What is NordVPN?

NordVPN applies strong encryption to all your Internet traffic so that no third parties can breach your business communications.

We help companies keep their networks and Internet connections secure. Our VPN service adds an extra layer of protection to secure your communications. We do this by applying strong encryption to all incoming and outgoing traffic so that no third parties can access your confidential information.

  • Protect your organization against security breaches
  • Secure remote team access
  • Simplify business network security
  • Access region-specific online content from anywhere in the world

NordVPN Awards

NordVPN currently scores 90/100 in the VPN category. This is based on user satisfaction (90/100), press buzz (46/100), recent user trends (rising), and other relevant information on NordVPN gathered from around the web.

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NordVPN Review

Editors' Review by the VPN Software Review Team

NordVPN provides virtual private network services to companies and businesses that want to ensure the safety and security of their internet connections. It’s primary responsibility to clients is to make sure that the company’s private network is not intercepted by an unauthorized user and data is not compromised.

Like other VPNs, NordVPN uses encryption to relay data. Security is ensured as the data is encrypted before it is sent to another computer. This means only the recipient computer has the capacity to decrypt the information.

NordVPN Features

NordVPN is considered one of the most trusted services when it comes to online security. It applies its military-grade security to both incoming and outgoing data, so users are well-guarded against third-party interceptions.

Generally, NordVPN has four basic functions: to protect organizations against security breaches, to provide better and simpler business network security, to provide remote access for users (and business branches), and to provide access to relevant content from different regions around the world.

It’s ideal for startups, small and medium enterprises, personal businesses or organizations, and also bigger, more established companies or enterprises.

One of its strongest advantages is its ease of use. Accessing and getting NordVPN to work does not require complex technical knowledge. The setup is quite simple.

The first thing a user needs to do is sign up for NordVPN services. You will need a valid email address to do so. You’ll also have to provide payment details although you have the option to use bitcoins for your payments if desired. As soon as the sign up is done, you will be given access to the software, which you can then download right away. NordVPN will then send you a confirmation email. Take note of the links indicated in the email fully verify your account.

Once you’re done with the setup, you’ll see an image of a world map that shows you all the places where there are NordVPN servers. There are quite a lot to choose from and these are in practically all parts of the world (more or less 61 countries and over 3000 servers). You can choose to stay inside your domestic location and all you need to do is click on the marker for the country of your choice. In a couple of seconds, you will be connected to that server.

A button called Connection wizard, located on the lower left of the screen is what you should click on if you prefer to connect to a solid server in any location.

An easier way to connect to specific servers is available when you go up to the map’s upper left corner. You’ll find the List option there and all you need to do is choose the country or server of your choice from the slide out panel.

If you prefer a more detailed option for choosing your server, all you need to do is click on Servers, which is located on the top menu of the program. Choosing this option will give you more detailed information about the server of your choice. So if you choose the United States, for example, you’ll be provided with server options from the said country. In addition, you’ll also have access to important details such as the server’s current load and distance from your location.

In case you experience a VPN disconnection, all you need to do is use the app-specific kill switch to shut down or terminate the connection of chosen apps. Your second option is to use the generic kill switch and shut down your internet in case of disconnection (or when connection drops).

Your NordVPN account can be used to connect a maximum of six devices at one time.

If you want a more detailed explanation of how to set up NordVPN, visit their website’s support page for tutorials.

NordVPN secure private internet access encrypt online activity data

NordVPN Benefits

The major benefit companies and businesses or organizations can get from NordVPN is a complete protection of their privacy online. More specifically, users can enjoy several other advantages and features.

It’s worth noting that NordVPN’s home base is in Panama. For users who truly care about their privacy, this is a big thing, especially for those in the United States and the United Kingdom. As a result, you have the assurance that there are no links to surveillance agencies (such as the NSA) or government spies. Government surveillance is absent in Panama. Likewise, as a result, the country enjoys uncensored internet access.

Another benefit users enjoy is NordVPN’s No-Logs policy. What this means is it does not store or monitor and collect your data or information. It does not track online sessions nor does it keep a list of servers or websites users opened or what files were downloaded.

As soon as you set up the NordVPN software, the data coming from your connection is encrypted. Third party or unauthorized users will not be able to access all the online data coming from your computer or device.

NordVPN also offers a Double VPN solution. When your information passes the first node, it is encrypted. When it goes on to the second node, the data gets a second encryption. As such, your information is tightly secured.

