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What is Parker Software?

Parker Software unlocks digital efficiencies. With a hybrid, fully integrated software suite, we cover all your digital transformation needs within a single platform.

We’re Parker Software, and we build digital bridges. More than that, we help your business cross those bridges faster than ever before possible. We do that with a single channel solution that works across your entire digital operation – uniting all your channels under one umbrella and unlocking thousands of new efficiencies.

We’ve eliminated the need for your business to have separate software to manage web analytics, separate software for live chat, for support ticketing, social media management, lead generation, CRM integration, business process automation and more.

The mess of relying on multiple solutions is no more; instead, we’ve created a single, simplifying suite that covers your digital transformation from every angle.

We offer an all-encompassing solution. Even better, we offer this in real-time. This is an entirely new approach to digital engagement, service and operation – a hybrid, fully integrated solution that replaces multiple investments and messy manual processes with streamlined synergy.

Parker Software Awards

Parker Software currently scores 77/100 in the Business Intelligence (BI) category. This is based on user satisfaction (100/100), press buzz (41/100), recent user trends (falling), and other relevant information on Parker Software gathered from around the web.

The score for this software has declined over the past month. What is this?

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Parker Software Review

Editors' Review by the Business Intelligence (BI) Software Review Team

Each week we feature an app that has caught the attention of the Crozdesk community. We look for exciting features that make our lives easier, apps that take a radical approach to existing problems or a service that has everyone talking about it. In other words, apps that we think you should know about. This week, we’ve reviewed WhosOn – innovative software designed to help businesses live-chat and engage with website visitors.

WhosOn – Powered by Parker Software

High-performance Live Chat Software, WhosOn: Crozdesk App of the Week

WhosOn, high-performance live chat and customer engagement software

Designed to help businesses connect with customers in real-time, WhosOn is a live chat solution offering customer agents sophisticated chat, customer insight, visitor analytics and reporting tools. WhosOn’s creators, Parker Software, have been specialising in live chat communication solutions since 2003, designing products for a growing market in real time customer engagement solutions. Other products in the company’s portfolio include a lead capture and sales enablement tool, Think Automation and a site visitor intelligence solution, Prospect Agent.

WhosOn Client

 High-performance Live Chat Software, WhosOn: Crozdesk App of the Week

The WhosOn client allows agents to manage live-chat conversations

WhosOn works through a client, downloaded to a user’s desktop and compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. Agents are required to copy a line of code to their site, in order to activate the client. The WhosOn client shows site visitors moving through a website in real time. Compatible with multiple domains, the client allows agents to view, accept and respond to chats. “Canned” responses allow agents to quickly respond to frequently asked questions, while customer waiting times and agent allocations can also be viewed from the client.

Chat Invitations

High-performance Live Chat Software, WhosOn: Crozdesk App of the Week

Chat invitations can be sent to site visitors with WhosOn

Using WhosOn, agents can invite site visitors to chat, engaging them at important points in the customer journey. Visitors wishing to chat can be routed to a pre-chat survey, designed to assess their needs and ensure that the chat is directed to the right department, such as sales or technical support.

Web Analytics and Reporting

High-performance Live Chat Software, WhosOn: Crozdesk App of the Week

A range of information relating to site visitors can be accessed within the WhosOn client

WhosOn enables agents to view a range of information about site visitors in real time. Available information includes the page a visitor is currently on; the start time of their session; the operating system they are using and the location of the customer. WhosOn allows agents to turn this data into actionable insights using the reports function. Agents can view information as data or in graph format; in real time or historically and in over 80 different report formats. The client also provides data relating to the number of chat requests received; Pay-Per-Click campaign success, based on a specific tracking code or a monthly comparison of agent response times.

Help desk and Management tools

High-performance Live Chat Software, WhosOn: Crozdesk App of the Week

A ticketing system is one of the features available in WhosOn to assist with managing customer interactions

A useful feature of WhosOn is the ability to create tickets via live chat, in order to deal with requests raised through a chat discussion. Tickets can be distributed to a particular agent, as required and ticket responses can be delivered via threaded email. A co-browsing feature enables agents to assist site visitors with their online session, while managers can monitor sessions and train in real-time, sending private messages to agents to assist.

A Must-Have CRM Tool

WhosOn can be integrated with a variety of CRM systems enabling more efficient prospecting, these include Office365, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Sugar CRM and CoreMetrics. WhosOn is a highly sophisticated CRM tool with the potential to transform the way businesses interact with customers at important stages in the purchase cycle – it is a must have tool for any business serious about Customer Relationship Management.

Business Intelligence (BI) Market Radar

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Parker Software Product Overview

  • Visitor Tracking

  • Operational Reporting

  • Code-Free Task Development

  • Email Parsing/Processing

  • Language Translation

  • Data Form Capture

  • Voice Detection

  • Internal Chat Rooms

  • Support Desk

  • Digital Contact Centre

  • Business Process Automation

  • All-Inclusive Systems Integrations

  • Live Chat

  • Skills-Based Routing

  • Intelligent Communication Automation

  • Web Analytics

  • Tailored Customer Experiences

  • Prospect Detection

  • Lead Generation

  • Sales Enablement

  • Social Media Monitoring

Languages Supported: English

Business Intelligence (BI) Software Buyer Guide 2024

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Parker Software FAQs

Who are the main user groups of Parker Software?

Our solutions are used by over 10,000 clients across the globe. These are primarily marketing teams, sales and IT departments, and call centres.

Does Parker Software offer guides, tutorials and or customer support?


Does Parker Software offer multi-user capability (e.g. teams)?


What is Parker Software generally used for?

Digital engagement, digital acquisition and business process automation.

What are some applications Parker Software is commonly used in tandem with?

CRM, marketing automation and call centre software.

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