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What is Noplag?

Noplag - online plagiarism checker for writers, students, educators, companies and website owners.

Noplag - online plagiarism checker for writers, students, educators, companies and website owners. It contains many useful features and tools. It is good for businesses who deal with content writing, copywriting. You can add multiple users, give them writing assignment online and check their submitted files directly at your Noplag account. It is fantastic for writers, publishers and bloggers, as well as students and educators. For schools, universities and colleges Noplag offers full online class management, with assignments, plagiarism reports and grading.

Noplag Awards

Noplag currently scores 75/100 in the Content Marketing category. This is based on user satisfaction (84/100), press buzz (49/100), recent user trends (falling), and other relevant information on Noplag gathered from around the web.

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Noplag Review

Editors' Review by the Content Marketing Software Review Team

Noplag is an online software solution designed for content marketers, content writers, educators and marketing agencies. It helps them to produce original, quality content for their business websites, marketing campaigns and social media posts. In a nutshell, it is an online plagiarism checker that compares your written content against millions of documents and texts across multiple online resources.

The online software solution is used by many individuals and organizations, including writers, students, educators, marketing agencies and website owners. The web-based program comes with a wide range of features and capabilities, which makes it the perfect solution for businesses that regularly deal with content writing, copywriting and so on.

How Noplag works

Noplag offers two key services—plagiarism detection and writing check. The former allows users to check their content for possible plagiarism by doing a “light internet check, deep internet check, publications check and a Noplag database check. The latter service, which is the writing check, is mainly for correcting written content. You can use it for spell checks, grammar reports and writing style suggestions.

Now, doing a plagiarism check is pretty easy to do. All you need to do is copy the entire article or written content from your text document and paste it on the Noplag online plagiarism checker, which is located on their homepage. Once you open the Noplag homepage, a huge white box is the first thing you’ll see. This is where you need to paste your content to check for plagiarism.

After you paste your written content, all you need to do is click on the “Start Checking” button. After a few seconds, the system will then come up with the results. Potential matches are highlighted for clear and easy viewing.

Now, there are two types of free plans available. The first type doesn’t require any registration or creating an account. But this does limit your plagiarism checks to one per day. There is also a limit as to the number of words you can upload per day, at 400 words. If you sign up for a free account, however, you will get up to 10 free checks per day with a 500-word limit for every check.

The writing check feature, on the other hand, is pretty self-explanatory. The system checks your content for spelling and grammatical errors and adds a few suggestions as to how you should position or organize your sentences to make them more comprehensible to your readers.

Apart from the two key services offered by Noplag, they also cater to three different types of users: the individual, companies, and the academic community. There is also a Noplag software solution geared towards website owners, which is still coming soon as of the writing of this review.

Noplag for individual users, otherwise called Noplag Solo, is a smart plagiarism detection software solution tailored for individual use. This particular service was developed to address the needs of target groups that require individual plagiarism scans for various purposes. The service offers both the paper checker option for the academic community as well as the copyright scanner for commercial use.

Noplag Solo offers a wide variety of features and up-to-date plagiary detection options. It checks your writing against billions of pages and resources on the web, against academic writings and millions of publications, against Noplag’s own database of academic works of more than five million essays, assignments and documents as well as against the user’s own custom library of documents and files.

The Noplag Solo plagiarism checker caters to a wide variety of individual users, including copywriters, content creators, journalists, screenwriters, lyricists, bloggers, columnists, publishers, biographers, novelists and fiction writers, poets, speech authors and so on. It’s a useful program to anyone who regularly creates or wants to create original literary works.

The other service available is the Noplag for companies, otherwise known as Noplag Business. This particular service is essentially a professional plagiarism checker that helps companies and other organizations to avoid publishing plagiarized content on their website or any other platform.

Noplag online plagiarism checker is a valuable software solution not just for individual users, but for marketing agencies, businesses, website owners and educators as well. With its many different features, including the writing checker that helps to check for spelling and grammar errors, you can be certain any written content you publish on your website and post on your blog or social media page is original and error free.

The benefits of the Noplag online plagiarism checker and marketing solution

There are all kinds of benefits one can obtain through Noplag’s various services and features. The solution offers a myriad of indispensable tools for a vast number of individual users and companies all over the world, providing them with comprehensive and accurate plagiarism reports in a convenient and efficient manner.

