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What is Orchidea?

Orchidea is a software co-development, prioritization and implementation of innovation. Orchidea covers innovation from idea generation to project and portfolio management.

Orchidea Innovation Management Suite is enterprise level innovation management software that covers the whole innovation process from idea generation to project and portfolio management.

Orchidea main features are

  • idea generation with open continuous ideation, challenges and digital brainstorming
  • collaborative SoMe-inspired discussion and idea co-development
  • quantitative and qualitative evaluation of the ideas
  • idea decision making support
  • project and portfolio management

Orchidea has several enterprise level features

  • SaaS-delivery or on-premises installation
  • SSO with Microsoft Active Directory or LDAP
  • Yammer -integration
  • REST API -integration interface


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Orchidea Review

Editors' Review by the Ideas Management Software Review Team

Orchidea is an ideas, or innovation, management software that helps groups and teams efficiently complete the idea development-to-portfolio management and implementation process. It was developed primarily for businesses, especially small and medium-sized enterprises.

What Orchidea mainly does is allow business teams, groups, and stakeholders to fully participate in the innovation process. One of its goals is to systematize the process, which then leads to more profitable opportunities for the business or enterprise.

Teams that use Orchidea work side by side with their partners and customers starting from the ideation process all the way to idea innovation and management.

Orchidea is available as an on-premises installation or via SaaS-delivery.

Orchidea Features

There are a number of ways businesses and enterprises can use Orchidea. First off, it can be an essential tool for generating ideas and when fishing for suggestions. Secondly, it is used for improving the ideas and suggestions you have gathered. Lastly, Orchidea is a big help in implementing and managing these ideas-turned-into-projects.

Orchidea is a software solution that business and enterprise teams can use for crowdsourcing ideas and for brainstorming. Since it allows you to connect with both your stakeholders and customers, the ideation process is easier as there are more sources of ideas and suggestions.

This online brainstorming and ideation process is referred to as the innovation challenge. It is an effective way of discovering unique concepts and encourages team members to bring their creative best in relation to a particular topic, matter, or issue.

Once you have already decided on the idea to focus on, you can use Orchidea to improve and develop it. There is an evaluation feature that can help gauge the effectiveness of your initial concept.

Since Orchidea provides reliable analytics and reports, you and your team are able to find it easy to measure or evaluate your ideas or innovation process. This also makes it easy for you to determine whether the right or enough resources were allocated to a particular project or not.

As previously stated, Orchidea connects you with stakeholders and customers, so everyone is able to monitor the status of the idea or innovation as soon as it is implemented. Information will be fed to you (and the other members of the team) freely and regularly.

Using Orchidea allows you and your team members to use features like traffic light colors and status updates to send messages or information to one another. Thus, it helps you manage your project in the easiest and most convenient way possible.

Orchidea is simple and does not require expert technical knowledge—even when setting up the tool. In fact, relevant support is available for all setup versions. For the professional version, the setup service includes matching of the customer’s software with the visual identity of the customer, as well as matching of customers’ specifications.

Support is also available for enterprise setup, which includes software used to match the innovation process and the visual identity of the customer. It also allows for integrations with various business applications.

All versions come with Orchidea software exclusively created for customers and a four-hour online training material.

Orchidea brainstorm innovation suggestion team collaboration

Orchidea Benefits

Orchidea is an all-in-one ideas management software, which means that even by using just one tool, you and your team are able to properly manage your projects efficiently and thoroughly. As such, there is no need to jump from one tool or program to another.

Aside from this, there are many more reasons for businesses and enterprises to use the software.

Orchidea uses a unique suggestion concept that combines modern practices with the traditional suggestion box. As such, you get the assurance that there is continuous innovation, improvement, and development.

In addition, Orchidea encourages idea sharing, brainstorming, and refining. Thus, you are ensured all important bases are covered and development is guaranteed to produce high-quality results.

Also, since everyone in the team, including the stakeholders and customers, is a part of the brainstorming and crowdsourcing process, you won’t have difficulties encouraging them to participate and help in carrying out the project management process. This then results in a decrease in development costs.

Orchidea may be a software solution geared for professionals, but it has gamified features that help make the innovation process fun, engaging, and exciting. So, when you and your team are using these features, you’ll all be motivated to participate and finish the process.

Connecting and integrating with Twitter, Facebook, and intranets, among others, is another benefit offered by Orchidea. It also features a REST API-integration interface and Yammer-integration.

