to a more standardized to-do list.

The application also enables the use of various levels of functionality, including projects, tasks, and workflows, as well as a smart folder that can be virtually shared across the entire organization. Quire has recently updated the platform to include a functional Kanban board, which is meant to make the process and execution of the to-do list easier and more efficient. Kanban boards are primarily used to provide project managers and teams with a clear visualization of work progress. Through the implementation of a Kanban board, teams and their individual members should be able to focus on the relevant tasks associated with their project.

The app can also be used to set the start and due dates of any project, which can be viewed on a calendar-integrated Gantt chart that’s accessible to the whole team. Finally, the Health Stats function gives users a clear visual overview of the performance of ongoing projects as well as the performance of each individual member assigned to any active project.

Mobility, seamless integration, import/export, file sharing, etc.

Quire is equipped with a comprehensive set of features that are all necessary for the proper management of individual tasks and entire projects. One of these core features is third-party integration. Quire is capable of seamlessly integrating with third-party solutions such as GitHub and Slack. It even comes with a Chrome extension to make things a lot more convenient for users. Project managers and team members can easily share files and documents by uploading them directly from Google Drive to their task folders while setting up certain tasks as events on the Google Calendar app.

When it comes to mobility, Quire provides native applications for both Android and iOS devices, allowing team members and managers to still use the software solution on the go, through their smartphones and/or tablets. For iOS users on the team, they can simply integrate Siri to facilitate their tasks and to-do lists. Some of the other notable Quire features include the ability to export project data using JSON or CSV formats, a recurring tasks function, a favorites function, the ability to paste content from Microsoft Excel and/or Word directly to the app, as well as the power to import complete project data from other third-party project management systems.

Collaborative tools and real-time updates

Quire is a cloud-based project management platform that is hosted entirely on the secure servers of Amazon Web Services, or AWS, providing users with easy but protected access to their project data from virtually any location, using any secure device. Any updates made or provided will automatically be available to all team members in real time. The My Tasks tab updates users if changes are made to their existing tasks, as well as other tasks that have been recently assigned to them across all ongoing projects.

The cloud-based project management platform is also equipped with a variety of collaborative tools, such as a built-in instant messaging app, which enables all team members to engage in productive discussions about their tasks and the project as a whole. The permission control function gives project managers the ability to secure sensitive project data, giving access only to authorized personnel. This particular function gives managers the ability to collaborate with external teams that will only have access to specific files and documents related to their assigned tasks.

The notification center keeps everything organized, ensuring that everyone remains on track and is instantly updated on relevant changes to their tasks and projects, while automatic reminders alert them of incoming tasks and due dates across all available devices. As part of Quire’s collaborative features, users can share projects publicly through a secure URL.

Quire Features

Quire Benefits

The key benefits of implementing the Quire project management solution are its mind mapping functionalities, project and team performance tracking, as well as its mobility and accessibility. The main goal of using Quire is to simplify tasks and processes while removing any complex hurdles that might derail or impede the delivery or completion of projects. The software’s revolutionary nested task list has great potential when it comes to facilitating unlimited tasks and subtasks. It ensures individual users and team members remain on top of their assigned tasks and the project’s overall progress.

Apart from providing project managers with the ability to map out ideas and transform them into concepts that are more manageable, Quire also provides a more centralized platform for all project data, tasks, and processes. The software solution has successfully deviated from the standard hierarchies and is instead working to capture and organize all data, serving as a more centralized platform with mobile accessibility. It offers a more transparent work environment for teams and collaborators, without compromising data integrity or security. The software allows project managers to create an unlimited number of tasks and subtasks for any given project.

In addition, Quire also supports seamless collaboration among team members and outside or third-party contributors. External teams can access task assignments and specific project information via permission-based access, which is controlled by the project lead or manager. This helps project managers stay on top of all ongoing projects, keep track of individual and team performance, and maintain an acceptable level of security.

Quire Pricing

Quire offers different pricing plans to suit the needs and budgets of various teams and businesses, from a small team with a couple of members to an enterprise-grade company looking to manage and secure complex projects. There are four subscription plans available with two billing options: monthly and yearly. All pricing points reflect the monthly billing cycle. The four subscription packages are Free ($0.00), Professional ($10.95 per member/month), Premium ($18.95 per member/month), and Enterprise ($24.95 per member/month). Opting to go for the yearly subscription plans will give you a 30% discount. 

Quire offers different pricing for students and nonprofits. The nonprofit and student forms are available on the Quire website, along with other pricing information you might need.


Quire is a suitable cloud-based project and task management solution for businesses and teams, regardless of size and scale. It is the ideal platform for those looking to optimize their project management process, streamline workflows, and organize tasks. Quire is quite effective at helping users organize their ideas and concepts, break them down into more actionable tasks, and then optimize the workflow that is associated with those tasks. Its free version comes with a decent number of features that might be worth checking out.

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