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Google Drive Reviewed

Editors' Review by the Cloud Storage Software Review Team

A cloud-based collaboration platform, Google Drive is one of the many applications you benefit from when you sign up for a Google account. It is also arguably one of the most popular software solutions in the current market.

Since it’s part of the applications offered by Google, it’s guaranteed you’ll have ease of use and optimized collaboration tools.

Google Drive can be used by multiple industries and businesses of all sizes. The free version is most suitable for personal uses since it offers 15 GB worth of storage space.

However, this platform can be used for businesses and companies as well.

With this software solution, you’ll benefit from integration with Google Docs, two-factor authentication, backup support, 15 GB of free storage, inexpensive pricing packages and third-party applications.

With Google Drive, it becomes easier to collaborate with your team members. You can now share, chat, comment and edit documents and files.

It offers one of the best enterprise file sync and share services for teams and users across all businesses.

However, like all software solutions, Google Drive is particularly weak regarding file-sharing security options. It doesn’t have a private encryption feature and block-level sync.

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Google Drive features

Here are the top three features that Google Drive provides users of the platform:

Powerful Google features

The top tools in this feature include the ability to save Gmail attachments and upload your pictures automatically into Google Photos.

Once you’re given a document or file, you can simply hover your cursor over it and the option to save it into your Drive is automatic.

When you’re looking for a specific file or document, you can use any words that can be found in the text and Google Drive will recognize the file for you.

Furthermore, when you store your photos in your Drive, you can edit them without exerting much effort.

Smart applications

With Google Drive, you can upload all kinds of files and formats. You can make use of Docs, Sheets, Slides, Google Forms, Google Drawings and other applications.

When it comes to these applications, you can work on essays and presentations anywhere. Since these files are saved in the cloud, you can access them at any time.

You can also run surveys with the help of Google Forms and create extensive flow charts with Google Drawings.

If you need more options, check out the Drive collection for more applications.

Mobile application

The mobile version of the app lets you scan documents, work online and view old versions of your files.

When you come across important paperwork, Google Drive helps you store them as PDFs in the right place.

This helps you find them faster later on. You can even view past versions of the files to see what changes have been made by your team members.

Additionally, the mobile app helps you work offline, especially when you’re on a tight deadline and don’t have a stable connection.

Google Drive Benefits

When it comes to Google, an account gives you access to all kinds of tools and applications. You can make use of Gmail, Google Photos and Google Drive.

Once you have an account, you’re free to access 15 GB worth of storage.

This helps you get started in keeping your data all in one place. In line with this, the three main benefits to this solution are as follows:


A drive is where you keep all important data—both personal and business-related. With Google Drive, you can store all types of files.

This covers photos, drawings, designs, stories, videos, recordings and more.

As all of your files are in one place and the drive is split according to the files you have, such as PowerPoint presentations or Excel files, it’s easier to find them when you need it the most.

The storage features in Google Drive makes it easier to organize your files accordingly. For example, you can add color schemes to your folders to differentiate them better.

In opening your Drive, artificial intelligence features such as Priority post the most relevant content at the very top to keep you focused on what you’ve been working on.


Google Drive offers a simple and easy-to-navigate application to access wherever you are. It lets you check your files from any device, such as computers, tablets, smartphones and more.

Its offline feature allows you to edit files even when you don’t have a stable internet connection. And when you reconnect online, all changes and edits you’ve made in your files will automatically be updated.


Google Drive offers one of the easiest and most effective collaboration features in the current market.

All you need is an email address from your teammates or the link of the Google file to get started on collaborating with your team members.

Other features include the ability to easily download files in all formats. Depending on the kind of access you give your team members, some of them can only view your files while others can edit and update the documents.

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Google Drive Pricing

Google Drive is part of Google One. Once you’re subscribed to this solution, you can benefit from all the applications included in Google, such as Gmail, GChat, Calendar, and Sites.

If you’re using Google Drive for personal reasons, then 15 GB might be enough for your daily operations but when it comes to businesses, you’re in need of more storage space.

For personal use, Google Drive is completely free. But if you’re looking for more functionalities and more business tools, then consider subscribing to its other pricing packages and upgrade to Google One.

Here are the prices:

100 GB

For a price of $1.99 per user and per month, you benefit from the following: 100 GB worth of storage space, access to Google experts, the option to add family members into this plan and extra member benefits.

200 GB

The second package is priced at $2.99 per user and per month. In this plan, you have the same features as the previously mentioned package. However, what makes this different is you have more space.

2 TB

Users are charged $9.99 per month. It features 2 TB worth of storage space and all the tools found in the previous plans.


Google Drive offers powerful features and functionalities in terms of storage and collaboration.

Once your account has been set up, you can make use of Google Drive in all your daily operations. If there’s an assignment you want to work with your classmates, you can use the platform to share the file with them.

If you want to store important papers, such as receipts, letters, statements, then use the mobile version of the platform to scan your documents.

Everywhere you go, the most important files can be accessed with one account. At the end of the day, Google Drive is a practical tool to have when you want to create files and share them with other people.

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