What is PureVPN?

PureVPN, a multi-platform Virtual Private Network (VPN) software solution, helps users by providing a private network for transferring data, security online, and circumvention of geo-restrictions.

PureVPN’s business VPN is designed to allow your employees to become virtual citizens of any country. The solution helps to ensure that their devices and data stay protected on both private and public networks. It additionally helps them to securely conduct online transactions, as well as enables them to get around any digital restrictions that may become a hurdle in conducting your business operations.

PureVPN Awards

PureVPN currently scores 90/100 in the VPN category. This is based on user satisfaction (90/100), press buzz (55/100), recent user trends (rising), and other relevant information on PureVPN gathered from around the web.

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PureVPN Review

Editors' Review by the VPN Software Review Team

PureVPN is a virtual private network (VPN) service provider specifically made for users who want to surf the internet with ease. It offers a variety of features designed to protect your organization’s reputation and secure databases. It also provides users with a fast and reliable internet connection. Additionally, its services can be used for two purposes: for personal and business use. The major difference between the two is you get an administration panel if you’re using PureVPN for business.

Since it’s web-based and cloud-hosted, you don’t have to worry about hardware installation or constant updates and maintenance. PureVPN’s users range from small businesses to large enterprises. Freelancers can even use this for personal use as well. Moreover, two types of pricing models are available for this solution: monthly payment and annual subscription.

PureVPN Features

PureVPN has a multitude of features meant to secure your digital business’ online activities. Its technology allows you to encrypt internet traffic and provide anonymity every time you’re online. It boasts of its military-grade security, easy-to-use interface and simple set-up process. It might take some time to get used to the navigation process but overall, once you have the hang of it, you can start exploring deeper into the settings and functionalities.

PureVPN’s most notable features include NAT firewall, DNS leak protection, multi logins, internet kill switch and virus and malware protection.

NAT (network address translation) firewall refers to the ability to allow several devices on a private network to pass through a single gateway leading to the internet. With this feature, additional layers of security are applied to your devices. It does this by distinguishing between requested and unsolicited traffic, effectively blocking out unwanted traffic.

The second feature prevents users from DNS leaks, which can expose you to unwanted tracking and monitoring of your online activity. What DNS leak protection does is it ensures you’re safe from these leaks regardless of any device, OS or ISP you have.

Another prominent feature in PureVPN is multi logins. As the name suggests, multi logins let you use up to five devices simultaneously per account.

Internet kill switch refers to a feature where a single authority has the power or ability to control and shut down the internet as protection for its users. In PureVPN, this allows you to manage certain factors in your organization. These factors entail being in control of your privacy, security and anonymity.

The last feature to be discussed is the virus and malware protection. PureVPN has smart antivirus functionalities implemented in its system. This allows for detection and protection against online threats, which include viruses, malware, hacking and more.

Overall, PureVPN’s features are essential in being cyber-safe in an online environment. If you don’t want third-party sources to snoop through your activity, then it’s best to adapt VPN services in your daily operations. Instead of worrying about vital information being tracked or leaked, you can enjoy surfing the internet without the necessary headache of unprotected access.

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PureVPN Benefits


PureVPN maximizes on protection and safety of your online data. Its security features are designed to protect you from the most common dangers of surfing the internet. They include app blocking, WebRTC protection and built-in server-level antivirus. It provides users with best-in-class and military-grade functionalities, increasing your firewall and preventing any leaks from happening.


PureVPN extends 24/7 technical support to users having difficulties or errors within its software solution. If you’re not familiar with the interface and settings, you can always turn to the official website for guides and tutorials. They have instructions on how to get started, how to set up the program, ways to troubleshoot and how to stream Netflix. But if you’re still experiencing challenges, you can always send in support tickets to the client. Your inquiries and questions can easily be fixed within a minimal amount of time.


Despite offering powerful and essential features, PureVPN is one of the most affordable solutions in the current market. Even though they don’t offer free trials, their subscription plans are suitable for small businesses with a small-scale workforce. For business plans, discounted monthly payments are also offered. Additionally, if you’re not satisfied with the services received, you can end your subscription at any time. If it’s still within the 31-day period, then you can even get a refund back.


While PureVPN had some trouble with its privacy in the past, it has since changed its settings and data collection to adhere to customer satisfaction and protection. Its new policy is easier to understand and navigate. However, this software solution takes note of when you connect to servers and the total bandwidth used during these said sessions.

PureVPN Pricing

Like most service providers, PureVPN comes in three pricing subscriptions for you to choose from. The price for each month changes with a one-month subscription starting at $11 per month, a six-month subscription costing $9 per month and a one-year subscription offering $5 per month. The price can also change depending on the number of VPN accounts you plan to use. The only downside to PureVPN software is it doesn’t offer users free trials or free versions. However, to make up for the limited options, it offers a 31-Day refund policy if you are not satisfied with its services.


Protection, security and safety are the key factors PureVPN aims to provide users with. As one of the top IT security software solutions in the current market, its features are designed to ensure your information and data have the right defenses against any problems. When surfing the internet, many risks and issues can be found lurking in each site. These include hackers, data snoopers, ISP providers and viruses. To reduce the possibility of being tracked and hacked, PureVPN basically offers you anonymity whenever you go online.

If you’re looking for a security software solution that provides a fast internet connection, easy-to-understand interface and affordable services, then you should give PureVPN a chance.

PureVPN Product Overview

  • Easy administration

  • Single click VPN apps

  • Apps for all devices

  • 750+ servers in 141 countries

  • 24x7 technical support

  • Multiple security protocols

  • Internet kill switch

  • DNS leak protection

  • Private browsing

  • Secure Wifi

  • Unlimited data

Languages Supported: English

PureVPN Pricing Plans

Other pricing information:

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Credit card required: No

PureVPN User Reviews

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"Complete cybersecurity"

// Designer Web at Monsanto Company

What do you like about PureVPN?

One of my favorite features of PureVPN is dedicated IPs, as these are more personal and effective for streaming services not available in your location. They also saturate less and are faster than normal servers.

What do you dislike about PureVPN?

There are days when PureVPN has all locations with a very slow connection and is constantly interrupted. Another problem that is quite annoying is the blocking of Google Chrome when I change location, chrome forces me to perform CAPTCHA and restricts the websites I visit.

What have you been using it for and what problems did PureVPN solve?

Thanks to PureVPN we can access public Wi-Fi networks without fear of exposing our personal data, ip or location. Another great advantage is access to more content that is blocked in certain locations.

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