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Payrexx Reviewed

Editors' Review by the eCommerce Solutions Software Review Team

Payrexx is a feature-rich ‘online payment processing platform’ tailored for small and midsize enterprises (SMEs) as well as startups, providing end-to-end solutions intended for Windows-run systems.

This particular online payment processing solution provides a wide variety of features and capabilities, including debit card support, gift card management, Bitcoin compatibility, ‘POS transaction support’ and mobile payment support, all in a secure central location. Payrexx is a cloud-based software solution that is designed for different types of organizations, from clubs, associations and charities to government agencies and administrations, as well as small online retailers, eCommerce businesses and individual merchants.

Individual users and companies can create a Payrexx account for free and start building their own fully customized pages for online payments and donations without requiring any programming knowledge or skills. These pages can be used for basic transactions in a quick and simple manner, mainly due to the addition of fully customizable input fields, such as booking confirmation, subscription, payment service, product order, order form and invitation with registration.

You can choose to share the URL of your web pages via email to any and all interested parties, including your partners, members, donors and customers. They can also be distributed via social media or through their existing web page or e-commerce website. This approach helps ensure maximum exposure of your brand or business, whether you’re a service provider, a nonprofit organization, a product manufacturer, wholesaler or an online retail store. Improved exposure or coverage means more high-quality leads, increased sales and more donations if you’re a nonprofit.

Payrexx is designed to make it possible for users to link or integrate their tailor-made web pages with various payment service providers offering a broad range of single/one-time and recurring/subscription-based online payments. The cloud-based platform supports multiple currencies so your business can accept and process payments from international customers and other entities.

With Payrexx, it’s easier to sell products and/or services online even if you don’t have an online store or e-commerce website. The online payment processing solution gives you the ability to create individual payment forms that you can easily share as a link via email, embed on your business website or distribute via social media, specifically your Twitter or Facebook page.

Payrexx Features

Payrexx is a fully-featured eCommerce platform that is capable of facilitating online payments through multiple integrated payment providers and payment methods. The cloud-based solution is equipped with a wide variety of features and capabilities. It works with an app known as Paylink, which facilitates online payments through links sent by email, SMS and social media. It supports online shop payment processing and is capable of accepting virtual payments in person, by email, by phone and through various payment gateways.

The following are some of the core features and capabilities that you can expect by simply implementing any of the subscription options offered by Payrexx:

Marketing tools and features

Payrexx is equipped with a wide variety of marketing functions designed to help you sell more products and/or services, as well as expand your customer reach. One of the marketing solutions that the cloud-based platform provides is social media selling. It allows you to share your Payrexx tools by simply integrating or linking your services and/products on social media, allowing new and existing customers to purchase directly from your social media page.

Email marketing is another marketing function that is fully supported by Payrexx. This feature lets you send pay links to your clients/customers via email, either manually or automatically. You may also use this tool to remind your clients about their monthly/recurring payments or to alert them of upcoming sales and promotions, getting them to avail of your products and/or services. This function also allows you to integrate with Google Analytics, allowing your team to gain access to relevant information and valuable insights into your customer base.

Payment processing capabilities

Payrexx lets you integrate your account with some of the leading payment service providers around the world, so your customers and clients overseas are able to purchase your products or pay for your services more easily and efficiently. The software allows you to accept and process payment via PayPal or through different credit and debit cards. The Payrexx Payments and PayPal features are activated automatically, so you should be able to receive payments immediately, using some of the most popular credit cards like MasterCard, VISA, American Express, as well as PayPal.

Currently, Payrexx supports over 20 global payment providers that are fully capable of accepting both credit and debit cards. You don’t have to activate them all; just pick the ones that offer the best conditions for your business. The software also provides you with several alternative payment methods, such as traditional bank transfer, manual billing, digital currencies, mobile QR code and more. All of these can easily be activated within you Payrexx account with just one click.

Sharing and integration options

Payrexx offers a variety of sharing and integration options of different payment tools, which can be set up and completed in just a few simple clicks. You have the option to copy the link of the Paylink tools, virtual POS or your One Page Shop and then share them on your social media page, send them through email and/or SMS or simply link any of them to your business website. You also have the ability to integrate a button for payments and/or donations directly onto your website through a simple copy/paste function. Just copy the HTML code that’s automatically generated in your Payrexx account.

Security features and capabilities

Payrexx is equipped with a few security features to make sure your data, as well as your customers’ financial information, are well-protected. A 6-digit authentication code is a crucial part of the platform’s security measure. Sent via SMS to a verified number, the 6-digit code is required for the administration and configuration of the payment service provider. Maximum data security is then provided through encrypted data input. The platform complies with security requirements according to PCI DSS, 3-D Secure, 256-bit SSL encryption standards. The SSL encryption also occurs in your Payrexx account.

All your data, including all customer information, are stored in secure data centers managed by a Swiss company with data storage located in Switzerland. The servers feature high-level security with ISO 27001 certification, which is an internationally recognized standard for data security.

Payrexx UI

Payrexx Benefits

The one-page shop solution

Payrexx’s One Page Shop is a tool that allows you to build your online shop within just minutes. The platform also has a shop integration function that lets you integrate your one-page shop into an existing content management system (CMS). The process is very easy and doesn’t require extensive technical knowledge. The software supports a wide variety of credit cards, including American Express (AMEX), VISA and MasterCard.

One of the biggest advantages of One Page Shop is that it allows you to sell directly on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. It even has a well-thought-out design and a beautiful appearance so the page will look appealing and professional on your social media timeline.

Virtual terminal compatibility

This is another aspect of Payrexx that makes it a great payment processing solution for online retailers and service providers. Payrexx lets you accept and process credit card payments through smartphones. You can quickly and effortlessly send the virtual terminal link to the customer via email or SMS and they can proceed with the payment by simply following that link using their mobile device. In a case where you’re handling a face-to-face transaction with a customer, you can simply hand them your smartphone and let them enter their credit card information.

The pay-by-link functionality

Okay, here’s a scenario for you. What if you are providing a specialized service to a customer and you want to charge them a specific amount, but all of this is conducted online, i.e. you are not doing a face-to-face transaction? Payrexx can facilitate this transaction by providing you with a relatively simple yet very efficient tool it refers to as Pay by Link. This solution gives you the ability to share or send a well-optimized, device-responsive email containing the payment link to the aforementioned customer, so they can easily proceed with the payment without any hassle.

Payrexx Pricing

Payrexx has four subscription plans available with three billing options to choose from, 12 months, 24 months with 10% discount and 36 months with up to 20% discount. The subscription plans are Checkout, which is priced at $15/month or $180 for the annual subscription; Starter, which costs $19/month or $228 for one year; Plus, with a price tag of $29/month or $348 for the one-year subscription; and Payrexx Pro, which starts at $49.05/month or $588 for the annual billing. All pricing plans are based on the 12-month subscription package.

The signup process for all plans is free and you can test the software for free as well, with a 14-day period money-back guarantee.


Getting a better understanding and maximizing the capabilities of payment gateway software can be overwhelming and very demanding for anyone. However, Payrexx is designed to make processes much easier and straightforward for users, especially those with no experience with technical solutions.

The goal of this software is to provide individuals and companies a platform for accepting and processing payments in the quickest and more efficient way possible. Payrexx has been very effective in that aspect.

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