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Natural Insight Reviewed

Editors' Review by the Field Service Management (FSM) Software Review Team

A basic review of Natural Insight field service management software

Natural Insight is an enterprise cloud-based software solution designed for managing remote and on-demand employees. It is an easy-to-use field service management solution tailored for consumer brands, merchandisers, retailers and marketing agencies.

The cloud-based platform is used by small- to medium-sized businesses for employee scheduling, task management and real-time reporting. Any business that manages a distributed workforce (including ones that are made up of employees that work remotely or are always on the field), knows how complicated and costly the management process gets.

Natural Insight deals with these kinds of situations and makes it so the process becomes less complex and a lot more cost-efficient for the company.

Natural Insight at a glance

Natural Insight takes the management process of offsite or remote workers and simplifies it so managers and HR personnel can be more efficient and productive when managing multiple remote workers, creating schedules and taking care of the company’s human capital assets.

Basically, this field service management (FSM) software enables managers to spend less time on administrative tasks and focus on other important aspects of the business. The way the solution works is it automates the tedious manual HR processes like task management, timekeeping and reporting, creating and moving schedules for offsite workers and storing all the updated information directly to the cloud.

All the features that come with Natural Insight are designed to make life easier and more productive for business owners, managers, HR team and employees as well. And speaking of features, here are some of what you can expect from the cloud-based software solution:

Task Management Features:

  • Task planning and scheduling
  • Tracking function for time, task and progress
  • Recurring tasks

Workforce Management Features:

  • Employee scheduling
  • Labor projection
  • Skills tracking
  • Time and attendance management
  • Variable workforce

Natural Insight Review

Benefits of Natural Insight software

The cloud-based solution

Natural Insight effectively moves task management, scheduling, reporting, timekeeping and other crucial processes to the cloud, giving users constant access to real-time data. Every employee attached to the service can login and view any information they need in one convenient location. This includes information about work schedules, assigned tasks, appointments and to-do lists.

Because it is a cloud-based platform, it doesn’t require on-premise installation, meaning you don’t have to install any kind of software into your company’s system. Also, there’s no ongoing maintenance cost because, again, there is no program that needs to be installed.

Product updates can be pushed on a weekly basis. And the software solution helps improve efficiency and productivity for your IT team, field employees and operations.

A robust software solution

The system is packed with all kinds of features designed to make things simple and more convenient for both employer and employee.

This enterprise-class software solution is also easy to use. Managers and HR teams will find the system’s functions and features user-friendly and straightforward, helping them scale and deliver competent retail execution regardless of the number of remote workers they might have.

Quick and easy deployment

Because the system works via the cloud, there’s no development time necessary, no software installation and no additional hardware needed. With Natural Insight’s dedicated professional services, you will not have to worry about configuration, on-boarding and training.

Retailers, merchandisers and small to mid-sized product companies will be up and running in just a few weeks.

Employ the latest technology

With Natural Insight field service management solution, you can take advantage of the latest technology currently being used in the industry and empower your teams and offsite employees. Regular product updates are constantly being released with no additional cost, allowing you to further your execution efforts while enjoying a good return on investment.

Natural Insight also helps improve operational efficiencies and reduce your company’s dependence on conventional tools and methods to effectively manage operations and field workers. With the system’s unique and well-designed features, retailers and small businesses can reach their objectives easily.

The dedicated account manager helps ensure you always get the proper support you need when it comes to Workforce Management.

Natural Insight pricing plan

Natural Insight is based on a subscription pricing model. They offer both transactional and per-store pricing plans, which starts at $2500 per month. However, you need to contact the vendor directly to confirm the subscription cost and to figure out the best pricing model for your business.

Each business is unique and may have varying needs, so you should visit the vendor’s official website and contact them directly to ask for a quote. Lastly, Natural Insight also offers a free trial with no credit card required.


As a field service management software solution, Natural Insight is a step above most of the software systems available in the market today. The service effectively provides businesses a convenient way to manage their workforce in the most time- and cost-efficient manner through its many features and capabilities.

So if you feel your company needs help with task and Workforce Management, you should consider Natural Insight and see if it truly addresses your needs perfectly.

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