What is GraphicSprings?

The GraphicSprings web app allows users operating on a small budget to design a professional logo they can be proud of.

GraphicSprings allows non-designers to create professional looking logos in minutes. The easy onboarding process, comprehensive editing features and thousands of beautifully crafted logo graphics make it a popular choice with entrepreneurs and small business owners.

The web app simplifies logo design at great prices and allows users operating on a small budget to get a professional logo they can be proud of.

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GraphicSprings currently scores 85/100 in the Logo Design category. This is based on user satisfaction (80/100), press buzz (52/100), recent user trends (rising), and other relevant information on GraphicSprings gathered from around the web.

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GraphicSprings Review

Editors' Review by the Logo Design Software Review Team

GraphicSprings is a feature-rich, web-based logo maker and graphic design solution that allows users to create unique, professional-looking logos and other graphic designs for their brand for free.

GraphicSprings is a web-based software solution that offers a free logo design maker and premium graphic design products. It allows individuals and companies to create their own brand logos or hire professional graphic designers to create custom logos and other graphics for their businesses. The software is equipped with an extensive library of logo templates, categorized by industry. It also allows users to edit the text and graphics of the logo they’ve chosen according to their specific requirements. Once done, they can just save their work and download the file in high resolution.

GraphicSprings provides a simple and easy-to-use interactive application specifically tailored for designing and creating logos and other business graphics within minutes. Users can choose from hundreds, if not thousands, of high-quality vector graphics for their logo. GraphicSprings’ impressive database contains multiple categories such as accounting recreation, politics,  and real estate.

Its browser-based free logo maker offers great customization to the user, with a wide range of options when it comes to graphics, fonts, colors, and vector shapes. This robust, user-friendly graphic design tool offers limitless possibilities when it comes to taking design ideas and turning them into a logo or graphic that represents the user’s brand image.

GraphicSprings Features

GraphicSprings gives you the tools you need to create your own logo concepts. The software itself is designed to be extremely simple and easy to use. One of its most notable features is the extensive library of professional-looking design templates that cover a broad range of categories, from photography to business logos and more.

The free web-based logo maker, in particular, provides great customization to the user, allowing them to produce graphic designs without the help of a professional, although there is an option to hire a professional designer in exchange for a fee. GraphicSprings features a selection of original designs and fonts that are available and can be used to create a truly unique custom logo for any brand, entity, or business.

GraphicSprings also features a quick and easy onboarding process,  comprehensive editing capabilities, and a plethora of professionally crafted logos and other beautiful graphics, making this graphic design solution a very popular choice among solo entrepreneurs and small business owners. It also features a well-optimized web application designed to simplify the logo design and creation process at a very reasonable price. The software allows users with limited budgets and resources to craft their own professional logo at a fair price.

GraphicSprings is equipped with a selection of logo design templates for users to choose from. These templates cover almost every industry you can think of, from restaurant businesses to wellness centers to nonprofits to education, politics, eCommerce businesses, medical and pharmaceutical, sports and recreation, cosmetics, carpentry, and so much more. You’re just going to have to visit the official GraphicSprings website to get the full list of their categories.

One of the best things about their design template library is that new designs and categories are constantly added. The templates also come with original designs and fonts, which makes it easier for users to create unique and original logos for their brands at little to no cost. With GraphicSprings, users should be able to fully customize their logos by using graphics and vector shapes, unique colors, and specialized fonts.

Once they’ve created their concept logo and are happy with it, they can simply download a high-resolution file in the format of their choice, such as .jpg, .png, or .svg. Users don’t have to make any form of payment if they want to make changes, edit, or re-download their logo.

GraphicSprings also provides options for users that want much simpler graphics to suit their brand requirements. The web-based logo and graphics design software offers products and tools other than the popular logo maker. GraphicSprings also has a business card maker, custom letterheads, a website builder, YouTube banners, resume templates, invoices, brochures, custom labels, presentations, Facebook ads, Twitter headers, newsletters, and so much more.

GraphicSprings’ web-based business logo maker comes with dynamic logo designs that can boost your drive to create original and professional-looking business logos. All that’s needed from you is to add the name and slogan of your company. You can then browse GraphicSprings’ built-in library of illustrations and pick a design that you like. You can choose to edit the design, add shapes, and change the colors and font in order to fully customize your logo.

