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What is Klenty?

Klenty is a sales automation and lead generation software for inside sales reps to send personalized emails and automated follow-ups at scale.

Klenty is a software product that helps B2B sales reps to prospect, outreach & follow-up at scale. Using Klenty, your sales team can generate more leads and increase sales conversions with reduced manual efforts.

With Klenty, you can effortlessly:

  1. Search and build a list of prospects
  2. Find their official email ids
  3. Send personalized one-to-one cold emails
  4. Set automated follow-ups at scale
  5. Track email opens, clicks and replies and more

Klenty has over 600+ happy customers across 25 countries.

Klenty Awards

Klenty currently scores 90/100 in the Lead Generation category. This is based on user satisfaction (92/100), press buzz (44/100), recent user trends (rising), and other relevant information on Klenty gathered from around the web.

The score for this software has improved over the past month. What is this?
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Klenty Review

Editors' Review by the Lead Generation Software Review Team

Klenty is an intent-based sales engagement software solution designed to help sales teams customize and personalize their customer outreach campaigns based on intent and repeatable sales strategies.

This sales engagement software gives users the ability to automate repetitive tasks and processes, as well as create a smart and repeatable sales marketing strategy. The platform makes it possible to reach out across multiple channels and prioritize prospects or leads that are ready to be engaged. Users may also dynamically transfer or move other leads into personalized cadences and create intent. With powerful integrations, they can accelerate workflows and empower the sales team to make them more productive and efficient with the appropriate balance between automation and personalization.

Klenty is an effective sales prospecting and outreach solution. It can be used for discovering leads from different social media platforms and from social media profiles themselves. You can use it to extract profiles with a single click and locate official contact information such as email addresses. You may also use Klenty’s email cadences to send emails with follow-ups. The software integrates with your Microsoft Outlook and Office 365 accounts, as well as your Gmail and Google Apps for business accounts. It is also capable of integrating with Salesforce, Pipedrive and other CRM systems.

Klenty comes with a Google Chrome extension that works seamlessly with your Gmail account to allow email tracking, provide templates and deliver other functionalities directly from the email service. It enables you and your team to send personalized emails and automate related repetitive tasks like follow-ups. At first glance when you load the page, one of the first things you will notice is the simplicity of the user interface. It’s clean and well laid out. There is nothing that stands out too much that it draws your focus away from the main point of the page.

From the start, you can clearly see that the platform is designed for and meant to be used by sales teams. So, it goes without saying that the user interface does not have confusing elements that will only interfere with the team’s initial experience and performance.

Klenty Features

Klenty is equipped with a multitude of features that are specifically tailored for any sales team, regardless of their size or experience level. The following are some of the core features that you should take into account when deciding whether to go with this sales engagement platform or not:

Prospect management solution

This is perhaps one of the first features that you will come across when signing up for the software solution. Prospect management is designed to help you and your sales team to keep track of each individual prospect, maintaining proper organization and allowing you to see which stage of the journey each prospect or lead is currently at. The prospect management feature is equipped with a few key components and capabilities, such as collision detection, duplicate detection and clean dashboards.

The dashboards in this particular feature are designed to provide you with a detailed view of the status of every prospect. The collision detection component is meant to eliminate or avoid situations where multiple sales reps are contacting the same lead simultaneously, which can be detrimental to its successful conversion. Duplicate detection is essentially a housekeeping tool. Its purpose is to sniff out duplicate leads or prospects within the system and either remove the duplicate or merge the two profiles together for more complete prospect data.

The prospect management feature also allows for filter customization, with an unlimited number of custom fields and tags for all available leads.

Customer relationship management (CRM) integrations

The ability to integrate with other existing third-party systems is a crucial aspect in any software solution, including sales engagement and prospecting platforms like Klenty. With that said, Klenty is capable of seamlessly integrating with several CRM platforms, including Salesforce, Pipedrive, Freshsales, HubSpot and Zoho. Through seamless integration, any of these CRM solutions will allow you to easily import contacts to your Klenty account, export prospect data from Klenty as leads, synchronize your emails and utilize triggers in order to set up key processes and tasks.

These integrations are crucial to ensuring a consistent and up-to-date prospect database. The best part about all this is that you don’t even have to do anything, since the platforms will handle the entire process through automation, saving you and your team a lot of time and effort.

Email campaign tools

When it comes to sales and marketing, one of the most crucial elements in the whole process is the implementation of proper email campaigns. Now, if you’ve ever conducted mass outreach programs or email campaigns before, then you are fully aware of the fact that the entire process can be quite overwhelming and very time-consuming, especially when it’s done without the help of automation tools like it was a number of years back. Sending emails to multiple recipients without automation is perhaps the most tiresome and time-consuming process any sales team will experience.

Klenty is equipped with an email automation feature designed to make your email campaigns not just quick and easy, but more efficient and practical as well. The feature can even be customized to suit your requirements. A unique reply detection function is also available, which you can utilize to detect replies from recipients. The system will then automatically stop the campaign once it detects the prospect’s reply and feedback. This will help prevent the system from spamming your prospects or leads with emails that they’ve already answered.

