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OptiKPI Reviewed

Editors' Review by the Marketing Automation Software Review Team

OptiKPI is a comprehensive solution designed for the gaming industry. The platform offers the most recent innovations in marketing automation, omnichannel marketing and business intelligence (BI).

OptiKPI software is touted as the game-changing marketing solution for the gaming industry. For most users, this claim may be seen as being very accurate. This comprehensive platform is ideal for any gaming company that is looking to grab an advantage over its competitors. It offers features and tools designed to enable businesses and decision-makers to make smarter data-driven decisions, solidify user relationships, streamline gaming operations, drive company growth and boost profitability.

OptiKPI has been clearly designed to let businesses and operators in the gaming industry have the ability to accelerate user relationships and the ability to automate key processes in their everyday operation. It is a multi-channel platform that enables users to develop engaging marketing content and disseminate them to their target audience across multiple channels. Users can also send push notifications to customers through a web browser, an email service or SMS. They just have to schedule the content distribution and push notification across multiple marketing channels and then monitor the progress from a single, centralized platform.

OptiKPI is also designed to facilitate initiatives to improve the customer journey by streamlining key processes, targeting specific users and developing content based on segmentation. Companies can automatically send ongoing campaigns to their target customers based on predefined actions that serve as triggers. The platform also allows for the creation of personalized content and experiences in order to retain more brand followers and customers.

Another aspect that OptiKPI excels at is advanced analytics. Gaming companies and businesses can get up-to-date statistics with just one click of a button. A customizable dashboard can instantly display key metrics and other relevant information that a user might need, regardless of their location or the device they’re using. Users of the platform can pore over historical data and statistics. For example, they can view the most frequent actions of a customer, examine their performance on different platforms, create a suitable schedule for marketing campaigns based on historical data and more.

OptiKPI also provides content management functionality for push notifications, text/SMS, email and social media content for online interactions. Users can connect and store all their content in one location by simply uploading them once. They can then use their stored content whenever necessary for different types of campaigns. The platform’s analytics solution will then provide valuable insights as to which campaigns have acquired the most desirable responses. Businesses can then plan their future marketing campaigns and content based on the data they receive.

OptiKPI is best suited for online gaming companies, sports betting operators, online poker platforms and other similar businesses. The platform is designed to address all the marketing campaign and content requirements of businesses in the gaming industry, regardless of their size or scale of operation. It covers multiple channels in real-time, including push notifications, short message service (SMS), and email with application programming interface (API) support.

OptiKPI Features

OptiKPI is a customer engagement platform that is tailor-made for businesses in the gaming industry for their game marketing initiatives. It offers a wide range of features and capabilities.

Campaign optimization

One of the most critical aspects in any marketing campaign is the content, particularly its relevance to your target audience and the timing of the post. In order to maximize the views, you have to create the right content and share it at the most opportune time. OptiKPI’s campaign optimization feature allows you to use A/B testing to identify the best content for your target audience and then deploy the platform’s intelligent delivery system to efficiently disseminate your campaigns at the most optimal moment, i.e. at a time when the majority of your audience are most likely to view and engage with your content.

Segmentation tools

Knowing exactly what your players are looking for, what they need and what keeps them interested and engaged with your game is one of the most crucial aspects in running a successful gaming company. It allows you to deliver great quality service and the best gaming experience possible for all your gamer customers. The segmentation feature allows you to gather all relevant information from every touchpoint that your target audience comes upon. You can then analyze the data and use the results to segment your customers based on their behaviors, preferences, needs, goals and demographics.

By using segmentation, you will be able to implement a more targeted marketing strategy. This should help drive more sales. OptiKPI also offers automation and personalization to help gaming companies like yours deliver better content in a more efficient manner, helping you create better relationships and stronger connections with every single one of your players.

Omnichannel experience

OptiKPI’s omnichannel experience allows you to put all your team’s energy and effort on creating a solid foundation and a strong relationship with your players and target audience. You can start by providing a consistent and high-quality experience across all platforms and channels. Through its omnichannel approach, you will be able to holistically engage your customer players by simply creating a more personalized journey for each one of them. This will make them feel valued and appreciated, thus ensuring better customer relationships and retention.

It is through proper omnichannel marketing that you can create a better and more effortless journey for all your customers, elevating their overall experience with your product and service to a much higher level. This can then lead to customer loyalty, better customer satisfaction, increased sales and more brand awareness.

Real-time analytics

OptiKPI provides tools that enable you to collect real-time information on your players’ activities, analyze the data collected which should then lead you and your team to improving your game design. It also allows you to optimize your marketing strategies and mitigate errors almost instantly. OptiKPI’s real-time analytics tools facilitate player/customer segmentation as well, giving you the opportunity to create and deliver the ultimate player experience specifically tailored for each unique segment.

The results that you acquire from conducting analysis on literally millions of players’ behavior will ultimately lead to the constant, ongoing improvement of your product/game. This will then lead to a steady increase in player engagement time, ensuring your advantage over the competition.

OptiKPI Review

OptiKPI Benefits

There are many benefits that can be had by simply implementing OptiKPI in your gaming business operation. The following are some of the more notable benefits that might help you decide whether or not this platform is well suited for your own business.

It can help you improve customer loyalty and retention

OptiKPI is designed to help you with your game marketing initiatives. However, it’s not always about increasing your customer base. More often than not, marketing is about retaining the players/customers that are already in your platform. Customer retention is often achieved through personalized services, simple and effective communication and loyalty built on trust. These are some of the stepping stones to a satisfied and loyal customer/player.

Keep in mind that a satisfied and happy player can be the most valuable asset you have as a gaming company, as they often possess the larger share in increasing your sales and revenue. Satisfied players lead to loyal customers, and loyal customers should be targeted through customized marketing campaigns and reward systems to keep them happy and coming back.

It helps you create an effective marketing strategy in real time

Businesses, marketing professionals and content creators know that every customer is different, with different interests and preferences. In order to maximize customer retention, businesses have to constantly keep them connected and engaged. And the best way to do this is to study customer behavior and identify their patterns, making it easier for marketing teams and specialists to cater to the needs of their target audience.

OptiKPI will not only help you provide a more personalized experience for your target audience, but it also gives the tools that you will need in order to create more efficient and sustainable marketing strategies.

It offers advanced marketing automation for your gaming business

OptiKPI allows you to send personalized messages and invitations to your target customers, enticing them to join the game and keep them engaged and motivated by giving bonuses when they achieve a milestone or accomplish a task, adding more features and by introducing or unlocking new levels to pique their interest. The platform can then provide the statistics to allow you to segment players and target them in your marketing campaigns.

OptiKPI offers the best solution to help increase player attendance, profitability and to provide the most valuable and meaningful purpose to the raw data that you gather.

OptiKPI Pricing

OptiKPI does not provide any pricing information for their products and services publicly. However, you can visit their official website and fill-up the form to schedule a demo. You may also contact them directly to talk to a representative, so they can help you come up with the best solution for your gaming business and to ask for a quote.


OptiKPI is a marketing automation platform designed for gaming companies and businesses operating within the gaming industry. It is typically used to help streamline gaming operations in an effort to increase customers and revenue for the organization. This is a comprehensive solution that offers a wide variety of tools to help develop engaging and relevant marketing content and share them through multiple channels. It is a good marketing platform for any size business in the gaming industry.

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