PrestaShop Alternatives

Top 7 PrestaShop Alternatives

The best alternative solutions to PrestaShop are:

  • Adobe Commerce
  • Shopify
  • OpenCart
  • BigCommerce
  • Zoho Commerce
  • Odoo eCommerce

The full list of eCommerce Solutions Products can be found on the category page.

Different types of eCommerce solutions are suitable for different types of businesses. Some common types include enterprise, hosted and open source solutions. Key features of eCommerce software usually focus on product catalogs, ordering systems, payment options, and customer management. While any eCommerce software lets you create and manage a product catalog, some solutions come with advanced features like the ability to list related products, the ability to customize a product with personal images and the ability to generate coupon codes. You need to decide what features you need. Some key points to consider are scalability, whether the platform can grow with your organization, whether the software seamlessly integrates with other applications, reporting and analysis features or whether the software has adequate features to monitor sales and analyze customer behavior. You may also want to consider security features, responsive design options, user experience, the user interface and the customer support system.  Read the full software guide...

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