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What is Motto Sys?

Moto Systems' GMPPro is a pharmaceutical quality management solution.

Motto Systems provides pharmaceutical companies QMS solution that significantly contributes to their efficiency improvement and revenue boost. It will help them master all business difficulties with better communication, workers' education, and better products quality control.

GMPPro is an end to end solution for Life Science companies, coming as a complete web-based quality management system, suitable especially for, pharmaceutical and food manufacturing Industries. The system is applicable to all stages of production process.

The platform features quality compliance, process directions, adequate documentation handling, manufacturing tracking, as well as testing and validating the production process.

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Motto Sys Review

Editors' Review by the Pharmaceutical Software Review Team

Motto Systems—the developers of GMPPro—is a software company focused on creating management software. Their products range from software products that deal with mining, ones that cater to construction, and those for the life sciences and manufacturing industries. However, its most recent creation is designed specifically for manufacturing agencies.

Motto Systems describe GMPPro as an “end-to-end solution for life science companies.” The product is designed to provide effective management throughout the entire fabrication process.

GMPPro Features

GMPPro is a customizable management platform that complies with the latest regulatory standards. Designed to evaluate product quality and alert the business to faulty units, GMPPro assures product safety. With the software solution, users can easily monitor the manufacturing phase of their product. When changes are needed, users can quickly tweak the platform. Users can also trace data for investigation or department notification.

Manufacture Monitoring

Whether it is for medicine, first aid, or food, product fabrication is a demanding process where one mistake risks the reputation of the business and/or the safety of its clients. GMPPro provides focused monitoring for every step of the manufacturing process to ensure optimal quality levels.

GMPPro enables users to implement control procedures. Management can easily dictate and set the changes that trigger these control procedures. GMPPro then actively looks for these triggers. If one is found, it alerts quality control units. Should the software solution detect any deviations in the products, the platform alerts the department concerned to address the issues.

The platform complies with several regulatory standards by appropriate agencies. These agencies include the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), and the Medicine and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), among others.


The fabrication of the product isn’t the only process to monitor. Inspection of the overall process is also vital. One important aspect, for example, is the equipment. GMPPro stores equipment calibration settings and maintains them in order to maximize efficiency in the business. Cleaning can be scheduled at specific intervals and quality assurance for each manufactured piece is needed to keep quality high.

Should products be faulty or questionable, GMPPro captures the complaints and investigates them. If recalls are necessary, GMPPro traces the product back to its distributor through a directory and alerts the facilities of the ongoing investigation.

GMPPro also archives and maintains event logs with an automated electronic documentation system. This system records data regarding each product and events such as recalls or complaints. The data can then be searched through filters and reviewed to provide information for better decision making. Only specific personnel can access the data, ensuring security regarding the product’s version or distribution.

Supplier and Product Compliance Measures

The final step of the process is to distribute the product. This phase becomes risky if the suppliers in question are unreliable. To prevent this, GMPPro keeps track of the supplier’s qualifications. Standards and parameters for rejection can be set per supplier to accommodate the needs of the client. Should the supplier’s statistics go beyond the parameters, management is notified via alerts.

Other important measures for checking the supplier’s product include testing and order dispatches. Should any of the products get rejected or become expired, GMPPro tracks and logs them accordingly. The company also keeps track of audits by other parties for added reference.

GMPPro Benefits

The product’s rigid monitoring system and security measures are GMPPro’s core benefits. Important details that might be overlooked or separated from other products are, in this software solution, integrated into one basic platform. This means the issues of investigation, monitoring, testing, and distribution are all consolidated into one central dashboard. Though there are customization features in the system, the customization is specific to the interested company and is usually placed during an extensive training program with Motto Systems in order to ensure a safe and straightforward experience with the workflow.

Another impressive plus for GMPPro is its automated electronic data logging feature. This helps users avoid the hassle of manually inputting data for specific situations or complications. With it, users can just log in to the system and check the software’s history to identify issues or problems, where they can then deal with them as they appear. Updates are also sent to the appropriate departments or personnel.

GMPPro Pricing

Due to the technically complex nature of the platform, GMPPro has its own process for purchasing the product. First and foremost, interested buyers can contact Motto Systems for a trial run.

After the trial run, Motto Systems holds a preliminary training session and offers customization of the platform to accommodate the business interested in purchasing the full product. Final installation of GMPPro and the final training occur afterward. Only then will the price of the product be negotiated. The final fee varies depending on the specific needs of the given buyer.

Regardless of what customizations are needed, GMPPro contains the following basic features:

  • Compliance with cGMP and e-signature regulations.
  • Customizable workflows – The basic workflow of GMPPro is customized during the preliminary period to fit the purchasing company’s preferences.
  • Automated notifications – Alerts and updates by the system show up either by email or as a notification on the dashboard.
  • Auto-escalation of tasks, reports, and complaints – Significant issues or events are sent to appropriate departments or personnel as needed.
  • Integrated change management – The entire process cycle adapts to any changes made throughout the system.
  • User-friendly interface – Simple click and scrolling for faster navigation.
  • Structured data for investigations.
  • Harmonized best practices and user guidance – The software chooses the best course of action for individual cases according to the standard operating procedures.
  • Advanced search options and retrieval of requested data.
  • Complete control on rejected and/or expired materials.
  • Version control and access control over obsolete documents – Ideal for recovering important documents from past archives, or recovering/tracking changelogs on specific documents.
  • Secure and role-based access – The platform allows varying levels of access to different users according to their position.
  • Complete data security and automated backup.
  • Audit trail – Whether it’s for rejections or compliance, GMPPro lets users trace all auditing and those in charge.


GMPPro excels in its exacting security measures and observance of standards and protocol. Companies that need a comprehensive management system can experience high-quality monitoring and management for their manufacturing process with this software. Though its pricing fluctuates with the needs of the interested party and usage of the product requires a lengthy training program, the complex features combined with simple interfacing come together to create a secure and effective system geared towards streamlining manufacturing processes. It’s safe to say GMPPro should be one software solution you should consider.

Motto Sys Product Overview

  • Archiving & Retention

  • Audit Trail

  • Controls Testing

  • FDA Compliance

  • ISO Compliance

  • Risk Alerts

  • Version Control

  • Interactive Dashboard

  • User Friendly Interface

  • Sophisticated Reporting

Languages Supported: English

Motto Sys Features

  • 2-Factor Authentication
  • Budgeting
  • Dashboard
  • Data Export
  • Data Import
  • Expense Tracking
  • Forecasting
  • Gantt Charts
  • Google Apps Integration
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Multi-User
  • Supplier Management
  • Patent Management
  • Pedigree Tracking
  • National Drug Codes (NDC) tracking
  • Suspicious Order Monitoring (SOM)
  • Organization Management

Motto Sys FAQs

What is Motto Sys generally used for?

It is used as a quality management system.

Does Motto Sys offer guides, tutorials and or customer support?

Support: Documentation, Webinars, Live Online, Phone Support, Email Support.

Who are the main user groups of Motto Sys?

Main users of this service are life science companies.

Does Motto Sys integrate with any other apps?


What platforms does Motto Sys support?

This is web-based or Windows-installed software.

Does Motto Sys offer an API?

No API offered.

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