Orchidea also has an analytics and reporting feature, which is essential for tracking the development of your project. Instead of connecting with every team member to individually consult with them and get updates, all you need to do is use Orchidea to extract information and updates about the process.

Orchidea is not only good for project management—it is also effective for portfolio management. As such, you and your team are not only able to regularly check project updates, you can also gauge which ones are on the positive scale and which ones return a negative outlook. This saves a lot of time and effort because once you determine that a project is not effective, you can immediately stop it. As such, the resources that are supposedly allotted for that discontinued project can be put to good use (i.e. for more promising innovations or projects).

Orchidea project management software Gantt chart innovation

Orchidea Pricing

Orchidea offers three distinct pricing options: Improve, Professional, and Enterprise.

The Improve pricing package is ideal for those in need of the suggestion box, as well as those in search of continuous improvement. It is priced at €195 per month and does not collect a setup fee. It is ideal for 100 active users and comes with features like idea classification and evaluation, ideation and collaborative development, SaaS delivery, e-mail support, implementation tasks for approved ideas, and evaluation tasks (based on classification).

Pricing package number two is the Professional Plan, which is available for €595 per month for 100 active users. It comes with a setup fee of €2495 and the following features: all the inclusions of the Improve package plus a brainstorming tool, innovation challenge, Yammer integration, idea upgrading and merging, advanced search, news publishing, single sign-on, phone support, implementation of customer’s visual identity, and on-premise installation or SaaS delivery.

The customized Enterprise package, which is worth €1395 per month, is ideal for large businesses and organizations. It has a setup fee of €6000 and comes with all of the features of the Improve and Professional packages. In addition, it also comes with: user interface customization, customized innovation process, up to 10 user interface languages, multiple workspaces, REST API-integration interface, suggestion and innovation fee reporting to payroll, and a test environment.

You can also request for add-ons like Crowdsourcing, project management, and EHS Management. Just visit the Orchidea website and get in touch with anybody from the online support team.


Orchidea is a convenient and comprehensive software for businesses and teams that want to turn ideas into actual projects that generate positive results. It performs a myriad of tasks and is therefore essential not only for assuring efficiency and effectiveness or ideas, but also for motivating employees, customers, and stakeholders to take an active role in shaping and managing projects.

Instead of using multiple tools or devices, Orchidea can be the one software solution for small and medium-sized enterprises that want to make the best of their ideas, hard work, resources, and productivity potential. It brings employees, customers, and stakeholders together.

Orchidea Product Overview

  • Idea generation with open continuous ideation, challenges or digital brainstorming

  • Collaborative SoMe-inspired discussion and idea co-development

  • Quantitative and qualitative evaluation of the ideas

  • Visual idea decision making support

  • SaaS-delivery or on-premises installation

  • SSO with Microsoft Active Directory or LDAP

  • Yammer -integration

Languages Supported: English, German, Polish, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Russian, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian
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Orchidea Features

  • API
  • Data Export
  • Data Import
  • Email Integration
  • External Integrations
  • Multi-User
  • Notifications
  • Project Management
Orchidea Pricing

Orchidea Pricing Plans


/month including 100 visitors
  • For suggestion box and continuous improvement


/month including 100 visitors
  • All-in-one package for systematic innovation and R&D


/month including 100 visitors
  • Customized innovation software for large organizations

Plans starting from: $295.00/month Credit card required: No

Orchidea FAQs

Does Orchidea offer multi-user capability (e.g. teams)?

Yes, groups can be formed and ideas can be submitted and managed inside the group without making public for the rest of the organization. The group can make the idea public later, if they want to.
Users groups and organization can have their own workspaces

Who are the main user groups of Orchidea?

  • R&D teams and organizations for product idea collection and management
  • The whole personnel of an organization for employee driven innovation and suggestion scheme

What is Orchidea generally used for?

  • R&D idea management
  • Suggestion scheme idea management
  • Crowdsourcing
  • Innovation challenges
  • Digital brainstorming

Does Orchidea integrate with any other apps?

  • Yammer
  • Microsoft ADFS
  • Azure AD
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

Does Orchidea offer an API?


Does Orchidea offer guides, tutorials and or customer support?

Service has user guides for all user roles: ideators, idea managers and administrators.
Phone and email support is provided for all customers.

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