What is Pidoco?

Design, build and share interactive wireframes, mockups and UX prototypes for websites, mobile apps and enterprise software with Pidoco.

Pidoco is a cloud-based software allowing users to plan, design and test websites, web apps and mobile apps using clickable wireframes, mockups and interactive prototypes.

Pidico provides a smart sharing and collaboration feature with a large library of different templates and drag-and-drop shapes to quickly build great looking mockups individually or as part of a team.

Pidoco’s prototyping software allows users to share and review projects with team members or external stakeholders in real-time.

Pidoco Awards

Pidoco currently scores 85/100 in the Mockup & Prototyping category. This is based on user satisfaction (81/100), press buzz (48/100), recent user trends (falling), and other relevant information on Pidoco gathered from around the web.

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Pidoco Review

Editors' Review by the Mockup & Prototyping Software Review Team

Pidoco is an excellent web-based prototyping software solution that allows users to quickly and easily build interactive UX prototypes, mockups, and wireframes for a wide range of applications, including web, mobile, and business marketing.

The platform is designed for product managers, marketers, web designers, developers, and UX specialists who need instant results when building and testing interactive prototypes of web, mobile, and marketing applications. It also allows users to share their creation for usability testing and troubleshooting.

Pidoco is the complete package, a feature-rich software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution specifically designed for small- and medium-sized businesses and organizations that need a reliable and easy-to-use prototyping software.

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Pidoco Features

Pidoco is a SaaS platform that provides UX professionals, website developers, marketers, and small- to medium-sized businesses and organizations with the ability to easily create click-through wireframes, as well as fully interactive UX prototypes. The web-based solution allows users to export their creations and share them with colleagues and other professionals for the purposes of testing and troubleshooting.

The prototyping software solution comes with a wide array of features and capabilities that make for a powerful yet easy to use platform. For one, you can craft fully interactive prototypes that will enable you to simulate the feel and image of the application you’re trying to develop. You can use clicks, keyboard entries, touch gestures, location data, and device motion to trigger specific reactions in your prototypes.

Users may also collaborate with other developers using Pidoco. They can share prototypes and have others test their creation, gather comments and suggestions for improvements, and edit screens with other collaborators in real-time. The collaboration feature that comes with the platform is designed for ease-of-use and it includes versioning, comment history, and issue tracking to provide users all the tools they need to perfect their prototypes.

When creating prototypes for mobile applications, the Pidoco platform provides a wide variety of mobile simulation features to help users get a better and more realistic feel of how their product will eventually operate. You can test your prototypes on both iOS and Android devices in real-time. The SaaS platform will enable you to run your creation on mobile devices instantly, with just a click of a button and without the need to download or install any additional code.

Seamless integration and customization are also huge components of the Pidoco prototyping software solution. It integrates with different third-party applications like JIRA and Planio via the application program interface (API). Developers may also write their own add-ons or integrate Pidoco with their wiki or other software systems. Furthermore, with the Pidoco Enterprise Edition, users can customize their own action scripts through the customization and scripting module.

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Pidoco Benefits

Why should you pick Pidoco and how will your design team benefit from using Pidoco? One of the main reasons why Pidoco is the ideal prototyping software solution for developers, marketers, product managers, and UX professionals is that the platform is very easy to use. Ease-of-use is a crucial factor in any software solution, and Pidoco has it in spades.

With this platform, designing prototypes is quick and easy. The drag-and-drop function helps to ensure that even the least tech-savvy user can manage the program without any real issues. You don’t need extensive training or deep coding knowledge to master this software solution.

Implementation is another important factor to consider when choosing a software solution. And when it comes to Pidoco, it’s really simple to get going. The platform is virtually ready for use as soon as you’re done setting up an account. Keep in mind that Pidoco is a web-based SaaS solution, which means it doesn’t require any type of installation. You don’t have to worry about compatibility issues or server updates. You can access your prototypes anywhere at any time.

As far as results are concerned, you get them quick when using this platform. When dealing with quick application prototyping, you want a software solution that allows you to design prototypes in an instant. You want something that provides quick test results to end-users on the fly and allows you to easily adapt your new insights without a hitch. This is what Pidoco brings to the table.

The collaboration features of the Pidoco prototyping software solution are quite impressive as well. It is web-based, further making collaborating with other developers and members of your team a lot easier and more convenient since each individual can access the platform with any device anytime and anywhere.

Pidoco is designed to engage people. By taking advantage of interactive prototypes you can bring your vision to life, making the platform the perfect solution to connect with stakeholders. With this platform, you will be able to show your company’s decision makers how your design actually works in the real world. You allow them to experience and comprehend crucial design aspects that are otherwise too technical for the average person to understand.

The web-based solution also offers a variety of custom templates to help speed up the prototyping process, helping users to save time and effort as well as to avoid duplicate work. Once the initial phase of your prototyping is done, you can easily share or invite reviewers and collaborators to check your progress and gather valuable feedback from them.

Pidoco Pricing

The Pidoco prototyping platform is available through four main pricing plans. Choose the plan based on your individual needs. All plans come with unlimited users, screens, and reviewers, as well as enterprise-level security with SSL encryption, web and mobile projects, full-feature access, free access to the Pidoco app, continuous maintenance and updates, and project archiving and technical support. There is also a free trial available for each of the subscription plans available.

Starter: $14.40/month (monthly billing) or $12/month (annual billing)

  • Up to 2 active projects
  • Email support

Standard: $30/month (monthly billing) or $25/month (annual billing)

  • Up to 8 active projects
  • Email support

Premium: $66/month (monthly billing) or $55/month (annual billing)

  • Up to 30 active projects
  • Email and telephone support

Platinum: $210/month (monthly billing) or $175/month (annual billing)

  • Up to 100 active projects
  • Email and telephone support

If you require more active projects, Pidoco also has an Unlimited Plan that comes with unlimited projects and all the standard features that come with the aforementioned subscription packages. This unlimited package costs $780 per month when billed monthly, but only $650 a month for an annual subscription.

An Enterprise Edition is also available for businesses who want to run the Pidoco prototyping software solution on their own servers. This package offers a wide variety of customization options, ensuring a perfect fit for any enterprise. You may visit their official website for more details.


Pidoco is a web-based SaaS prototyping and wireframing software solution designed for quick and easy interactive prototype building, sharing, testing, and export. It is a feature-rich platform that makes the prototyping process, from the design phase all the way to deployment, a lot easier and considerably less time-consuming. It’s definitely worth checking out if you need a good, reliable, and affordable prototyping tool.

Pidoco Product Overview

  • Build interactive mockups quickly. Create fully interactive prototypes to simulate what your website, web app, or mobile app will feel like. Be productive from the first minute with an easy-to-use, intuitive platform.

  • Collaborate and share in real-time. Share mockups, receive comments and adjust in real-time with team members or other invited stakeholders.

  • Templates and other shapes. Large library to give you the shapes and templates you need to start prototyping fast.

Languages Supported: English

Pidoco Features

  • A/B Testing
  • API
  • Data Export
  • Data Import
  • Email Integration
  • External Integrations
  • Multi-User
  • Notifications
  • Project Management
  • Third-Party Plugins/Add-Ons
  • Bug Tracking
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