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What is MailGun?

MailGun is email automation service built for developers.

MailGun offers transactional APIs that enable users to send, receive and track emails effortlessly from their app. The software supports Python, Ruby, PHP, C#, Node.js or Java languages.

This platform provides a comprehensive web-based email solution for sending, receiving and tracking messages, either sent through websites or applications. Its intelligent routing feature allows developers to know exactly where emails are ending up.

Mailgun's other features include powerful sending tools, smart inbound routing, excellent tracking and analytics, and email validation. Thanks to searchable logs of this software, users can track what is happening to an email, while tagging function enables A/B testing and reporting.

MailGun Awards

MailGun currently scores 89/100 in the Email category. This is based on user satisfaction (88/100), press buzz (57/100), recent user trends (rising), and other relevant information on MailGun gathered from around the web.

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MailGun Review

Editors' Review by the Email Software Review Team

Mailgun is an effective email automation SaaS software service that features a user interface designed specifically for developers and businesses who want to customize their own email solution.

It comes with powerful APIs, email monitoring tools and searchable logs. If you can customize your own solutions, then you can make the most out of Mailgun.

You can code the system to handle larger volumes of emails, pull important data from your emails, and incorporate email automation into your existing framework.

Mailgun is built for developers, offers a 99.9% uptime SLA that is engineered for reliability and provides 24/7 customer service to its users.

Mailgun Homepage

Mailgun Features

Here are the top features that Mailgun provides developers looking to customize email solutions:

Email API 

With email API, you can effortlessly send transactional or bulk email in higher volumes for the right audience.

This works well with SMTP relay and flexible HTTP API. You can also integrate with other popular applications and get started with scheduling, A/B testing and tracking. This includes Java, Python, Ruby on Rails and more.

Under this category, you can benefit from features that increase performance levels and gain insightful data regarding your messages.

Moreover, email API allows you to process inbound emails quicker and easier. Everything from sending, receiving and tracking your emails has its own set of comprehensive features.

Email validation

With this feature, you can validate email addresses before sending your emails.

By avoiding nonexistent email addresses, you do not waste your budget and focus more on promising customers.

Accordingly, Mailgun has one of the fastest validations in the current industry, reducing bounce rates by a total of 21%.


Mailgun has enhanced deliverability features that ensure your emails are sent to the right people at the right time.

This is done with multiple factors such as a custom deliverability strategy, IP and domain reputation tracking, monthly reports regarding performance and a technical account manager (TAM).

Burst sending

This feature lets you send time-sensitive and high-volume emails within record time.

This ensures you can reach a larger audience without having to manually work through the hours. It works with SLA-backed high delivery and efficient messaging infrastructure.

Overall, you can avoid bottlenecks and even set up specific schedules to have these messages sent out.

Inbox placement

Inbox placement lets you predict how well your emails are going to perform and what impending deliverability issues are heading your way. It lets you know everything about your emails.

One such example is where they are landing in particular tabs in Gmail or other email clients. Overall, it is a platform where you access optimized data and dig deeper into deliverability issues.

Mailgun Benefits

Mailgun also provides users and developers with many benefits from using the platform, which include:

Comprehensive solution

Mailgun is an effective email service that has powerful deliverability tools and reliable uptime SLA.

With this software solution, you are given a fast and accurate email validation application where you can focus time and effort on an audience that is most receptive to your emails.

Better deliverability

Moreover, you can deliver more emails at a higher volume and lesser time. This ensures your email performance and deliverability are maintained at optimal levels.

Mailgun is a powerful sending infrastructure that scales to your business needs accordingly and quickly lets you deploy emails using your own code.

Easy-to-use platform

Mailgun is also easy to set up, use and integrate with existing systems. Since it comes with a robust set of APIs and comprehensive documentation, more time is spent on crafting the overall infrastructure for your business.

It should be noted that Mailgun is designed for developers, meaning the customizable features are what make it stand out from other software solutions.

You can start using Mailgun with three easy steps; First, activate your account; Second, set up a domain name and finally deploy the code to get your email service started.

Mailgun Homepage

Mailgun Pricing

Mailgun has five flexible pricing packages for its users. The pricing is straight to the point as it depends primarily on how many emails you plan to send monthly.

You can choose which package fits your business needs the most and sign up to get subscribed immediately.


The first plan offers the most basic features found in Mailgun. It follows a pay-as-you-go feature where you only pay for what you have sent.

