What is MindMeister?

Visualize ideas, plan projects and collaborate in real-time with the market-leader in online mind mapping.

MindMeister is the leading online mind mapping software that lets you share maps with an unlimited number of users and collaborate with them in real-time. Use it to brainstorm ideas, plan projects, take meeting minutes, develop business strategies, create stunning presentations and much more!

MindMeister runs in any standard web-browser as well as on iOS and Android devices, so you can access, edit and present your mind maps anytime, wherever you are.

  • Create beautiful mind maps and org charts
  • Enrich maps with images, videos, notes, links, and file attachments
  • Share mind maps with others and collaborate in real-time
  • Comment and vote on individual ideas in your mind maps
  • Review the entire change history of your mind map to see who added what and when
  • Turn mind maps into dynamic slideshows within seconds
  • Go directly from ideation to execution via the MeisterTask integration
  • Publish mind maps to the web and embed them in Google Sites, blog posts and more

MindMeister Awards

MindMeister currently scores 87/100 in the Mindmapping category. This is based on user satisfaction (84/100), press buzz (60/100), recent user trends (rising), and other relevant information on MindMeister gathered from around the web.

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MindMeister Review

Editors' Review by the Mindmapping Software Review Team

MindMeister is a robust, cloud-based mind mapping software solution designed to help users in schools, learning institutions and businesses to acquire, foster and communicate ideas visually. 

It is a dependable collaborative platform that provides unique graphical functions and techniques to help individuals and teams create project plans, brainstorm ideas, manage meetings, take notes and tackle other creative assignments and tasks online.

MindMeister can be easily accessed through a web-browser regardless of the operating system you are using, i.e. Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android or iOS.

The cloud-based solution makes for a reliable and user-friendly visualization tool that offers a collaborative, shared environment for all users in different locations.

With the platform, students can work together and collaborate on the mind maps, whether they’re at school, at home or on the go.

The solution empowers students to connect or link their classroom activities, as well as their homework in a more seamless and efficient manner.

Some MindMeister features include the mind map editor, mind map presentation, import and export function, history mode, project management, as well as publishing and embedding capabilities.

Furthermore, MindMeister helps businesses and organizations effectively manage their innovation pipelines as well, through the very same features and tools that learning institutions utilize, such as visualization, collaboration, brainstorming and so on. A

few additional features you can find in the platform are idea and status ranking, chat tool and activity dashboard.

The platform is tailored for businesses, institutions and organizations of different sizes. It allows users to effectively manage their assets, documents and external links to disseminate or share them across departments, teams and colleagues.

Perhaps its most important application is enabling employees, decision makers and stakeholders to conduct web-based brainstorming sessions and make them more accessible to a wide array of individuals and teams regardless of where they are in the world.

MindMeister Homepage

MindMeister Features

MindMeister offers a wide variety of features and capabilities specifically designed to facilitate the mind mapping and brainstorming process of individuals, teams and departments.

These features include:

Collaborative mind mapping

MindMeister is well-known in the industry as one of the leaders in collaborative online mind mapping.

It offers a free collaborative mind mapping software that enables users to easily share mind maps with an unlimited number of individuals.

It gives users the ability to collaborate in real-time, making sure everyone participating is always on point in terms of focus and objectives.

While widely used web applications like Google Sheets and Google Docs have no doubt revolutionized the way professionals work and collaborate with each other, MindMeister enhances the experience by adding a visual component to the collaboration process. 

As an online mind map tool, it allows users to effectively communicate their ideas and ensure everyone is on the same page regardless of their time zone.

Project and task management

This feature effectively combines MindMeister and MeisterTask, essentially integrating mind maps into your task and project management processes. 

The software solution works by efficiently structuring project data, bringing together all team members and collaborators to accomplish the same objective, from the conception of ideas all the way to execution.

With project management tools and features, MindMeister allows for seamless workflows. 

You can effectively transform mind maps into project boards and import all relevant data and ideas to turn them into actionable tasks.

Those tasks can then be synced between the MindMeister and MeisterTask apps for easy progress visualization in both solutions.

Customizable map designs

This feature provides users the option between the classic mind map layout and the org chart mode, which keeps collaborative ideas aligned neatly or visualized anywhere on the canvas. 

