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What is MicroHero Surveys?

Ask questions, get instant answers from your iPhone

MicroHero Surveys is an innovative mobile survey tool for business. There are two ways to use MicroHero: create and track surveys to send to your own list, or send questions to our consumer audience for instant answers. We've made it really easy for you to create surveys from your smartphone. In the board room, or on the go, our interface shows you exactly how your questions will look to your respondents. As responses stream in, watch your data come to life in the palm of your hand, and easily export it to an Excel spreadsheet if you want to dig deeper.It's time to bring surveys into the mobile future.


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MicroHero Surveys Product Overview

Languages Supported: English

Survey & Polling Software Buyer Guide 2022

Product recommendations, vendor rankings, market overview and tips on how to select Survey & Polling software for business. Published in January 2022.

Software in this category creates and runs surveys and often also analyzes the survey results. Businesses can leverage this software to recognize customer pain points, identify strengths and weaknesses, and common patterns. Some advanced software features o...


MicroHero Surveys Pricing Plans

Other pricing information:

Consumer Opinion: $0.10 per question per respondent
My List: Always free up to 100 respondents per survey
9.99/month for unlimited surveys and respondents

Credit card required: No

MicroHero Surveys User Reviews

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"Perfect, fast and easy to use amazing!"

What do you like about MicroHero Surveys?

Hello, what I like most about this app, is that you can access your analytics or just do it from the application, of course they are not very well designed but they are nice to do and fast.
The best thing is that it is economical analytics is updated at the time of each completed surveys.
Another note that your card transactions are safe.

What do you dislike about MicroHero Surveys?

What least pleases me would be not being able to open Hero Survey from the PC, to get the results to the Excel system and save the information, I think they should improve that, or send all the data by mail in an Excel or downloadable file, so that it is more useful.

What have you been using it for and what problems did MicroHero Surveys solve?

If support is very active and I have never had problems with them, the time I reported a payment problem they solved the problem, although the problem was the bank they helped me, I think it is a good system for quick surveys.

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