What is Logoshi?

Logoshi turns your sketch into a simple and modern logo that you can download and use for just $5.

Logoshi is a logo creation web app that turns your sketch into a modern logo that you can purchase rights to use for $5.

The site is simple, straight-forward, and easy to use-- create a logo in seconds!

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Logoshi currently scores 75/100 in the Logo Design category. This is based on user satisfaction (100/100), press buzz (38/100), recent user trends (falling), and other relevant information on Logoshi gathered from around the web.

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Logoshi Review

Editors' Review by the Logo Design Software Review Team

Logoshi is a web-based software that enables users to create logos for their business even without any experience in design, or any artistic skills. It was developed so companies do not need to hire a professional designer or learn Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop in order to get a high-resolution logo that would fit the company’s brand and style.

Logoshi Features

When using Logoshi, users just need to go to the website and access the logo maker. Once on the platform, there are fields where the user is able to input the company name, slogan, and the initials. Only the field for the company logo is required to actually create a design—the other two fields are optional. Once done, users only have to click the “make logos” button and the software solution will generate several sample logos for the user to choose from.

If the user finds none of the offered designs pass muster, he or she can click on “make more logos” and several more designs will be shown. If the user sees one he likes, he/she then has the option to further customize it by editing the fonts, colors, and spacing. When the fine-tuning option is selected, users are taken to another part of Logoshi, where they can further tweak the color of the company name, slogan, and initials.

Fonts may then be adjusted, as well as the size of the slogan and the initials. The alignment between the three elements of the logo may be adjusted as well and as mentioned before, the spacing between each element can be tweaked too. The information entered into the fields previously may be edited here as well and once everything is to the user’s satisfaction, he/she can then download the logo and be taken to the payment page detailing the payment plans of Logoshi, as well as what formats are included with what bundle.

For those who were unable to find the right design back in the logo maker, they also have the option to either try to draw their own logo or even create a logo from a selection of icons. For sketching their own logo, users are able to manipulate a paintbrush-like tool to create a rough sketch of a logo. They can adjust the thickness of the brush as well as choose the color. Once done, the user then goes to the fine-tuning page wherein they can also adjust the fonts, colors, and spacing.

If the users wish, they are also able to use an icon for their logo. Logoshi has quite an extensive collection of icons, which number more than a million so this should not be a problem. The icons are arranged by theme alphabetically. Anything from airplanes to knives as well as lighters to zebras, users will find a plethora of icons that just might go well with their company’s branding. When the user is satisfied, they will be taken to the payment page to select which one they want to go with.

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Logoshi Benefits

The main beneficial aspect of Logoshi is how it is so easy to use that anyone can utilize it to create their own logo. As a result of its intuitive interface, users who already have a clear picture of what logo they want to create can have it within minutes. Hiring a professional who actually practiced and studied for years will usually entail a higher cost. With Logoshi, companies are able to create quality designs themselves, and at a cost-efficient price.

Another great feature of this software is how the user can dictate how the logo will look—he or she gets to see the design before purchasing it. Usually, when bringing in a graphic designer, companies will pay the professional, tell him what their vision of the logo is, and hope for the best. Though it will most likely end in a great design of high quality, Logoshi’s “see before you pay” system is the more appealing proposition. Moreover, users who opt for the higher priced bundles have access to the many formats the Blogger and Entrepreneur packages offer.

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Logoshi Pricing

There are three pricing plans available for those who are interested in creating their own logo with Logoshi. The first plan, called Hobbyist, costs $5 and only includes a black-on-white high-resolution logo in PNG format.

The next plan, Blogger, costs $29 and includes the ability to make full-color logos on:

  • A white, hi-res background in PNG/SVG format
  • A transparent, hi-res background in PNG format
  • A white trimmed, hi-res background in PNG format and
  • A transparent, trimmed, hi-res background in PNG format.

Lastly, Logoshi offers a $30 payment mode called Entrepreneur. Aside from everything the previous two packages offer, this bundle also enables users to create:

  • Black-on-white hi-res logos in both PNG and SVG formats
  • Black-on-transparent hi-res background in PNG format
  • Black-on-white trimmed hi-res background in PNG format
  • Black-on-transparent trimmed hi-res background in PNG format
  • White-on-black hi-res background in both PNG and SVG formats
  • White-on-transparent hi-res background in PNG format
  • White-on-transparent trimmed hi-res background in PNG format and
  • White-on-colored hi-res background in both PNG and SVG formats.

The more expensive packages are the more desirable ones, of course, thanks to their wider array of capabilities. Moreover, colored logos with either a white or transparent background are said to be best for signs, websites, billboards, business cards, and apps. These also come with the square-trimmed versions to fit wherever users want to put them on.

For the black logo with either a transparent or white background, they would be suited for black-and-white prints like receipts and invoices. A white logo with a transparent or black background suits printing on window decals and dark t-shirts. Both of these also come with the square-cropped versions.

Lastly, if ever a typo was discovered only after payment, or if an updated version of the logo is needed, users only need to email the developer and he will provide them with an updated version free of charge.


When looking for software similar to Logoshi, users are usually the ones who have little to no knowledge of graphic design and artistic styles. However, what they do have is a vision of what they want their logo to look like and with Logoshi that is all they are going to need. They need only enter the fields with their company name, and for everything else, they only use their imagination and the mouse to create their ideal logo. As a result of this, Logoshi is definitely worth a try.

Logoshi Product Overview

  • 10 font and logo options for every sketch

  • Modern design

Languages Supported: English
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