Click-to-call functionality

This is a good feature to have in any sales engagement platform, especially when you or your sales team are in a position where there is a need to call your prospects, it can easily be done within the Klenty platform. This particular feature goes beyond convenience and into practicality as it helps eliminate or at least reduce the need for multi-platform usage. Phone numbers are also available for purchase directly from Klenty, which you can then assign to different users.

Being able to localize your calls should provide your operation some validity and make your business look more professional. This is one of the main reasons why the platform allows you to choose phone numbers from a wide variety of regions and countries. The feature also lets you record and store calls for future reference, which only adds to the platform’s value and efficiency.

Gmail plugin feature

Klenty is a sales engagement platform that supports Gmail users through its well-built plugin. With the Gmail plugin, you should be able to easily schedule emails, send smart follow-ups, activate alerts and reminders, as well as customize your emails and signatures. You also have the option to import your signatures and templates directly from Klenty, which can help make sure you or your sales team will always have creativity and avoid writing the same boring emails over and over.

Klenty UI

Klenty Benefits

Offers convenience when managing contacts and leads

Finding contacts and discovering new leads and prospects for your business might be easier nowadays, as there are a lot of resources available that you can tap into. However, engaging those leads and successfully converting them into paying customers or clients is a different story. It might not be as easy or straightforward as you think. This is where Klenty comes in. The platform is designed to help you manage your contacts and prospects, from the initial stages all the way to conversion.

The software can facilitate lead management from the time the prospect was imported to the system to sending follow-up emails all the way to determining which of the leads have responded to the initial email. It also ensures every step of the process of converting leads is covered, so your sales team can convert prospects into loyal customers as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Easy and seamless integration with popular CRMs

Klenty supports seamless integration with some of the most popular and widely used CRM platforms in the market, including Freshsales, HubSpot, Pipedrive, Salesforce and Zoho. You can easily import your contacts and prospect database through the platform and CRM solution you are currently using. You also get access to automatic triggers and other relevant actions within the Klenty platform, which should help you develop a more streamlined workflow with your CRM of choice.

Comprehensive report tracking and dashboard for monitoring activities

You get real-time updates of your sales team’s productivity and performance level, which is crucial to ensuring the success of your email campaigns and other sales initiatives. The dashboard gives you all the information you need to be able to make the right decisions. The real-time monitoring function allows you to view not just team performance, buy website views as well.

Klenty Pricing

Klenty has three pricing options available: Startup, Growth and Enterprise. The Startup package starts at $35/user/month, the Growth plan is at $60/user/month, while the Enterprise option is valued at $100/user/month. All prices are based on the annual billing option. You may visit the vendor’s website for more information about their subscription packages and pricing.


Klenty is a feature-rich sales engagement platform that empowers sales teams to build and develop more sustainable and repeatable sales outreach programs. It is equipped with the right tools to help elevate mediocre sales performance to winning campaigns. The software is relatively simple and easy to use. It’s reasonably priced, so there’s no reason for you not to try it or at least check it out.

Lead Generation Market Radar

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Klenty Product Overview

  • Automated Follow-ups

  • Personalized outreach yet scalable

  • Reduced manual efforts in updating CRM’s

  • Email workflow based on actions.

Languages Supported: English

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Klenty Features

  • A/B Testing
  • API
  • Audience Targeting
  • Budgeting
  • Calendar Management
  • Contact Management
  • Contact Sharing
  • CRM Integration
  • Customer Management
  • Dashboard
  • Data Export
  • Data Import
  • Data Visualization
  • Email Integration
  • Expense Tracking
  • External Integrations
  • Forecasting
  • Google Apps Integration
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Lead Management
  • Lead Scoring
  • Marketing Automation
  • Multi-Currency
  • Multi-User
  • Notifications
  • Project Management
  • Referral Tracking
  • Scheduling
  • Social-Media Integration
  • Supplier Management
  • Third-Party Plugins/Add-Ons
  • Travel Management
  • Call Recording
  • Call Tracking
  • Call Disposition
  • Softphone
  • Sales Motivator
  • Click-to-Dial
Klenty Pricing

Klenty Pricing Plans


1 user(s) / month
  • Email Cadences/ Automated Followups
  • Add Prospects From Google Sheets/ CSV
  • Automatically Detect Replies
  • Gmail Plugin
  • CRM Import/ Export: Pipedrive And Freshsales CRM
  • API Access


1 user(s) / month
  • All the features of Tall plan
  • Import/Export From Salesforce CRM
  • Advanced CRM Integration Features Including: Klenty Triggers & CRM Actions
  • Start Cadence From CRM
  • Map Custom Fields
  • Calendly Integration
  • Advanced Cadence Features
  • Click To Call


1 user(s) / month
  • All the features of Grande plan
  • Connect Up To 2 Additional Email Accounts For Each User
  • Website Tracking

Plans starting from: $25.00/month Credit card required: No

Klenty FAQs

Does Klenty integrate with any other apps?


What are some applications Klenty is commonly used in tandem with?


Who are the main user groups of Klenty?

B2B Inside Sales Teams.

Does Klenty offer multi-user capability (e.g. teams)?

Yes: Klenty offers multi-user capability.

Does Klenty offer an API?


What is Klenty generally used for?

It is used for *lead prospecting, prospect management, personalized yet automated outreach and follow up. *

Does Klenty offer guides, tutorials and or customer support?

Yes: a Blog and Knowledge base

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