NuovoTeam PTT iOS App

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NuovoTeam iOS App

NuovoTeam, a productivity app, purpose-built for non-desk workers, lets organizations streamline their operations by helping them monitor work hours, geo-locate, configure contact list, & communicate with the field force. The frontline workers use their smartphones to connect with the back office, log their work hours and communicate with their team members on the ground with a tap of a button.

From our experience in Scalefusion MDM, where we manage scores of Company Owned devices, we understand the challenges that frontline workers across various industries. NuovoTeam aims to address these challenges by providing a one-stop solution that bridges the gap between non-desk workers and the organizations while ensuring the security of the data and the privacy of the people.

NuovoTeam offers the following features,
- Rich Messaging Options that let non-desk workers communicate over Text, Voice or Video
- Curated Contact List of Teammates and External Contacts
- GeoLocation Tracking with Privacy Controls
- Powerful Team Communication Options like Newsfeeds, Broadcasts and Channels
- Shift Scheduling for frontline workers with Clock In/Clock out alerts and alerts
- File sharing for sharing images, videos or files on the go with inbuilt viewers

NuovoTeam, with data security, privacy and powerful & non-desk friendly features at its core is a great fit for industries that deal with frontline workers & mobile workforce on a day to day basis like, Logistics, Shipping, Hospitality, Construction, Manufacturing, First Responders, Healthcare, Cleaning & Homecare, Retail, Security

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NuovoTeam iOS App Information

General Information:
Price: Free
Current Version: 2.7.1
Size: 130 MB
Apple Watch: No
Languages: English
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User Reviews:
Current Version: 0/5 (0)
All Versions: 0.0/5 (0.0)
What's New in Version 2.7.1
Unpublishing a contact from dashboard will now delete the corresponding synced contact from PhoneBook.
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