Individual users and teams may choose any of the platform’s beautiful professional-looking map themes or they can customize their own maps with a variety of color options, styles and formats.

There is also an option to upload custom background images for more personalization and accurate branding.

MindMeister successfully combines a couple of key functions, mind mapping and presentation.

The online version of the mind-mapping platform enables users to convert mind maps into attractive presentations within just a few clicks and present them within the map editor itself.

Moreover, slideshows created using the platform can be easily exported and broadcasted online or embedded on a web page.

Mind map editor

The tool gives users easy access to web-based mind mapping and brainstorming capabilities for free.

It allows for the seamless creation, sharing and presentation of mind maps within the user’s web browser, regardless of the operating system or device they’re running it on.

This means there’s no need to download any software or do any manual updates to keep the software running smoothly.

All created mind maps are safely housed in the cloud where users anywhere can easily access them from their Windows, Mac or Linux computers, Chromebook or even their smartphone and tablet mobile devices.

MindMeister also provides robust features meant to add style and appeal to your mind maps. It comes with an attachment function that allows you to include additional information to your created mind maps. 

You will have the ability to upload attachments from other platforms, including Dropbox and Google Drive. This will help ensure the availability of critical documents and files during team brainstorming sessions and processes.

While creating or editing your mind maps, you have the option to add links, icons, videos, images and even a few insightful notes to enrich your ideas.

MindMeister’s WunderTools is a feature that empowers the system to facilitate or even do all the work for you.

An import and export function is also available so you can seamlessly export your creations into many different formats, such as PDF, Microsoft Word, or PNG.

Conversely, you may import your mind maps from other mapping software solutions.

MindMeister Homepage

MindMeister Benefits

MindMeister also provides users and teams with many benefits that can greatly assist with mind-mapping and communication within a business.

These include:

Comprehensive platform

MindMeister is the next step in the evolutionary ladder of mind mapping and collaboration solutions.

It offers limitless possibilities when it comes to creating, nurturing and sharing ideas visually.

The platform is leveraged by businesses and organizations for various purposes, including collaboration, strategic planning, project management, communication of ideas and more.

The cloud-based mind mapping solution is also utilized by schools and learning institutions for visualizing advanced or complex problems, sharing solutions, for taking notes and to improve engagement in classrooms and lecture halls.

Mind map editing

MindMeister’s web-based mind map editor is one of its strongest advantages.

The tool is well-designed and expertly developed to facilitate all types of users, regardless of where they are or what type of device or operating system they are using.

This is mainly because it allows users to create, share and present their ideas right within the web browser.

Users won’t have to worry about compatibility issues with Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android and iOS operating systems.

Fully customizable mindmaps

The platform gives you the ability to fully customize your mind maps in such a way that it clearly represents your brand, using all the available styles, themes, formats and colors. 

Any content created using MindMeister is safely stored in the cloud and it can be accessed anytime, anywhere, from any device with internet connectivity.

Improved creativity in staff

Furthermore, the cloud-based mind mapping solution is capable of nurturing creativity and innovation through its brainstorming techniques, unlike most of the other applications in its category. 

The platform can help you develop ideas and then develop actionable tasks based on them, which you then assign to team members, collaborators and colleagues.

You also have the ability to add priorities, set due dates and track project progress by simply using the task widget.

MindMeister Homepage

MindMeister Pricing

A free version of the mind mapping software is available, called MindMeister Basic.

 It comes with a few basic features like sharing and import capabilities, real-time collaboration and up to three mind maps. 

If you want more features and capabilities, the mind mapping solution has three pricing options; Personal, Pro and Business.

MindMeister Personal is perfect for individual users managing personal projects. The plan costs $2.49 per month and it comes with everything from the free Basic plan, as well as unlimited mind maps, PDF export and image export functions, file and image attachments and mind map printing.

MindMeister Pro is the next premium package up the ladder. It is priced at $4.19 per month and is ideal for both individual users and teams. 

This pricing tier comes with all the features in MindMeister Personal as well as a few additional features, such as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint export capabilities, dedicated admin account, custom themes, custom styles and boundaries, multiple team members and more.

MindMeister Business is the pricing package specifically meant for enterprise users and mapping enthusiasts. 

It is available for $6.29 per month and includes everything from the Pro package, as well as compliance exports and backups, custom team domain, multiple team admins and priority phone and email support.


