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What is Heroix Longitude?

An all-inclusive agentless IT monitoring solution, Longitude encompasses the entire technology stack: from network to server, and from IT infrastructure to application.

At Heroix we believe in delivering technology that simplifies IT monitoring – helping our customers save time and money. With decades of history in the system management marketplace, Heroix understands what it takes to deliver elegant yet powerful IT solutions.

Longitude, our all-inclusive agentless monitoring solution, encompasses the entire technology stack: from physical to virtual to cloud, from network to server, and from IT infrastructure to application.

Longitude is currently in use on tens of thousands of systems around the world, in enterprises large and small. The efficiency and intelligence built into Longitude enable better results with less effort and provides exceptional versatility to address routine as well as unique management challenges – helping our customers save time and money.

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Heroix Longitude Review

Editors' Review by the Network Management Software Review Team

Heroix Longitude is a feature-rich, all-inclusive agentless IT monitoring software system designed for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), IT managers, system administrators and so on. It offers companies with end-to-end solutions specifically designed for the Windows and Linux operating systems. 

The online monitoring platform provides SLA monitoring, transaction monitoring, FTP monitoring, capacity monitoring and event logs all in one location.

Heroix Longitude covers the entire spectrum of technology typically employed in a modern business environment, from IT infrastructure to application, from physical to virtual and from network to server. The people behind the software offer decades of experience in the field of system management and IT solutions.

The agentless network monitoring solution is equipped with third-party integrations like Webhooks and Elastic. It comes with an embedded SMTP server and it leverages a variety of application program interfaces or APIs, which include SNMP, SSH, WMI and JDBC, to effectively identify and obtain key performance indicators (KPIs) and availability metrics.

Heroix Longitude scales out effectively via code known as “Remote Statistics Server,” which is essentially a proxy that can be deployed in a cloud environment or on-premise. This is still an agentless approach that will identify and gather crucial data for the company through the Longitude Console.

Remote Statistics Server does not carry any cost, so organizations don’t have to worry about it impacting their IT budget. Scaling out IT environments becomes easy, regardless of network topology.

Heroix Longitude Features

Heroix Longitude has a wide variety of features and capabilities. It comes equipped with a built-in knowledge base capable of addressing different network devices, applications and operating systems. In order to save valuable time, the solution utilizes a single-step monitoring process.

Once an IT manager or system administrator identifies which component they want to monitor, i.e. VMware, SQL Server or Windows, the program will automatically know which KPI and availability indicators to gather, evaluate and report on. The following are some of the features and capabilities of Heroix Longitude:

Database monitoring

Heroix Longitude offers users complete out-of-the-box agentless database monitoring for Oracle, MySQL and SQL Server. Its built-in knowledge base provides proactive monitoring capabilities for specific problem areas.

The process works by properly evaluating key performance and availability indicators, making sure all databases and other supporting IT infrastructure are performing at optimal levels.

The database monitoring process involves Longitude collecting key performance, database, server and virtualization metrics automatically. It is capable of alerting system administrators on availability and performance issues pertaining to IT infrastructure and database components.

The system may also take corrective actions to fix potential problems and then generate comprehensive reports to provide insight on capacity issues and data utilization.

Server monitoring

Heroix Longitude allows for agentless, comprehensive out-of-the-box monitoring for Solaris, Windows, AIX, HP-UX and Linux-based servers. It provides proactive monitoring of key performance and availability metrics, ensuring optimal performance from all your servers. It will then send out alerts whenever problem areas are discovered.

The program is also capable of generating pre-configured, on-demand reports and graphs of key performance data that can help system administrators and IT managers take precise proactive steps to resolve issues and ensure maximum availability.

The system utilizes automation to obtain KPI and availability of information from Windows and Unix/Linux-based servers.

Longitude keeps track of specific and recurring server problems such as process and service crashes. It also monitors Event Logs on the Windows operating system and Syslogs on servers running on Unix/Linux.

The program will also send alerts when it encounters problems related to performance and availability for server components and it may also take corrective actions whenever necessary.

Cloud monitoring

The cloud monitoring process from Heroix Longitude automatically obtains key performance and availability data from both cloud and premise-based infrastructures.

Tools capable of proactively diagnosing availability and performance problems are built into the system and they are capable of revealing the underlying causes of those problems.

Heroix Longitude has the ability to provide a holistic view of application performance and availability across various environments, from physical to virtual to cloud, via a centralized dashboard. It can also identify developing trends and present them through pre-configured, on-demand reports.

Virtualization monitoring

Heroix Longitude offers user-friendly Hyper-V and VMware monitoring capabilities with comprehensive reporting. It is equipped with a built-in knowledge base, allowing the solution to proactively seek out virtualization problems by effectively assessing key performance metrics and ensuring optimal performance from your virtual infrastructure.

The platform’s Capacity Planner is a tool designed to help organizations address the different challenges associated with virtual machine (VM) sprawling, excessive use of resources and over-provisioning. 

The system can automatically gather core virtual and physical performance metrics from both Hyper-V and VMware infrastructures. It then consolidates data generated by both setups for centralized and unified reporting.

The inbuilt knowledge base can alert system administrators and managers to potential problems associated with performance and availability with hosts, virtual machines (VMs) or any other virtual-related components and entities.

The platform is also capable of generating comprehensive reports to provide insights into virtual and physical infrastructure utilization.

Application monitoring

The Service Level Agreement (SLA) offered by Heroix Longitude enables organizations to keep track of and evaluate the overall performance of multi-tiered applications and services.

