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Intellek LMS Reviewed

Editors' Review by the Learning Management System (LMS) Software Review Team

Intellek LMS is a cloud-based learning management system SaaS that serves as a blended and customizable one-stop shop solution for monitoring, management and reporting on learning and development.

Intellek LMS, formerly TutorPro, is a feature-rich SaaS learning management system designed to facilitate both basic and complex requirements of any business model. This cloud-based LMS is capable of supporting the learning needs of any organization, regardless of size and scale. In addition to LMS, the software also provides a digital adoption platform, an authoring tool, as well as a comprehensive courseware library to multiple global sectors. It offers features such as synchronous learning, blended learning, SCORM compliance, robust calendar functionality, learner links and gamification—all within one secure and unified platform.

Intellek, as an organization, provides a robust set of tried and tested products tailored for learning management, having been among the pioneering members of the eLearning industry since way back the late 1980s and early 90s. The team behind Intellek is divided between the US and the UK regions, effectively offering more comprehensive support for both sides of the Atlantic. Its feature-rich calendar function and complete library is specifically tailored to facilitate a blended learning strategy within any type of business.

The cloud-based platform enables the creation and proper setup of various learning paths in an effort to enhance the induction process as well as staff/client onboarding. This is further strengthened by the addition of several prerequisites and equiveillance, which effectively delivers the necessary processes and structure for new hires. Intellek LMS offers a certain level of configurability, resulting in a more flexible and tailored solution, while implementing learner links and course ratings encourage a shared learning process.

Intellek LMS has the capacity to unify every learning resource within an organization, resulting in the creation of a truly unified and immersive learning environment for the administrative, management and workforce sectors. It provides learners as well as the educators with a single source of information and resources that they can all take advantage of and share with other learners. The LMS solution has a user-interface that is simple yet highly intuitive, making it easier for administrators, employees, customers and service users to navigate and engage with the platform.

The learning path functionality works to transform the induction process, which maximizes the time spent training and educating new hires so they become more productive and efficient in their jobs with the least amount of time and effort.

Intellek LMS Features

Intellek’s cloud-based learning management system is a SaaS platform that serves as a blended learning one-stop shop for different types of businesses and organizations. It is a highly customizable LMS solution that gives its users the ability to effectively manage, monitor as well as report on the various learning and development initiatives of their organization. All of which are conducted from a unified, intuitive and user-friendly training management platform. Intellek LMS is equipped with a wide variety of features and capabilities that make it a standout among other products in its category.

Real-time data visualization

Intellek LMS is equipped with the necessary tools that allow managers and administrators to create real-time dashboards that display up-to-date information for all types of users, specifically learners, customers, instructors, contributors and other stakeholders. This information includes, but not limited to learning paths, ongoing/available courses as well as user activity and performance. With such functionality, admins are able to utilize interactive dashboards that provide them with the ability to initiate important calls to action in a quick and efficient manner. In fact, completing a specific call to action at any given moment is just a single click away.

Customizable and intuitive user interface

Intellek LMS features a highly customizable and intuitive user interface, making this cloud-based learning management system that much easier to adopt and use. The LMS system is only easy to customize, but it also gives managers and administrators the ability to deliver a more tailored journey for their end users, which are mostly new hires, new team members and newly promoted personnel. A feature such as this should allow such users to find relevant learning sources and materials faster and with relative ease. Other tools and functions such as personal records, in-progress learning and assignments are all accessible to admins and learners with just a single click.

On-demand LMS content availability

Intellek LMS offers a comprehensive content library that shows a wide range of courses available on-demand for all learners within an organization. There are user-friendly category cards that are available as well, which can easily be set up to provide learners with a list or a visual display of all available courses for them to choose from. The best part about this feature is that the LMS content can be easily launched, distributed/shared and reviewed directly from within the content library itself. It adds to the convenience and practicality of having a robust learning environment for employees, customers and other end users.

LMS analytics and reporting capabilities

Intellek LMS has a fully integrated reporting capability, which makes it easier to disseminate up-to-date and meaningful data. With this function, admins and managers should be able to efficiently publish useful information to the entire organization. The LMS platform’s powerful analytics feature is capable of providing detailed reports on a regularly scheduled basis, without the admin or any personnel having to go through a time-consuming process, not even to click a button. The cloud-based solution can automatically provide relevant data and is constantly ready to update key staff members, managers, administrators and stakeholders.

Full-featured calendar for learners

Intellek LMS is equipped with a built-in digital calendar that is designed to make both physical and virtual events easier to manage and keep track of. It also helps to facilitate everyday processes such as wait-listing, enrolling and the viewing of important events. Additionally, in order to ensure efficient calendar management and accessibility while on the go, Intellek’s learner calendar tool is designed to seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Outlook, making things a lot easier for the administrators as well as the end users. They can simply access their calendar using a mobile device browser or desktop.

Administration and automation capabilities

Governance, risk and compliance or GRC is a crucial aspect in any business operation, regardless of the industry, the size or scale of the organization. With Intellek LMS, compliance is automatically and effortlessly monitored through the implementation of auto-assigning courses, learning management system reports and logging results within every learner’s personal profile folder. An automated follow up process can then be initiated using notifications and system-generated messages and emails that are sent directly to the end user’s inbox. Intellek makes good use of automation technology to facilitate administrative and organizational processes, adding value and usability to the platform.

Intellek LMS Interface

Intellek LMS Benefits

Intellek LMS is an all-in-one solution that offers cloud-based learning technology for all kinds of business, in all sizes and scale. The Intellek brand is a highly regarded learning technology provider, having one of the most well-established and widely used product sets of SaaS learning technology available in the market to date. Their patented learning management system is quite secure, mobile-friendly and equipped with a wide variety of features and capabilities.

With Intellek’s cloud-based LMS, admins and managers can easily create courseware, manage learning resources and materials as well as provide adequate training for new hires and other end users. It can facilitate any organization’s learning and development requirements directly from a customizable and easy-to-use platform. Intellek is not just limited to LMS, the brand also provides other educational technology products such as Intellek Learn, Intellek Create and Intellek Deliver.

Intellek LMS is an impressive, dependable solution for any business or organization that wants to create an on-demand platform for self-service learning. It is also a vital solution for those that want to build a truly sustainable learning and development program that supports their existing organizational and onboarding requirements. The learning management system is equipped with a well-designed, very customizable and highly intuitive dashboard that provides users with quick and easy access to all critical features based on their defined roles. The available dashboards are dynamic, visually appealing and are specifically tailored to engage the learners and end users.

Another benefit from implementing Intellek LMS is the availability of automated reminders, multi-event creation, auto-assign as well as the bulk import and edit functionalities. These are all crucial components when dealing with large volumes of educational and informational resources. Powerful analytics, scheduled reporting and API functionality are all included in the subscription, which means end users don’t have to pay extra for those features.

Intellek LMS Reporting UI

Intellek LMS Pricing

The actual pricing for Intellek LMS is available only upon request. Intellek offers a prepackaged LMS subscription known as Intellek Grow. This subscription package is ideal for businesses and organizations with 10 to 200 users. It comes with all available ready-made course content, as well as all standard features and benefits that included in their full-fledged enterprise-level LMS. Interested parties can contact the vendor directly for pricing details.


With a clean and well-designed dashboard, a customizable and intuitive LMS interface, the proper implementation of analytics and automation technology and the unification of various features and tools, Intellek LMS makes for a remarkable SaaS learning management system for all kinds of businesses and organizations, regardless of size and scale. Intellek provides learning technology solutions for small and midsize businesses through Intellek Grow, as well as large global organizations through their fully-fledged enterprise LMS.

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