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IBM Cloud Video Reviewed

Editors' Review by the Video Editing & 3D Software Review Team

IBM Cloud Video with Ustream is a web-based software solution that gives users the ability to stream live or record video content for both their customers, as well as internally for their own employees. Users can directly broadcast from the website itself, or use a mobile device using the software’s mobile application available for both Android and iOS users.

IBM Cloud Video with Ustream, which is a fully featured software product, has chat and polling features as well as the ability to integrate social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. This design makes it easier for users to interact with their viewers through diverse channels and on a deeper level. The viewers are able to interact with the broadcaster in real time and provide input the user or broadcaster will be able to see.

IBM Cloud Video with Ustream Features

Corporate Communications

The user can create different channels for every team within the company, as well as set up different content and even security settings for each, in order to make sure the content reaches the right people. The security settings of IBM Cloud Video with Ustream give the user different options. They can choose to either use the channel page or embed the content on their own website.

On the channel page, there are two options for security. A shared password among viewers or email verification. For email verification, each viewer registers their email address, then they’ll have their own unique password tied to the email registered.

It is also possible to enter individual email addresses for viewers that do not necessarily belong to the company but still need to have access to the video. The user is also able to see who registered, who watched the content, and what they watched. The user can also view who started registering but did not follow through to watch the company’s content.

OTT Video Management

Over-the-top video management is a software feature that allows the user to manage a comprehensive streaming video service. The user is able to control access to an ad-supported or subscription-based video-on-demand system, or even a fusion of the two. Monetization for the video service is also possible with connections to in-app or direct billing providers.

The software has an application program interface that fuels the discovery of the content as well as ensures compatibility across multiple platforms. The user is able to support his/her content strategy with scheduling tools, presentation templates, and real-time analytics.

Video Distribution and Workflow

IBM Cloud Video with Ustream has extensive asset management features. The user can easily manage video, metadata, and other related assets. The user is also able to distribute the content using the user’s own presets as well as update video components including closed captions and audio tracks.

This software product also provides users high asset visibility of video workflows at every stage, allowing users to easily see what needs correcting and tweak those components accordingly. Live editing is also enabled, as well as ad marketing and a permissions window for video-on-demand management, live events, licensed assets, as well as original content.

Ustream LiveAd

This feature of the software delivers the ability for potential viewers to engage not only through watching the videos, but also by sharing through Facebook or Twitter, rolling over the ad, clicking through it, entering text, or through controlling the playback. Users are able to acquire and reinforce basic click-through metrics, giving them more tangible statistics such as total viewing playback time and social impressions.

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IBM Cloud Video with Ustream Benefits

IBM Cloud Video with Ustream allows users to interact and reach the audience on any device. Its flexible monetization models allow for a wide range of users to able to make use of its features. It also reduces the manual effort needed to distribute your content with the customizable workflow feature, as well as its ability to be integrated into the company directly via a single sign in. As long as the company is using an identity provider based on SAML, being set up and operational only takes a matter of minutes.

The portal allows users to feature live events or on-demand content in a central location and then organize it by channels or departments. The individual viewer tracker shows who is watching and for how long—this data may then be used to verify attendants per meeting or track viewership to help spot trends and react accordingly.

Integrated encoding tools allow easy to create and distribute high definition video content, or if needed, even allow the user to leverage industry standard hardware and software on their content. Automatic cloud transcoding also allows easy access to multiple devices as well as different internet connections. Interactive and social modules allow viewers to easily put in feedback and interact with the broadcaster.

IBM Cloud Video with Ustream Pricing

Free Trial

IBM Cloud Video with Ustream offers free trial usage. This allows you to test drive all of the software’s features. You are able to opt for a paid plan or go back to a basic ad-supported free account after 30 days.

Professional Plans – $99 to $999

The Professional plan includes 100 to 5,000 viewer hours. Ad-free broadcasting is also allowed, as well as 720p HD broadcasting. Subscribers of this payment plan also have professional phone support seven days a week. Moreover, this plan allows the user to have tighter content controls as this plan has a channel password feature, as well as video embedding control to let users choose which websites their videos can or cannot be embedded into. It also allows for a greater degree of channel customization—users can include widgets and banners and can chat with viewers in real time via the Facebook and Twitter integration.

Enterprise Plan

The Enterprise plan is a customized plan for publishers, broadcasters, and businesses. The solutions this plan features include secure internal video communications as well as live event support. Scalable content delivery and video content marketing are also offered in this plan, as well as OTT management, video CMS services, and subscriber management. This plan is geared towards users who want to specifically tailor fit this software solution to their needs.

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IBM Cloud Video with Ustream is a flexible software product that allows quick distribution of content whether it be a notice for a certain department of a company or a new episode of a weekly broadcast. It is certainly a software solution worth considering.

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