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Editors' Review by the Email Marketing Software Review Team

mailfloss is an advanced email verification platform where email marketers, e-commerce shops and businesses of all sizes can automate email validation. You don’t need to use APIs or spreadsheets with this solution. Additionally, it’s a cloud-based and fully automated platform where users can enjoy several benefits and a multitude of features. This includes automated daily unsubscribes, tagging options, detailed reporting, disposable email detection, bulk email verification and spam detection.

What makes mailfloss different than other email verification platforms is the fact that it aims to automate and simplify the processes behind verifying your emails. If done manually, this becomes time-consuming and error-prone. To avoid having to deal with this drawn-out process, businesses and companies often make use of mailfloss to maximize email deliverability and ROI.

mailfloss currently integrates with a wide range of email service providers including MailChimp, Ontraport, HubSpot, Campaign Monitor, AWeber, Constant Contact, Infusionsoft, ActiveCampaign, CovertKit, Drip, Klaviyo, Sendlane, Sendinblue, MailerLite, and Moosend.

Email verification is a crucial process in improving the security of email accounts. It helps establish communication between a business and its customers. Without it, it’s difficult to engage your clients and build a strong relationship with them. Additionally, this helps in identifying if the email entered is authentic. Many people might’ve accidentally entered an old email or misspelled their address. To avoid this, the process of email verifying becomes crucial. This also helps to protect the reputation of your email addresses as bounces are made much easier to avoid.

All that’s required to get started with mailfloss is the following steps:

  • Connecting your email service provider with mailfloss
  • Letting mailfloss automatically clean your emails
  • Customizing which categories need to be automated

mailfloss Features

Bulk email verification

mailfoss can easily manage the verification of emails regardless of batch size. Users can either simply connect mailfloss to their email service provider and let it run automatically or avail of prepaid credits for one-time bulk verifications. Additionally, since mailfloss allows for individual credit purchases covering up to 2.5 million emails there is effectively no limit as far as the majority of users will be concerned.

Overall, this significantly reduces the amount of time it would usually take to finish these verification tasks if they were done manually.

Disposable email detection

This second feature allows you to detect disposable email addresses, which aren’t useful for your business. These are commonly used by people who don’t want to provide their real email addresses. By detecting this early on you can prevent, for example, people from abusing the free plans your business offers⁠—which otherwise could affect the conversion ratio of trial customers to paying ones.

Spam trap detection

This works as a fraud management tool that helps you identify and block spammers from your system. Often, you’ll find your emails being marked as spam, which harms your business as you won’t be able to reach your customers through their main inboxes. Without spam trap detection, your bounce rate will increase and your IP addresses could be added to a blacklist database.

Role-based detection

mailfloss allows you to identify role-based email addresses. By identifying them, you can avoid high bounce rates, spam traps and high spam complaints. As such, mailfloss makes it easier to reach email addresses associated with real people instead of companies or departments.

Syntax validation

Syntax validation utilizes a real-time API where your service can scan all email addresses in your list. It helps to identify faulty email addresses and hold them for closer inspection. This ensures you’ll be dealing with authentic and correct emails instead of erroneous ones.

mailfloss email verification

mailfloss Benefits

User-friendly interface

The mailfloss platform is simple to navigate. You can also deploy it easily and quickly without needing developer assistance. Once it’s been set up, users can sit back and watch as the application works seamlessly in the background.

Popular integrations

mailfloss offers several integrations with popular applications. Recent updates help you clean email lists with Moosend, verify your email addresses with MailerLite and use drip email verification with Drip. This gives you more options on which platform to use for your business.

Focus less on invalid emails

Having mailfloss lets you worry less about your errors and focus more on improving your email deliverability and ROI. Dealing with invalid emails and manually correcting them is a stressful experience to have. You don’t have to go through with that since you can rely on mailfloss to automate and simplify the email verification process.

mailfloss email integration setup

mailfloss Pricing

mailfloss has three subscription plans for users to choose from. You can subscribe to these plans for daily email verification and a thorough clean-up. These plans offer a 7-day free trial, which is enough time for users to check its features and functionalities. mailfloss also offers a monthly and annual payment method. With the annual plan, you get two months for free.

Launch Lite

Priced at $17 per month, this package limits you to 10,000 scanned emails per month. You can also benefit from an automatic daily clean-up along with decay protection (which automatically removes invalid emails) and whitelist/blacklist options (allows for fine-grained verification controls). This plan also has a single ESP integration, Zapier access and an auto-remove feature for invalid emails. The ESP integration lets you connect to mailfloss’ support email service providers.

With this plan, for email surplus, you pay $0.005 per email and you have a 10% discount off prepaid credit purchases.

Launch Business

With a monthly price of $49, users can experience more advanced features in Launch Business. It has all the tools and functions found in the previous plan. The key difference is that it’s been upgraded to fit a larger organization. Instead of 10,000 scanned emails per month, users have 25,000 scanned emails. More upgraded tools include 10 ESP integrations and category exclusions for auto unsub/delete. This latter feature lets you choose which failed categories you want automatically removed.

Under Launch Business, each email surplus is priced at $0.003 and 15% is shaved off prepaid credit purchases.

Launch Pro

This final plan costs $200 per month. It has the most advanced and feature-rich package in this solution. With an increase of 125,000 scanned emails per month and unlimited ESP integrations, users get to make the most out of this package. For the surplus, you must pay $0.001 per email. On the other hand, you also get to enjoy a 20% discount off prepaid credit purchases. Additional features include auto-update custom fields and tags.

Users are free to cancel their subscription plans at any time. mailfloss accepts credit card payments from the following portals: Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. Credit card information is a necessity in signing up for mailfloss.


Manually tracking email addresses and sending verification codes to several people can take up several hours and is often considered a tedious task to do. However, you still need to verify the emails your customers use since this is often the only form of communication you’ll have with them. Sending emails to your audience is also relatively cheap and instant, which is why many organizations adopt this method.

If you’re looking for an email verification platform to streamline the validation process, mailfloss should certainly be considered. It aims to work for you within the first 60 seconds of setup and provides 99% accuracy in terms of email deliverability. Additionally, 100,000 emails can be managed within a single hour with the help of mailfloss. This ensures a fast and accurate system with minimal operational hassle.

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