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LambdaTest Reviewed

Editors' Review by the Testing Software Review Team

LambdaTest is a scalable cloud-based cross-browser testing cloud software solution. It is designed for users to perform automated and live interactive testing on more than 2,000 real browsers and operating systems online. It is suitable for an audience that includes digital marketing creative agencies, web design and development companies and internet-based businesses.

LambdaTest Features

LambdaTest offers a variety of features and tools equipped to handle even the most complicated processes. This includes ensuring websites and applications are functional and compatible across different platforms. It also provides users with the ability to deploy projects and test websites on multiple operating systems in different screen resolutions. Overall, it improves the testing experience, lessening headaches and stress for web development agencies.

The features found in LambdaTest software solution includes the following:

Live testing

This feature basically allows you to perform live interactive browser testing on several operating systems and browsing environment. When it comes to deploying projects, it’s crucial to have instant access to your desired web browsers and operating systems. This allows you to test out how the real machines handle your websites and take note of any issues and bugs experienced when using certain resolutions.

Access to latest desktop and mobile browsers

LambdaTest gives you access to several latest versions of desktop and mobile browsers and operating systems. This includes Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. What this feature does is it allows you to test out your website or website application in different environments. One thing that LambdaTest boasts about is their constant updates on the latest versions of the browsers. If you’re looking to improve the functionality of your website applications across different channels, then this feature is a must-have for your testing platform.

Integrated bugging

LambdaTest comes with tools designed to identify bugs and issues and resolve them quickly. An example of this is Firebug. When you’re live testing a website, integrated developer tools are there to help you debug any rising issues plaguing your application.

Automated screenshots

Screenshots are easier to take with LambdaTest’s own automated screenshot API feature. With this helpful tool, you can capture headless screenshots in bulk or groups without being required to log into the platform itself. It also lets you perform visual cross-browser compatibility across different browsers and channels just by adding your selected configurations.

Issue tracker

The last helpful tool you can make use of in LambdaTest software solution is its very own inbuilt issue tracker. This feature makes up for a lack of third-party bug management tool and assists you in identifying, tracking and managing bugs straight from the platform itself. This is done by marking bugs and sharing their details via email, Slack or PDF. Later, you can even filter out these said bugs through a pre-determined basis of priority, project, assignee, date and status.

LambdaTest dashboard analytics ui

LambdaTest Benefits

Accelerated development process

When it comes to project deployment and web testing, several team members are expected to work within the same time frame. However, the entire process can be delayed if you don’t have the right platform to test out certain features. With LambdaTest, these issues are eliminated.

You get to work smarter and faster. The automated system also lets you deploy projects flawlessly. This accelerates the entire development process. It doesn’t necessarily mean each process is hastily done, however. This solution includes Firebug, which helps identify any certain bugs and issues in the codes. Any problems you encounter can be swiftly resolved within a small timeframe.

Well-equipped system

Other than having a faster deployment process, users get to enjoy a well-rounded and well-equipped system. The tools within its operations ensure web developers that their websites and applications reach top-tier quality. As mentioned before in the previous benefit, some tools exist to further simplify the issue-resolving functionality. You get to work with a scalable and responsive system catered to your deployment needs. This means you get to resolve issues as you continue to work on long-term projects.

Live bug logging

Live bug logging refers to the solution’s ability to assist developers in tracking and taking note of technical issues as they go. This is quite helpful in a teamwork-based environment where several people can’t move onto the next task without resolving any previous issues. Constant communication is necessary in order to improve the quality of the websites being deployed. With live bug logging, you get to backtrack any errors and use them as lessons for future purposes.

24/7 Support

Lastly, another factor that benefits all users get to enjoy is the constant support LambdaTest offers. They have a 24/7 support team with expert technicians just waiting for you to contact them. You can do so through email, live chat and phone call. If you don’t wish to do use any of those channels, support tickets can also be filed. Just explain what the problem is and LambdaTest’s support team will do their best to resolve it for you.

LambdaTest desktop mobile browsers

LambdaTest Pricing

When users decide to subscribe to any of the pricing plans LambdaTest offers, they are faced with a series of options. They can either decide between an annual or monthly plan with the software solution offering 20% savings when subscribing to annual plans. Other than the payment intervals, users can also decide between four pricing plans: lite, live, web automation and web and mobile browser automation.

The four pricing plans have differences in the features and functionalities they offer. For Lite, it provides users with a freemium lifetime version of the product. It’s paired with 60 minutes per month of real-time browser testing, 10 screenshots of tests per month, 24×7 support and free 200 automation minutes for 15 days.

On the other hand, live versions are priced at $15 per month, if billed annually. In this version, you get a variety of features. They include unlimited real-time browser testing, unlimited screenshot testing, third-party integrations and unlimited responsive testing.

For web automation, it starts at $79 per month if users chose the annual plan. This plan includes a live version. Additionally, features included are unlimited automation testing, unlimited real-time browsing testing, unlimited responsive testing and more.

And then users can also subscribe to the most popular pricing plan LambdaTest offers, which is the web and mobile browser automation version. It’s priced at $99 per month if billed annually. Just like in the previous plan, it also includes live functionalities. It offers the same features as web automation. The only difference is that you can include mobile applications as well.

Other than those four, there is also an enterprise plan which allows 25+ concurrent sessions. With this plan, you can have unlimited browser automation testing, 24/7 expert technical support, third-party integrations, private grid and dedicated account manager.

If you’re interested in what LambdaTest has to offer, you can pay for these services through all types of credit and debit cards.


If you’re looking for a fully functional and automated web-based software solution to perform live testing, then you should consider LambdaTest as a strong contender. With powerful features that allow users to test their websites and applications, the pros outweigh the cons. You can deploy projects and tasks more efficiently and easily with fewer challenges along the way.

At the end of the day, LambdaTest only seeks to improve the way you do your work. Its features are catered to accelerate the development process and provide web developers with essential tools. Overall, testing projects and assessing software can now be done with relative ease.

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