This is especially useful as it allows for the correlation of user-experience metrics with any underlying infrastructure or system components that provide support to associated applications and/or services.

Heroix Longitude has a dedicated SLA dashboard that provides up-to-the-minute information on SLA performance, enabling users to quickly and actively identify potential shortfalls in compliance. The system can also provide historical reports that aid in spotting performance issues, patterns and trends.

network monitoring

Out-of-the-box monitoring for your entire network is provided by Heroix Longitude through its DHCP, SNMP, NetFlow and Network Device monitoring solutions.

The system keeps track of known network problems such as bandwidth issues and packet loss. It monitors Syslogs for Unix/Linux devices and alerts users on performance and availability problems related to the network infrastructure and its components. Network utilization and availability reports can be viewed through the Longitude network monitoring dashboard.

Heroix Longitude Homepage

Heroix Longitude Benefits

Heroix Longitude is capable of agentless monitoring on various IT infrastructures by collecting key performance and availability indicators using the right APIs and protocols, be it from the servers, network devices, databases and/or applications. 

The built-in knowledge base provides a huge advantage as it proactively alerts system administrators and IT managers to problems while taking corrective actions optionally. The benefits of the platform include:

Database monitoring

It essentially minimizes the amount of time and resources you would typically need to properly support various databases and the underlying IT infrastructure. It can help enhance the overall end-user experience and helps administrators and managers to proactively troubleshoot key performance issues before they even reach the end-user.

Server monitoring

Keep the time and resources you invest in supporting servers and the underlying IT infrastructure at a minimum. Quickly identify servers that deviate from the baseline behavior based on their main function and greatly improve the end-user experience. You can take full advantage of the features and tools available to actively troubleshoot issues relating to server performance before they become a problem for the end-user.

Cloud monitoring

You will have all the cloud monitoring tools you need to proactively identify and resolve key performance and availability issues before they become a problem for the end-user.

You have the capability to greatly improve end-user experience and spot potential problem areas regardless of whether you’re running a cloud-based or on-premise infrastructure. You can also scale your cloud infrastructure to match your application workloads.

Virtualization monitoring

The solution’s “What If” analysis feature greatly benefits your capacity planning process. It allows you to analyze and predict potential changes, specifically where and how they will affect your licensing expenses and daily operations.

Finding sustainable solutions to specific problems can be achieved through root cause analyses. The platform’s reporting capabilities can help provide historical context when it comes to evaluating key performance and availability issues.


The cloud-based IT monitoring solution provides you with an objective analysis of application performance and availability that greatly impacts app management and end-user experience. The system can help reduce the time and resources needed to facilitate applications and the underlying IT infrastructure.

Network monitoring

Agentless monitoring can help you minimize the time and resources spent on supporting your network infrastructure. You will have the ability to quickly identify bandwidth hogs and potential chokepoints. The solution will also help you avoid unnecessary network capacity upgrades.

Heroix Longitude Pricing

Heroix Longitude’s Enterprise Edition is available as an annual subscription. The licensing fee is based on the number of managed devices being monitored. Pricing starts at $495 a year for up to 10 managed devices. A 14-day free trial is available. You may also request a quote for custom pricing.


Using Heroix Longitude means that IT monitoring does not have to be a complicated and costly process. This agentless approach to IT infrastructure and application monitoring is straightforward and efficient.

The solution helps to reduce downtime and maximizes the use of IT personnel and other resources through preemptive problem tracking and troubleshooting. If anything else, the 14-day free trial should be worth checking out.

Heroix Longitude Product Overview

  • Easy drill down for quick problem investigation

  • Fast, Agentless setup

  • Customizable dashboards, alerts, and reporting

  • User friendly interface

  • Affordable pricing

Languages Supported: English

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Heroix Longitude Features

  • API
  • Data Export
  • Data Import
  • External Integrations
  • Multi-User
  • Notifications
  • Malware Protection
  • Bug Tracking
  • Network Traffic Monitoring
  • Network Visualization
  • Network Device Performance Monitoring
Heroix Longitude Pricing

Heroix Longitude Pricing Plans

Longitude Enterprise

10 server(s) / month
  • Database Monitoring
  • Virtualization Monitoring
  • Server Monitoring
  • IT Infrastructure Monitoring
  • Network Monitoring

Plans starting from: $40.00/month Credit card required: No

Heroix Longitude FAQs

Does Heroix Longitude offer guides, tutorials and or customer support?

There are extensive video tutorials, online documentation, and access to Heroix technical support personnel

Does Heroix Longitude integrate with any other apps?

Any application that is webhook enabled

Who are the main user groups of Heroix Longitude?

IT Staff, Systems Administrators, IT Managers, Network Administrators, Database Administrators.

What is Heroix Longitude generally used for?

  • Reduce Down time
  • Identify availability, performance, and capacity problems
  • Alert staff of key issues via email, sms, and webhook
  • Automate Corrective Actions
  • Visualize performance and availability of applications and supporting IT infrastructure
  • Produce clear and informative reports for both staff and management

What platforms does Heroix Longitude support?

Sun Solaris

What are some applications Heroix Longitude is commonly used in tandem with?

Any environment running mission-critical applications that require the following:

  • Reduce Down time
  • Identify availability, performance, and capacity problems
  • Alert staff of key issues via email, sms, and webhook
  • Automate Corrective Actions
  • Visualize performance and availability of applications and supporting IT infrastructure
  • Produce clear and informative reports for both staff and management

Does Heroix Longitude offer an API?

Longitude does come with a command-line interface

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