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What is Metisa?

Metisa turns your e-commerce data into sales using data science. Improve customer retention by 10-50%, increase sales conversion rates by 2-5x and generate repeatable sales.

Metisa enables brands to harness the power of state-of-the-art data science algorithms to retain customers like never before! Trusted by small to large retailers with over US$100 million of sales data.

  • Predictive insights drive smarter marketing strategy

Metisa use machine learning to analyse customer purchases, clickstreams and behavior. We produce predictive insights - recommendations, customer lifetime value (CLV), at-risk probability, customer personas - that drive smarter marketing strategy.

  • Drive sales and retain customers with smarter email automation

Send emails at the right time with content tailored specially for your customers. Experiment with email marketing strategies. Let Metisa automate them to maximise conversions and sales and adapt them based on market conditions. We integrate with your favorite email marketing tools like Mailchimp and Amazon SES.

  • Increase clickthrough rates with product recommendations

Harness state-of-the-art recommendation algorithms used by large retailers like Amazon and increase clickthrough rates by over 2-5x.

  • Your customers in one place

Have an offline store or sell through other channels? Track your customers across multiple sales channels to make decisions based on a single customer view.

  • Metisa

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