The software solution is free for casual users

If you only publish one short-form article per day and you need a simple to use and efficient plagiarism solution to check your writing, Noplag is a no-fuss, no-muss online-based plagiarism solution that fits your needs. All you need to do is copy and paste your content and click one button to start checking.

Quick and easy registration with no obligation

If you’re the type of user who has to check a few articles per day, then registering an account with Noplag is a breeze. The service offers clients the easiest and most convenient registration process to get them started on using the service as quickly as possible. You can literally setup an account right now and, within a couple minutes, start using the full capabilities of the service.

Simple yet robust task management features

Noplag offers the ultimate task manager add-on, which helps users, especially corporate clients and agencies, to collaborate on small and large-scale projects. Users can create and assign writing assignments to individual team members, check their progress and receive detailed plagiarism reports automatically for every task submitted.

Noplag pricing plans

Noplag offers four different pricing plans for four different types of users, with each packed with different features to suit their specific needs. Check out plans below and see which one matches your needs best.

For individual users: Starts at $11 per month

  • Check and store files online with Noplag.
  • Multiple file format support.
  • Detailed plagiarism reporting.

For education: Starts at $50 per month

  • Teacher-student collaboration online.
  • Create classes, assignments and review submitted papers online.
  • Custom settings for each school with the option to add more features on demand.

For website owners: Starts at $7 per month

  • Website content plagiarism check.
  • Automated monitoring with custom alerts.
  • Protection badges and certification of content ownership.

For businesses and teams: Starts at $50 per month

  • Online collaboration with writing team.
  • Separate account access for each individual team member.
  • Easy access and review of plagiarism reports.

If you wish to test out the service a bit more, you can always use Noplag for free without registering an account. Of course, if you want to check out more of its services, a free signup is also available. You can easily upgrade your free account to a paid subscription should you decide Noplag is the right fit for your business. You may want to visit their official website for more information about their services and pricing.

The bottom line

Noplag online plagiarism checker is an easy-to-use and highly efficient program for all types of users. Whether you’re an individual, a website owner or a marketing agency who deals with written content on a daily basis, this web-based solution is a huge addition to your arsenal.

The service is completely free, with the option to upgrade to get access to more comprehensive and sophisticated features and capabilities. If you do choose to upgrade to a paid account, their pricing is competitive enough you don’t really need to trouble your budget to consider it. You should check out the free service to get a better sense of how the online solution will work for you.

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Noplag Product Overview

Languages Supported: English

Content Marketing Software Buyer Guide 2022

Product recommendations, vendor rankings, market overview and tips on how to select Content Marketing software for business. Published in December 2022.

Content Marketing is a very essential part in the advertising space. It involves the creation and distribution of content, with an aim of attracting customers and driving search traffic to target websites. Common types of web content include infographics, a...


Noplag Features

  • A/B Testing
  • API
  • Audience Targeting
  • Brand Management
  • Calendar Management
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Corporate/Business
  • Dashboard
  • Data Export
  • Data Import
  • Data Visualization
  • Document Comparison
  • Employee Training
  • External Integrations
  • Gamification
  • Keyword Tracking
  • Link Tracking
  • Marketing Automation
  • Multi-Account
  • Multi-User
  • Notifications
  • Personal Learning
  • Scheduling
  • Social-Media Integration
  • Third-Party Plugins/Add-Ons
  • Video Courses
  • Class Management
  • Student Registration
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Report & Compliance
  • Comparative Reporting
Noplag Pricing

Noplag Pricing Plans

Pay as you go

Per Check / Per Page
  • Upload files & check against your personal files for free.
  • Check against the entire Web.
  • Upload doc, docx, rtf, txt, odt, html, pdf
  • Check against private and public repositories of academic papers.

Plans starting from: $5.00/month Credit card required: N/A

Noplag FAQs

What is Noplag generally used for?

Checking for plagiarism and similarity.

Who are the main user groups of Noplag?

Students & Educators, Writers and Publishers, Bloggers, Website Owners, Schools, Collges and Universities.

What platforms does Noplag support?

Web application.

Does Noplag offer an API?


Does Noplag offer multi-user capability (e.g. teams)?


Does Noplag offer guides, tutorials and or customer support?

Yes, guides and customer support.

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