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OfficeTime Reviewed

Editors' Review by the Attendance Tracking & Time Clock Software Review Team

OfficeTime is a robust, feature-rich time tracking tool designed for small and midsize businesses, enterprises and startups, offering end-to-end solutions for Windows, Mac OS/iOS and Android.

This time tracking software solution works both online and offline, regardless of the pricing plan you choose. OfficeTime is equipped with a variety of features and tools, including overtime calculation, offline time tracking, multiple billing rates, mobile time tracking, billing and invoicing, billable and non-billable hours, as well as automatic time capture, all in one solution.

OfficeTime is a simple time and expense tracking solution for the Windows PC and Mac computers, as well as mobile devices running on iOS and Android. It has features and capabilities that allow you to capture more billable hours without expending too much effort. It just works quietly on the background, keeping track of your time in a more accurate manner. The app is designed so it’s easier and more convenient for you to switch between tasks in a hectic working environment.

It allows you to move your time when you step away and even continues to capture your billable time even when you’re offline. The best part of OfficeTime is that it’s a native app that is compatible with multiple devices and is capable of many things that no web app can effectively deliver. It simply makes the time tracking process a lot easier and more accurate.

This tool is ideal for small and midsize businesses, legal professionals, consultants, solo entrepreneurs, service providers, contractors, tutors, fitness trainers, health and wellness professionals and other businesses that charge for their services on an hourly basis.

OfficeTime is specifically tailored with ease-of-use in mind, including the tools and features it provides to its users. If you want to track a new project, for example, all you have to do is click on “New Project” from the File Menu. Most people are familiar with this action since it’s also inherent in many software applications such as Microsoft Word when you want to open a new blank document or Excel when you want to create a new spreadsheet.

Once you’ve opened a new blank project, you can add a title to it under the notes column or you can simply enter the title in the text box located at the bottom of the window. You may then select the appropriate category for the project so everything is organized. The category options that are available include Admin, Client Contact, Design, No Category, Other Non-billable and New Category (custom category). Once all the information is set up, you simply click on the timer to start capturing your work.

OfficeTime Features

OfficeTime features are very simple and practical. They are mostly designed to perform a specific job, which is to keep track of your billables. With this particular time tracking solution, you have your projects, line items and the categories. Line items are similar to tasks in other productivity apps. However, line items can also be categorized as expenses. Now, individual projects can each contain different line items and each individual line item can be assigned to a specific category to keep everything organized.

Time tracker

The time tracker is the core tool of OfficeTime. It starts capturing your time, by the minute, once you have created a line item and pressed the play button. You can then see the timer in real time if you leave your window in view mode. With the Mac version of OfficeTime, the active timer is displayed in the status menu, so you can simply glance up to see how long you have been working on a particular task. Within that status menu is where you can also pause and resume the time tracker, initiate time tracking for a different/new task, as well as set up a reminder.

Reminders and notifications

OfficeTime also has a reminder feature that allows you to enter any short-hand message or free-form text you want. The app will then send a reminder through a pop-up message at the specific time that you have previously set.

Automatic time recording

OfficeTime has the capability to automatically start or pause the time tracking process. When you start recording a new line item or task while there is already an active timer that’s running for a separate line item, the time tracking app will automatically pause the active timer and the line item it corresponds with so it would be virtually impossible for you to accidentally record billable time for two line items or tasks simultaneously. This will also prevent you from accidently billing two clients. This setting, however, can be overridden when necessary.

Line items for expense tracking

Line items in OfficeTime can serve as both your task management and expense tracking solution. Line items are typically used to create and record new tasks and to start the time tracking process. However, it can also be utilized to record expenses such as when you spend money for transportation to get to a meeting for your client or when you need to purchase something for your client’s work. All these expenses can be recorded through the line item feature.

All you need to do is to create a new line item within the same project and categorize it as an expense. It will then be listed alongside all your recorded billable times for any given project.

Invoicing and reporting tools

OfficeTime offers pretty straightforward and practical invoicing and reporting solutions. Its reporting tool is easy to use and understand as it doesn’t require you to have technical knowledge to be able to digest what the report is trying to show. It is ideal for team use, albeit generating multi-person reports is also possible by simply uploading another individual’s information into your OfficeTime subscription account.

With OfficeTime, reports and invoices are relatively easy to generate. You can access them from the menu and selecting report for the previous month, for example, and the app will generate a summary of the work and the tracked time, which will be displayed alongside a pie chart. You have the option to adjust what is displayed in the report and when it’s ready, you simply hit a button to either create an invoice or to export the finished report.


OfficeTime Benefits

Time tracking made easy

OfficeTime is designed so tracking and recording your time for each task or for different projects is easier and more efficient. When the time tracking process is made easy, more billable hours can be captured more accurately. With OfficeTime, you get a true time tracking app and not a browser-based tab. This means you can switch tasks and timers more easily, handle interruptions more efficiently and track time on any device more accurately, even when you’re offline.

Handle distractions more easily

OfficeTime is not just capable of tracking active time, but it also has the ability to track idle time. It gives you the option to drop or assign the tracked time to another project. This means you’ll know exactly when you’ve been away. The tool also gives you the ability to capture missing hours, especially when you’ve been switching between different tasks, by simply letting you change your timer retroactively. You can manually add time and the app will remind you to start or pause your timer when switching tasks.

Flexible and intuitive reporting

OfficeTime has flexible and intuitive reporting capabilities. It provides simple budget, project and work day summaries for individuals as well as teams. You can drill down for more details regarding your project, budget or daily report and you have the option to change anything on your summary report with just a single click.

Maintain focus on ongoing tasks and projects

OfficeTime allows you to focus more on the task at hand, rather than the time tracking process. The tool features a global icon that lets you start or stop the timer without ever leaving the app you’re currently on. You can keep track of your time directly from your Apple watch or right from the lock screen of your tablet or smartphone.

OfficeTime Pricing

OfficeTime has three core pricing plans for you to choose from: there’s the Freelancer, Business and Sunshine subscription plans. All packages come with a free trial. Both Freelancer and Business plans are billed annually, while Sunshine is one-time purchase only. Freelancer costs $7 per month, while the Business plan is priced at $12/user per month. The Sunshine package will take you back $69 for the single purchase and has subscription-free and cloud-free time tracking.

Sunshine comes with invoicing, idle tracking, expenses and Apple calendar sync. The mobile app is not included with this package but it does come with private wifi sync with the mobile app, once you purchase it. Freelancer comes with everything from Sunshine, plus multiple device availability, comes with the mobile app, online backups, cloud sync, project budgeting and more. Business has all the Freelancer features, plus priority support, enhanced security, expanded reports and team sync.


All in all, OfficeTime is a time tracking solution that is easy to use, very intuitive and flexible for the majority of users, specifically freelance professionals, service teams and solo entrepreneurs. It is equipped with all the basic time tracking capabilities, with invoicing and reporting functionality. The free trial should give you more of an idea of how this tool can facilitate your business operation, especially when it comes to tracking your billable hours.

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