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JangoMail Reviewed

Editors' Review by the Email Marketing Software Review Team

JangoMail is a cloud-based email marketing software that helps businesses create and send newsletters, promotional emails, and transactional messages. With JangoMail, businesses can create effective emails with ease, track results in real time, and scale their email campaigns to reach more people. JangoMail offers a wide range of features, including customizable templates, tracking and reporting tools, and a built-in contact management system. JangoMail also integrates with several third-party applications, making it a versatile solution for businesses of all sizes. 

With JangoMail, users can segment lists into different groups, so they can send targeted messages to each group. JangoMail enables users to automate some email marketing tasks, such as sending welcome messages to new subscribers. The email marketing software offers users the ability to create and manage multiple email accounts from a single interface. This can be a great time saver for users who need to keep track of multiple email inboxes, and it also eliminates the need to switch between different email applications or tabs. 

The email marketing software offers competitive pricing, making it a cost-effective option for businesses that need to send a large number of emails. JangoMail provides users with powerful tools for managing their contacts and calendars. These features, combined with JangoMail’s robust spam filtering and virus protection, make it a worthy choice for those who are looking for a reliable and user-friendly email service provider.

JangoMail Features

JangoMail is an email marketing software that provides users with a suite of powerful tools to create and send highly personalized email campaigns. The following are just some of the key features users can expect from JangoMail:

Agency setup

This feature is a great way to organize contacts and keep track of your sending history. With agency setup, users can create multiple sub accounts under a master account. Each sub-account can have its own unique settings, such as sender name, reply-to address, and signature. This way, users can easily segment contacts and tailor messages to each group. JangoMail gives users the ability to view their sending history for each subaccount. This can help troubleshoot any delivery issues that users may experience. 

Private label service

JangoMail allows customers to brand their email communications with their logos and colors. This feature is especially helpful for businesses that want to maintain a consistent brand identity across all of their communications. This feature provides customers with a dedicated IP address and domain name, giving businesses more control over their email deliverability and reputation.

Transactional email

JangoMail’s transactional email feature is a powerful tool that can help improve email deliverability. Transactional emails are those that are sent in response to a specific action that a user has taken, such as signing up for a newsletter or making a purchase. With this feature, you can send an email to your customers with their purchase details, tracking information, and any other important information. 

WYSIWYG email editor

JangoMail’s WYSIWYG email editor allows users to create and edit HTML email content. With this feature, you can see how your email will look before you send it, making it easy to design emails that are uniform on all devices. It also makes it easy to add images, links, and other media to your email content. This JangoMail feature is compatible with all major web browsers. 

Live database connections

JangoMail’s live database connections feature allows users to connect to their database in real-time, helping them send emails directly to their subscribers as they are added or updated. This is a great way to keep subscribers up-to-date with the latest information and help manage an email list more effectively.

Opt-in form creator

This feature is an efficient way to collect contact information from website visitors. Users can create forms that allow visitors to sign up for their mailing list or request more information about their products or services. The forms are easy to create and can be customized to match the look and feel of an organization’s website. The forms can be integrated with their JangoMail account so that all collected data is automatically added to their contact list. 

Robust API

JangoMail’s API is designed to give users maximum flexibility when it comes to integrating JangoMail with their existing systems. The API allows users to access all of JangoMail’s features and functions, including the ability to send and receive emails, manage contacts, and create and manage campaigns. The API also makes it possible for developers to create custom applications that integrate with JangoMail, giving them the ability to add new features and functionality as needed.

Delivery test

This feature is a valuable tool for users who want to ensure that their messages are being delivered to the intended recipients. JangoMail’s delivery test works by sending a message to a designated email address and then monitoring the delivery status of the message. If the message is not delivered, JangoMail will provide a report on why the message was not delivered and suggest steps that can be taken to improve deliverability. This feature also allows users to troubleshoot any issues that may be causing emails to be blocked or filtered as spam. 

Dedicated IPs

JangoMail’s dedicated IPs feature allows users to send emails using a unique IP address that is not shared with other JangoMail customers. It helps improve deliverability because the emails will not be coming from a shared IP address that could be on a blacklist. It can give users more control over their reputation because they will not be impacted by the actions of other JangoMail customers. 


This feature helps users understand the geographical distribution of their email list. With geotracking, users can see not only where their subscribers are located but also how engaged they are with the email content. In addition to location data, users will also be able to see which subscribers are opening their emails multiple times and which ones are forwarding messages to others. With this information, users can fine-tune their email content and target messages more effectively.

JangoMail Benefits

The email marketing software helps organizations reach their target audience with the use of built-in tools and integrations. With JangoMail, users can create and send newsletters, announcements, and other email communications with ease. Users can experience the following benefits when using JangoMail:

Ease of use 

JangoMail’s interface is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, even for those with little experience using email marketing software. This makes it easy to create and send messages, track their performance, and manage subscribers. JangoMail offers a wide range of features that can be used to customize messages and target specific audiences. Businesses that use JangoMail can benefit from its simplicity while still being able to take advantage of its powerful marketing capabilities.

Branding control

JangoMail offers users complete control over their branding, from the sender name and address to the reply-to address. This level of control ensures that all communications reflect the company’s desired image and brand, whether they are sent to customers, prospects, or other businesses. Additionally, the software’s extensive customization options allow users to create branded email templates that can be used for both one-off messages and ongoing campaigns. 

Tracking and analytics

The email marketing software provides users with powerful tracking and analytics tools to help them understand how their email campaigns are performing. By tracking open and click-through rates, users can see which messages are resonating with their audience and make necessary adjustments to improve results. JangoMail’s detailed reports provide valuable insights into the behavior of subscribers, such as which links they click on and what devices they use to read emails. This information can be used to refine future campaigns and ensure that subscribers are receiving the most relevant and engaging content possible. Ultimately, JangoMail’s tracking and analytics features give users the ability to refine their email marketing efforts for maximum impact.

Anti-spam policy

JangoMail takes a strict stance on spam, only permitting users to send emails to contacts with pre-existing relationships. This policy helps protect both JangoMail users and recipients of messages from unwanted and unsolicited emails. By only allowing users to send messages to their direct contacts, JangoMail is able to maintain high deliverability rates and avoid being flagged as a source of spam. This policy helps ensure that JangoMail messages are relevant and valuable to the recipient, increasing the likelihood that they will be read and acted upon. 

JangoMail Pricing

JangoMail offers flexible prices to suit your sending requirements. Interested parties may contact their sales team on their official website for customized pricing. Their standard pricing is based on the number of emails sent per monthly usage period and they offer prospective users a free trial that includes all account features as well as customer support. 


JangoMail is a comprehensive email marketing solution that offers users a variety of features that help them stay connected and manage their email campaigns efficiently. JangoMail also offers various integrations, including CRM systems, eCommerce platforms, and webinar software. It provides a total API that allows businesses to connect JangoMail with their systems and applications. The software offers competitive pricing that can be tailored to the demands of any organization. JangoMail is a flexible and versatile tool that can be used to upscale email marketing campaigns.

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