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iContact Reviewed

Editors' Review by the Email Marketing Software Review Team

A Review of iContact Email Marketing Software Solution

iContact is a robust email marketing solution designed for small- to medium-sized businesses, nonprofit organizations and educational institutions. It is a platform that is inherently easy to use and understand, with a relatively low learning curve. The technology behind iContact allows users of all technical backgrounds to effectively create convincing email messages using professional templates and HTML.

The solution comes with list management tools that helps facilitate growing email lists and keeps them in check. And to ensure that all email messages reach their intended recipient, the iContact Spamcheck tool is also available at the user’s disposal.

Users can also gain a better understanding of the performance and overall success of ongoing email marketing efforts through comprehensive reporting, with data automatically gathered and provided by the system.

How iContact Works

iContact is a comprehensive and powerful email marketing solution for businesses of all types, sizes and in any industry. It is designed to make marketing automation more practical and cost-effective.

The platform is essentially an advanced marketing automation suite that is packed with advanced marketing features and capabilities, including advanced segmentation, CRM functionalities, high end email marketing tools, landing page creation, engagement tracking and social posting and monitoring just to name a few.

This is a software solution that goes beyond the basic email marketing capabilities. iContact Pro, for instance, has effectively changed the way businesses—big or small—think about their approach to marketing automation. With this marketing solution, users have the capability to schedule triggered email messages specifically tailored to individual contacts.

iContact’s focus to providing scalable solutions to both small businesses and larger enterprises has helped set it apart from the competition. The software solution is not about complex automated programs that usually only benefits advanced internet marketers.

Instead, iContact emphasizes on delivering email marketing tools that have the same functionality and effectiveness without the complexities and sophistications that will only hinder the productivity of most intermediate users.

iContact review

The benefits of iContact

In case it wasn’t obvious in the previous statements, one of the biggest advantage iContact has compared to its competitors is the ease of use. The email marketing platform comes with features that are tailored for all types of user, regardless of their skill level.

iContact brings marketing automation to a whole new level through multiple functionalities and the features that it provides. The system essentially takes care of lead generation and lead scoring processes for the benefit of the user. This is achieved through landing pages that users themselves can create with minimum effort using the platform itself. You can choose to create your pages either template-based or HTML-based.

iContact has top-notch social media marketing tools.

Social media marketing is a crucial component in any digital marketing campaign. iContact has some of the most user-friendly and highly practical social media marketing tools available, which are integrated right into the campaign design process. With this system, you can easily post or share your content on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and so on.

Your customers will also find it easier and more convenient to share your content/campaigns with their own circle of friends on social media. And with iContact’s social media tracking tool, you can effectively track how far reaching—i.e. how many individuals have seen your content or interacted with your campaigns—your marketing efforts have been.

iContact has a simple UI and menu with ultra clean design.

One of the reasons why iContact is easy to use is the fact that it has a user interface that is easy to comprehend and navigate through. Even if you are a relatively new user, or somewhat of a novice in the world of email marketing, the system menu and all of its components are pretty straightforward and easy to operate.

Navigating through the iContact system is quick and easy. Wherever you might be in the system, it’s very simple to just jump right into a tool or a specific function with just a couple of taps or mouse clicks. With just a few minutes of familiarizing yourself with the system, you can immediately go right into the iContact dashboard and get started on your first campaign if you wanted to.

iContact has powerful tools and resources for high-volume senders.

Here is why iContact is such as flexible email marketing solution. High-volume senders have different needs compared to smaller businesses, especially when it comes to the functions and capabilities of the email marketing platform they choose to employ.

iContact provides the necessary tools and support that larger businesses with a much larger email list require to effectively implement their email marketing campaign and market their products and/or services to their target audience.

Additionally, iContact can also be integrated seamlessly with SalesForce—a CRM and cloud computing solutions provide—to help manage the sales process.

How much does iContact cost?

iContact’s pricing is scalable. The cost is usually determined based on the customer’s needs and the size of their email list. They do, however, offer two basic subscription packages. These packages are billed either on a monthly basis or annually and they come with a free trial.

The Essential Plan starts at $32 per month and comes with several features, including A/B testing, drag-and-drop editing, Google Analytics, live customer support, list management, campaign tracking, social media tools, API support and so much more.

The Professional Plan, on the other hand, starts at $99 per month. And it comes with all the features available with the Essential Plan and more, including triggered messages, engagement tracking, behavioral targeting, social monitoring, Zapier integration and more.

You may visit the iContact official website for more information on their pricing plans. And if you’re a large enterprise with specific needs, you may contact the vendor’s sales team directly. The contact information on their website.

The bottom line

iContact email marketing solution makes the process of subscriber management a lot easier. it facilitates email marketing campaigns and makes them more efficient and successful. The platform also enables users to create engaging email content. You can send surveys, engage with your target audience and manage your subscriber list with very little effort.

If anything else, the use of iContact email marketing solution might help to expand your pool of potential customers. And if that is the case, it’s definitely worth checking out.

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