As it is the first package and can be considered as a trial version for those still deciding to check out Mailgun, Flex has some special benefits.

During the first three months, you can send out 5,000 free emails per month. If you go beyond 5,000 emails, you will be charged $0.80 per 1,000 emails.

Moreover, you also get to work with features that increase your email marketing services.

This includes suppression management, email tracking along with analytics, 99.99% guaranteed uptime SLA, limited 24/7 ticket support, detailed documentation and five days of log retention.

Additionally, you can also benefit from applications and services such as email APIs, webhooks and SMTP relays.


The next package lets you send, receive and track all emails with minimal effort and time consumed. For 50,000 emails per month, you are charged $35.00. If you exceed the given email count, then you will be charged $0.80 per 1000 emails and $1.20 per 100 validations.

You also get to use some of the features found in Flex such as email services (webhooks, SMTP relays, email APIs), suppression management, email tracking and a 99.99% guaranteed uptime SLA.


The next package includes 100,000 emails for a fixed price of $80.00 per month. It is most suitable for businesses and companies that require optimized deliverability tools and enhanced support.

Just like the previous plan, Growth charges $0.80 for an extra 1000 emails and $1.20 for extra 100 validations.

More features are offered in this package. It now has 1,000 email address validations, 10 inbox placements tests, 15 days log retention and 3-day message retention.


The last package, which is arguably the most comprehensive and feature-rich plan that Mailgun offers, is priced at $90.00 per month.

This includes 100,000 emails and is designed to drive results using an advanced sending platform, full support and enhanced deliverability tools.

You are charged $0.80 if you exceed 1,000 emails and $1.20 for extra 100 validations.

Scale is rich in advanced features and optimized functionalities, all designed to get the most out of an email service and which can be found in the previous plans.

Compared to the previous plan, you can benefit from 5,000 email address validations, 15 inbox placement tests, 30 days of log retention and seven-day message retention.

Other than detailed documentation, 24/7 ticket and instant chat support, you can also contact the sales team through the phone.

Enterprise services

The previous plans are all fixed in terms of how many emails and the monthly price you will be charged.

However, if you need more advanced tools and features such as rapid-fire burst sending, managed deliverability service and custom features, then you can contact the sales team for an enterprise-grade solution.


Overall, Mailgun offers the top transactional email service in the current market, assisting developers and product teams to communicate better with their customers. 

The rich email API and validation features ensure that bulk emails can be sent without delay and without any issue, further improving operations for any users of the platform.

The affordable pricing structure also puts it ahead of the competition, providing users of all use cases with a viable solution for their issues.

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MailGun Product Overview

  • Batch Sending

  • Scheduled Delivery

  • Unsubscribe Handling

  • Complaint Handling

  • Advanced Message Handling

  • Bounce Handling

  • Intelligent Routing/Forwarding

  • Spam Filtering

  • Detailed Email & Event Tracking

  • Geo & Link Performance

Languages Supported: English

MailGun Features

  • API
  • Calendar Management
  • Chat
  • Contact Management
  • Contact Sharing
  • Customer Management
  • Data Export
  • Data Import
  • Email Integration
  • External Integrations
  • Google Apps Integration
  • History/Version Control
  • Marketing Automation
  • Multi-User
  • Notifications
  • Scheduling
  • Supplier Management
MailGun Pricing

MailGun Pricing Plans

0-10,000 emails

  • Sending
  • Receiving
  • Analytics
  • Validation

Next 500,000 emails

per email
  • $0.00050 per Email

Next 1,000,000 emails

per email
  • $0.00035 per Email

Next 5,000,000 emails

per email
  • $0.00015 per Email

Credit card required: No

MailGun FAQs

What platforms does MailGun support?

This is a web-based software.

What is MailGun generally used for?

This service is used as a cloud-based service for receiving, sending, and tracking emails.

Does MailGun offer guides, tutorials and or customer support?

Support: FAQs, Knowledge Base, Online Support, Tickets.

Who are the main user groups of MailGun?

Main users of MailGun are developers that need a simple email API integration, whether they use Python, Ruby, PHP, C#, Node.js or Java.

Does MailGun integrate with any other apps?

Integrations: Zapier,,, Rejoiner, VisitorTrack, Stamplay, Salesmachine, Influx MD, Notion, Imagine Mobile Church, Unitdash, Xplenty, Clevertim, Parse, DailyStory, Akita.

Does MailGun offer an API?

Yes, MailGun offers API.

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