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Postplanner Reviewed

Editors' Review by the Social Media Software Review Team

Post Planner is a web-based social media scheduler, a robust social networking management solution designed to help users schedule posts and share engaging content on the top social media platforms.

This social media management platform is specifically tailored to help solo entrepreneurs, small and midsize businesses, as well as large enterprises manage their social media campaigns more conveniently and effectively. The app boasts of an easy-to-use, intuitive user interface that enables content managers, small business owners and entrepreneurs to curate, schedule and publish engaging and relevant content on their social network pages.

Post Planner makes the process of managing social media marketing campaigns a lot easier and more convenient for SMBs and entrepreneurs, especially on some of the top and most populated social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter. The web-based software works by combining user-friendly tools and actionable insights to deliver a simple but very effective social media management solution that even a novice user can learn and master in no time. They can just start leveraging social media to ensure measurable, predictable and profitable results for their business.

As a cloud-based social media marketing solution, Post Planner offers aims to help users with content discovery, social media post scheduling as well as performance monitoring. It is a robust system that is specifically configured to deliver an enhanced user experience when it comes to social media marketing initiatives, activities and campaigns. In addition to solo entrepreneurs, SMBs and larger enterprises, Post Planner is also ideal for social media marketing professionals and social media firms, as it allows them to effortlessly manage and share interesting and relevant content in a more consistent manner.

Post Planner is much more than a social media scheduler. It also helps marketing professionals and firms predict and measure the engagement level of their social media campaigns and other activities across multiple social networking platforms. It enables users to discover and source quality content, create a publishing calendar, as well as manage their posts and sales. It also gives users the ability to incorporate hashtags or blogs to their social media pages and feeds, pull articles and photos from their feeds/pages and then rate the content according to its engagement level.

Users can then use Post Planner to organize their social feeds according to the engagement rating. They can gather and store content in one secure location and re-post high performing content through the built-in automated tools.

Post Planner Features

The following are a few of the core features provided by Post Planner:

Automated posts across five social media platforms

With Post Planner, you can fully automate your posting calendar, allowing you and your social media team to simply setup a plan, initiate it and just forget about it. Just let the software do all the work, so your marketing team can focus on more critical aspects of managing social media campaigns and other marketing activities.

This feature lets users add posts with engaging and attention-grabbing content to a queue with just one click. They can easily fill up that queue with other interesting and relevant content scheduled to be published at a specific time and date.

Content can be shared to the five most active and widely used social media platforms out there, i.e. you can schedule posts to Instagram business accounts, Facebook pages and groups, LinkedIn profiles and pages, Twitter profiles and Pinterest accounts.

Automated evergreen post recycling

Evergreen post recycling can help you boost your brand reach even more with no extra effort or added expense. All you have to do is set your posts to recycle and watch your evergreen content as they never stop publishing, continuing to extend your reach with every single post. The best part about all of this is that the post recycling process can be set to automatic. You can easily auto-recycle your evergreen content with just one click and it will continue to republish that content forever.

You can place your high-performing content on auto-pilot and you’ll always have posts to attract leads and engage more followers. The tool provides you with comprehensive engagement statistics on every post that is published. The aim for this Post Planner feature is to help increase the reach of every post by up to 10 times than the average reach of a typical unaided post.

Seamless cross-posting capabilities

With Post Planner, you have the capability to create engaging and relevant content that is optimized for different social networks. Basically, you can tailor your post to suit every social media platform, all in one go. This means you don’t to worry about how your posts will look once they are published on any or all of the supported social networking platforms. This is achieved through a live preview feature that you can see as you create your post.

In order to craft the most ideal post for each of the social networks you are currently managing, you can utilize the tools at your disposal to customize post captions, tag social profiles to boost your reach, add hashtags, as well as save texts and templates so you can reuse them later on. You can then check to see how your post will look like on every social media by simply using the live preview for reference.

Real-time brand mention alerts

If someone or anyone mentions your brand or company name on social media, whether they’re praising your brand or criticizing it, it would be nice to know about it immediately so you can take the appropriate actions. This is what this Post Planner feature delivers. It alerts your social media team in real time, as soon as your brand is mentioned in any social media post, article or blog.

The system will notify you instantly when your brand is being mentioned. For example, if your brand is being mentioned by a follower or a customer who might have an issue with your product or service, the system will notify you immediately so your team can take the necessary action to help out the customer and remedy the problem. On the other hand, if you are being mentioned on a positive light, you can instantly comment or share the post to the rest of your followers.

Post Planner Dashboard

Post Planner Benefits

Great post scheduling solution

Scheduling social media posts is the primary function of Post Planner. The cloud-based solution allows you to curate quality content, put them in a queue and then set schedules as to what time and date they should be published on each of the social media platforms you’re currently managing. You have the option to set the posting times to daily, weekly or monthly. You even have the choice to publish more than one post per day.

Robust content search engine and custom library

Post Planner provides you with the ability to discover good quality content through its quite remarkable content search engine. You can search for memes, articles, quotes, relevant questions and engaging photos, so you’ll never run out of content ideas to publish. You can instantly post a status in any or all of your social media pages with just a few clicks. You also have the option to save specific content to be published later. This allows you to create a custom library that houses engaging and relevant content for your various social media pages.

Social analytics and reporting capabilities

Post Planner is also capable of analyzing your content, so you will be able to identify which of your posts resonate more with your target audience. The software also allows you to discover the top-performing content on all of your sites. With the help of this feature, you can choose the right content to recycle or repost on other social media platforms. You can do this with the use of Post Planner’s evergreen post recycling capability, which auto-recycles your best content with just one click. This should help increase your social engagement rating with little to no effort and without the added cost.

Post Planner Pricing

Post Planner offers two sets of pricing plans, one set of three pricing plans for small businesses and another set of three plans for enterprises. There are two billing options, monthly and annual billing. The prices that follow will reflect the monthly billing plan. You can visit the Post Planning pricing page for more information about their packages and pricing.

The Small Business pricing packages starts at $5/month for the Starter plan, $19/month for the Solo plan and $34/month for the Business plan. The Enterprise pricing options start with the Venture plan for $99/month, the Agency plan for $169/month and then the Enterprise plan for $379/month.


At the end of the day, one of the key functions that is truly useful for any entrepreneur, business owner or marketing professional when it comes to social media management is the ability to schedule and automate the content publishing process on their social media pages. Post Planner does all of this quite effectively, and a lot more.

The most impressive aspect of Post Planner is how it appreciates the importance of end-user engagement. In fact, most of its features and tools are tailored to ensure that you get the most engagement from every single post by analyzing data, helping you discover which of your posts or content have the highest engagement rate. The software then allows you to recycle that content to capitalize on its success at no extra effort or expense on your part.

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