Users will not only enjoy NordVPN’s security features, they will also like the fact that they can use a variety of region-locked streaming services. Some examples are Amazon Prime, Hulu, Cartoon Network, Vevo, ABC Go, PBS, TNT Drama, and many more. As a result, even if users choose a server situated outside the United States, they can still watch Netflix US shows, for example.
In addition, NordVPN’s server count gives users a wide variety of options. In addition, choosing a server is quick and newbies can choose to go for the Connection wizard if they’re not that sure yet how to use the NordVPN map.

When it comes to 24/7 customer support, NordVPN offers several options. It has a web form that users can fill in and the service also offers the option of using social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter to get in touch with their support team. Sending an email is another available option.

Those who want fast and efficient action can use the live chat option and expect to receive a reply right away.

There are other benefits companies and businesses can enjoy when they choose to use NordVPN. The aforementioned ones, however, are the more important ones. If you want more information about the solution’s technical benefits and advantages, visit their website to get the details.

NordVPN protect 6 devices simultaneously mobile apps android iOS macOS windows

NordVPN Pricing

NordVPN offers three different pricing plans for users.

The 1-month plan will cost you $11.95 per month. You’ll get access to over 3000 servers all over the world and you can connect up to six devices at one time. Likewise, you’ll enjoy unlimited bandwidth, fast speeds, the No-Logs policy, and the kill switch feature.

The most popular plan is the 2-year plan, which is worth $3.29 per month. Billing is done every 24 months, so you’ll pay around $79. This package has the same features as the 1-month plan.

Finally, there’s the 1-year plan. The monthly fee is $5.75 and is billed every 12 months at $69.00. The features of this package are also the same as that of the 1-month plan’s.

You can choose to check out NordVPN using their 3-day free trial before deciding to sign up. Get more information about this offer by visiting the NordVPN Help Center.

NordVPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. Payment options are quite varied. You can choose to pay using your credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Exchange, and Discover), via PayPal or Alipay, and also by using cryptocurrencies (bitcoins for example).

NordVPN also has easy-to-download and use iOS and Android apps.


NordVPN is a complete and comprehensive virtual private network service. Its major advantages are its location (Panama), it’s No-Logs policy, and its six-connection capacity. Likewise, its Double VPN feature is also ideal for companies or individuals who value an extra layer of online privacy.

If the goal is to find a VPN that does not only come with a myriad of useful features but also with good speed performance and ease of use, NordVPN should certainly be one of your options.

NordVPN Product Overview

  • Safely share sensitive data with your clients and co-workers.

  • Make online financial transactions in full security.

  • Never again worry about using airport Wi-Fi hotspots.

  • Stay private in countries with high Internet surveillance.

  • Enjoy the Internet without censorship or regional restrictions.

  • Test your product globally.

  • Anonymous market research.

Languages Supported: English

NordVPN Features

  • 2-Factor Authentication
  • API
  • Batch Permissions & Access
  • Dashboard
  • Data Export
  • Data Import
  • Email Integration
  • External Integrations
  • File Sharing
  • File Transfer
  • Firewall
  • Google Apps Integration
  • Multi-User
  • Notifications
  • Password & Access Management
  • Malware Protection
  • Bug Tracking
  • Network Traffic Monitoring
  • Network Visualization
  • Network Device Performance Monitoring
  • DDoS Protection
NordVPN Pricing

NordVPN Pricing Plans


1 user(s) / year
  • Available on 6 Devices
  • Dedicated IP - 70$ User/Year

Plans starting from: $5.00/month Credit card required: No


What platforms does NordVPN support?

NordVPN supports all major platforms - Windows, macOS, Android, iOS and Linux.

What are some applications NordVPN is commonly used in tandem with?

NordVPN can be used along with any app that communicates over the Internet. That includes browsers, various chat or communication apps, P2P clients and similar.

Does NordVPN integrate with any other apps?

This service works as a stand-alone app, but other apps can be included into kill-switch list to prevent them from communicating insecurely in cases of unexpected disconnection.

Does NordVPN offer guides, tutorials and or customer support?

Yes, the service provides 24/7 customer support as well as complete configuration tutorials.

What is NordVPN generally used for?

NordVPN is used to secure your Internet traffic by encrypting it and rerouting to an alternative tunnel.

Service's primary purposes are: protection against cyber criminals when using low-security networks, such as a public WiFi hotspot;

Bypassing Internet censorship set up by ISP or government;

Safe transferring of data between the user and remote server.

Does NordVPN offer an API?

In special cases it does.

Does NordVPN offer multi-user capability (e.g. teams)?


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