GraphicSprings’ free logo maker also enables you to add shadows to your logo, as well as outlines and even glow effects to make the design and text pop out. You may also change the size and/or color of the icons and shapes of your logo to achieve your desired effect. Doing black-and-white or negative-space logos is also possible with GraphicSprings’ online logo maker. This allows for a simple, yet elegant and professional, look for your business logos. The tool offers Google fonts that you can easily angle and rotate to fit your logo design.

GraphicSprings Features

GraphicSprings Benefits

GraphicSprings caters to thousands of individual users, businesses, creators, and professionals with its free web-based logo maker, its impressive collection of branding tools, and its custom logo design services. The software solution offers a lot of benefits to its users. One of the most obvious benefits, perhaps, is the free logo maker.

For people who need a simple tool to create a personalized or custom logo quickly and without overspending, GraphicSprings is without a doubt a decent option. The free logo maker offers quite a few features and capabilities without you having to pay for the premium version. Obviously, if you want to create more than just a simple logo you can upgrade to a more premium version. But as it is, GraphicSprings’ free web-based logo maker is quite capable.

Another benefit of using GraphicSprings’ free logo maker is that it supports multiple languages and not just English. The web-based graphic design app is compatible with German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Dutch, Portuguese, Greek, Czech, Bengali, Hindi, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, and Italian, just to name a few.

The process of creating your first logo is quite simple and straightforward. It begins with a simple, easy-to-follow walkthrough to get you familiarized with the basic features and capabilities of the tool. This significantly reduces the learning curve to just a couple of minutes, even for individuals who have never used a logo maker tool before. Before you know it, you’re customizing your own logo.

Apart from ease of use, GraphicSprings also boasts an extensive library of design templates. The tool is equipped with dozens of categories, ranging from businesses in any industry to sports and recreation to photography. Their template library is refreshed on a daily basis, so you can visit it regularly and find new templates to play around with. The templates are also categorized by industry, so you can choose your industry and find different designs to match your brand.

Easy design customization is another benefit of GraphicSprings,  as it helps users create a truly unique, eye-catching, and professional business logo. The web-based app is tailored to bring customization to the end user. The free logo maker provides a wide variety of options for graphics and illustrations, color schemes, and fonts, ensuring that you end up with a unique custom logo. With all the options available to the user, the possibilities for great design concepts are only limited by your imagination.

GraphicSprings Pricing

GraphicSprings’ web-based logo maker tool is free to use. You can just jump in and create your own business logo without the need to create an account or pay for a subscription. However, full access to the different products and graphic design solutions offered by GraphicSprings might cost you. You have to contact the vendor directly for more information on their pricing.


GraphicSprings is an efficient web-based logo maker that is free to use. It allows different types of users, from solo entrepreneurs to small business owners, startups, and nonprofits, to easily and quickly create their own unique and professional-looking logos without the aid of a professional graphic designer.

The free logo maker offers a rather simple, yet fully capable logo design solution. GraphicSprings’ user-friendly and interactive design app allows users to design and download the logo they want, with access to an extensive library of high-quality templates, illustrations, and vector graphics organized in different categories, from business to photography.

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GraphicSprings User Reviews

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" Create online logos easily with GraphicSprings"

// Graphic Designer at Envisionworks -- Luxury Marketing Firm

What do you like about GraphicSprings?

This software is a free online tool that allows you to create and design logos easily. One of its advantages is that it has a large number of icons and graphic elements that give us the possibility to choose the option that best suits the design we want to create. In addition, GraphicSpring makes graphics, fonts, colors and vector figures available to the user to personalize their designs. Another of its advantages is that it allows you to download the logos created in various types of formats such as PNG, SVG and JPG.

What do you dislike about GraphicSprings?

GraphicSprings is not a tool for professional use, the results obtained are usually of low quality. If the user requires a professional result, he or she must go to tools such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator.

What have you been using it for and what problems did GraphicSprings solve?

GraphicSprings has been really useful for making logos quickly, saves time and increases my productivity when working with logos.

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