MindMeister is a comprehensive and robust mind mapping solution designed for collaborative and efficient brainstorming within educational and organizational/enterprise projects. 

The software is free with several options available to upgrade to a premium plan with more features and capabilities to meet your growing needs.

MindMeister Product Overview

  • Real-time collaboration with an unlimited number of users

  • Easily share maps via email or secure link

  • Brainstorm, comment and vote on ideas

  • Enrich maps with notes, links, files, images and videos

  • Create dynamic slideshow presentations in seconds

  • Review the entire change history of your mind map

  • Turn ideas into actionable tasks via the MeisterTask integration

  • Publish mind maps on the web and embed them in websites and blogs

Languages Supported: English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Japanese, Russian, Portuguese, Korean

MindMeister Features

  • 2-Factor Authentication
  • API
  • Batch Permissions & Access
  • Budgeting
  • Calendar Management
  • Chat
  • Contact Management
  • Contact Sharing
  • Customer Management
  • Dashboard
  • Data Export
  • Data Import
  • Data Visualization
  • Document Comparison
  • Email Integration
  • Expense Tracking
  • External Integrations
  • File Sharing
  • File Transfer
  • Gantt Charts
  • Google Apps Integration
  • History/Version Control
  • Multi-User
  • Notifications
  • Project Management
  • Scheduling
  • Task Scheduling/Tracking
  • Third-Party Plugins/Add-Ons
  • Travel Management
  • Resource Management
MindMeister Pricing

MindMeister Pricing Plans


  • 3 mind maps


1 user(s) / month
  • Unlimited mind maps
  • Attach files and images
  • Export to image and PDF
  • Advanced printing
  • Priority Support


1 user(s) / month
  • Multiple users
  • Admin account
  • Export to Word and Power Point
  • Export presentations
  • Custom map themes
  • G Suite for domains sign-on
  • Custom styles
  • Statistics and reports


1 user(s) / month
  • Group sharing
  • Compliance exports and backups
  • Custom login domain
  • Multiple admins
  • 24x7 priority support

Plans starting from: $4.99/month Credit card required: No

MindMeister FAQs

Does MindMeister integrate with any other apps?

Aside from Evernote, Dropbox, G Suite, Google Drive, Google Docs, Atlassian Confluence, Microsoft Teams, MeisterTask and Box, MindMeister also integrates with Biggerplate and various social media platforms.

Does MindMeister offer guides, tutorials and or customer support?

MindMeister offers an extensive online help, tutorial videos, a free online training program as well as email support.

What platforms does MindMeister support?

MindMeister is a web app that runs in any standard web-browser. MindMeister also offers free native apps for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Android devices. The mobile apps can also be used offline.

Does MindMeister offer multi-user capability (e.g. teams)?

Yes, starting at the Pro level.

Does MindMeister offer an API?


What are some applications MindMeister is commonly used in tandem with?

Microsoft Teams, MeisterTask, G Suite

What is MindMeister generally used for?

Brainstorming, project planning, note taking (particularly meeting minutes), outlining strategies, knowledge management, communicating and presenting ideas visually.

Who are the main user groups of MindMeister?

MindMeister is used by teams, freelancers and educational institutions all over the world. The software is particularly popular among creatives (marketers, writers, designers), advisors, and anybody else who needs to efficiently communicate ideas and collaborate on plans and strategies.

MindMeister User Reviews

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4.2/5 based on 34 user ratings.
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"They are the worst company I have ever dealt with!!!"

What do you like about MindMeister?

Their application is OK but if you sign up and change your mind, good luck cancelling your subsciption

What do you dislike about MindMeister?

This company is scamming people, I have requested to cancel my account for almost 3 years now and they don't reply. They also don't have a support department and they don't pick up their phone. I highly recommend not to use their application and give your credit card to them. There are many applications that are better and you don't have to put up with this BS!

Ease of use
Value for money
Customer service
Nov 14, 2018

Reply from Oliver at MeisterLabs GmbH:

Hi Mase, thanks for your feedback. First of all, you can cancel your subscription anytime, without having to contact us, via your account settings. If needed, instructions for this can be found in our online help center. Secondly, our dedicated technical support team provides priority e-mail support to paying customers. You can reach them at [email protected] We don't actually offer phone support, but we also don't advertise that we do. Best regards

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