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Publer Reviewed

Editors' Review by the Social Media Software Review Team

Social networks are all about keeping up with friends, family, customers and sharing information, updates and photos. They can even perk up sales and boost business. But posting in multi-accounts can be time-consuming and cumbersome.

Publer offers a solution to this problem. It is a user-friendly Content Management System, using the Software as a Service (SaaS) model. This social media software makes life easier for Facebook users, freelancers, social media managers and Facebook page administrators. Its full-featured content manager feature benefits big and small organizations or businesses.

Through Publer, you can schedule and plan posts like multi-photos, videos and photo albums anytime on Facebook (Locations, Pages & Groups), LinkedIn Profiles & Pages, Twitter and Google My Business quickly and easily. Options for Pinterest and Instagram are coming soon.

Publer review

How Publer works

Publer has the power to unload the task of heavy Facebook users and make the social media platform a trouble-free, systematic and effective marketing tool. It can be called a superpower in the sense that it provides users with everything they need when they need it.

Publer allows users to:

Create, schedule, preview everywhere on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google My Business from the same platform. With Publer, you don’t even have to be on those social networks all the time as the system works for you.


Publer finds the nearest time slot from the current time based on the configuration provided. The system then checks if there are any scheduled posts. All you have to do is create a posting schedule according to your needs with the proper times and dates, labels and decide the post type, which can range from Links, photos, GIFs, URLs, etc.

Bulk Scheduling (CSV file, train sharing, multi-media uploader)

You don’t have to manually create your posts on Publer. You can import up to 500 videos, photos, updates and links at the same time to Publer’s bulk uploader using a CSV file or dragging & dropping them to the dashboard.

Automatically watermarks images and videos

Watermarking is the easiest way to secure your photos or digital work. It prevents the unauthorized use of the material. Watermarks are also used as advertising tools as they can immediately be connected to the company. The system automatically watermarks photos and videos, saving you time and effort.

Saved Drafts

Publer does not only post following a schedule or directly on the platform. It also allows users to save unfinished drafts or reuse old posts. The system has a Saved Drafts tab, which contains all the saved drafts for posting in the status update, links and others. Drafts can be saved in bulk.

AutoShare and AutoDelete

After posting, users can automatically share the post, schedule or repost it. Publer attaches the link to make it easier. There is also an AutoDelete option which is used to delete posts after a certain amount of time such as when the promotion/event is over. There are pre-defined AutoDelete options users can choose from.


If you are into online sales and need to post your products all the time, you might find Publer a useful program. It has a reporting mechanism where you can select the days and number of times you want the post published. You can pause/resume the recycling process anytime.

Call-to-Action Buttons on Links and Videos

CTA buttons increase your accounts’ click-through rate. It is an invitation or call to viewers to act on your post. If you want them to visit your website, call or purchase a product, you can just choose the relevant CTA button.

AutoShorten URLs

Long links look complicated and distracting. Publer has partnered with Bitly, Rebrandly, Switchy, JotUrl, RocketLink and PixelMe to give you the possibility to shorten any link and also add UTM parameters. If you connect one of the shortening accounts with Publer, all the links will be automatically shortened if needed.

Group the accounts on your dashboard

The system allows you to coordinate your posts by grouping them on the dashboard. Just click on the group name and create/schedule posts per each one of the social accounts at the same time.

Other features of Publer

Publer saves time by automatically affixing signatures, social links or hashtags at the end of the post. You can set up to 10 signatures per social account to choose from in your dashboard or select a default one per each one of them.
It offers social media integration, multi-account and brand management.

Publer integrates with Bitly, Rebrandly, Switchy, JotUrl, RocketLink and PixelMe for automatic shortening Universal Resource Locators (URLs). It does not offer an Application Program Interface (API).

Uploading videos from Instagram is easy. Just upload directly to Facebook and copy-paste the URL into the appropriate field.

On Publer, you can tag locations on Facebook and Twitter posts and let everyone know where you are.

Keep your caption nice and clean with the Follow-up comments. Decide the time you want the comment to go out and write hashtags, URLs, etc.

Through the system, you can easily add emojis to your social media posts. The system provides a smiley face icon to choose from, for people who want to express their feelings and be visible through emojis.

One of Publer’s unique features is its ability to upload and schedule multiple photos and videos in bulk in an easy way. Files can be uploaded from external URLs or from the computer.

You can also import and schedule posts from RSS feeds through Publer’s Bulk Scheduler. After entering an RSS (Rich Site Summary), you have the option to decide the amount of posts from that feed.

Preview all your posts before they go live. If you are not satisfied, you can always go back and make the desired changes.

Finally, Publer users can become Ambassadors of Publer Nation. All you have to do is refer family, friends or any connection on the internet to use the system and get rewarded.

Publer Pricing Plans

Publer comes with a free version, which can be trialed five times. It has two paid versions, Argentum and Aurum.

In the free version, users can have up to 10 pending scheduled posts at a time for each social account and can AutoSchedule those posts.

The free plan comes with:

  • Five Social Accounts, respectively Facebook (Location, Page or Group), Twitter and LinkedIn (Profile or Page)
  • 50 pending scheduled posts per social account
  • 25 saved drafts
  • AutoSchedule, AutoShare, AutoDelete
  • AutoShorten URLs with Bitly, Rebrandly, Switchy, JotUrl, RocketLink or PixelMe
  • Create shortcodes
  • Group the accounts on your dashboard
  • Tag locations
  • Preview posts
  • Delay between posts
  • Built-in emoji picker

The Publer Argentum Plan
Starting from $9.99
The Argentum Plan comes with these features:

  • All the features in the free plan
  • Unlimited Scheduling and drafts
  • Bulk Scheduling
  • AutoSchedule & AutoDelete
  • Automatically watermark images
  • Analytics
  • Signatures
  • Follow-up comments
  • Create additional teams
  • For every 9 members/social accounts, the 10th one is free.

Publer Aurum
Starting from $19.99
The Aurum Plan comes with these features:

  • All features of free and Argentum plan
  • Multi-photo posts, videos and GIFs
  • Schedule Facebook albums
  • Upload videos from URLs
  • Watermark videos
  • Automatically recycle posts
  • Schedule recurring posts
  • For every 9 members/social accounts, the 10th one is free.

    In the paid versions, subscribers can enjoy a 15% discount on monthly fees if they pay for three months, 17% for six months and 20% for 12 months.

    Those who subscribe to the paid plans can also enjoy team collaborations as part of Publer’s multi-user capacity feature.


    Social media users, organizations and businesses of different sizes can use the growing popularity of Social media to their advantage without having to waste valuable time, energy and resources by using Publer.

    With Publer, you don’t need to invest in expensive infrastructure and social media software. All you need is a web browser and an internet connection. Publer offers all the necessary social media marketing tools to a smooth social media post scheduling. It is the new social media superpower that is worth considering.

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