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What is Gogohire?

Hiring Marketplace for Sales Talent

We connect the top 10% of sales talent to tech companies via our flipped hiring model and proprietary matching algorithm.


Regional Restrictions: SF and NY

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Gogohire Review

Editors' Review by the Recruiting & Applications Software Review Team

Gogohire is a web-based recruiting and applications service for job seekers in the tech sales industry and small to medium-sized businesses and organizations looking for top-notch talent to represent the company.

The platform is an invite-only network that effectively connects the top sales professionals with companies looking for the right experts in the San Francisco Bay area. The web service has two key portals—one for job seekers and professionals, the other for companies and organizations in the tech industry.

Job seekers looking for work in tech sales can sign-up for free. Applicants may receive interview requests and can get hired on the spot. Gogohire specializes in sales and customer success positions, which is ideal for experts and professionals in that particular field.

Gogohire Features

For people looking for a job in the tech sales industry, all they have to do is sign up for the service to get their resumes distributed to the appropriate tech companies that might require their expertise. Joining Gogohire is free, and it is designed to make the process of finding sales jobs easier and more efficient.

Once you sign up for the service, they will help you create your profile so you will be able to receive interview requests from the top tech companies. You can pick and choose which interviews you want to accept. However, the applicant will have to undergo a personalized vetting process once Gogohire has completed their profile. Gogohire will also make a brief introductory phone call to the applicant in order to properly assess their sales experience and whether or not they are the right fit for the network.

For small and medium-sized businesses, enterprise companies and organizations, Gogohire allows them to find top-notch talent in an easy, efficient, and cost-effective way. The service enables companies to save time, effort, and money sifting through resumes and sending in emails. Gogohire is meant to do all the heavy lifting, including the vetting and curating of candidates in order to make sure companies only get the best and most qualified prospects.

Gogohire features a wide range of candidates on their network, including professionals who specialize in positions like sales managers, vice presidents of sales, sales development, account managers, directors of sales, account executives, sales operations, and sales consultants. Since Gogohire caters to tech sales companies in the San Francisco Bay area, the majority of their candidates are also located in the region, although they also feature prospective applicants who are willing to relocate.

In order for a company to be approved for the Gogohire service, an account management team manually processes all accounts based on annual revenue or funding, location (they need to be hiring in the San Francisco Bay area market), and business model. The latter has to be desirable enough for candidates to want to apply for a position.

Gogohire Benefits

Gogohire is an excellent recruiting and applications service for companies in the tech sales industry looking to hire within the San Francisco Bay area. It allows SMBs and enterprise companies to go through the hiring process with more efficiency to save time, money, and effort.

Considering the time-consuming and difficult process of identifying the right talent, attracting applicants, and getting the top professionals on board, companies and organizations can take advantage of this web-based service and benefit from the seamless process and well-organized network already available.

Gogohire works as a valuable resource for companies when it comes to assembling and establishing a solid and highly skilled workforce. The web service only approves the top candidates and performs in their field, thus ensuring the best quality hires for companies.

The web-based recruiting and applications service provides SMS alerts to department heads and HR managers to notify them if a candidate accepts an interview request. This way, you are able to set up an interview with a prospect anytime and anywhere. The SMS alert feature can be turned on and off in the settings tab at the bottom of Gogohire’s user interface page.

An account management team is in charge of the selection process of companies that qualify for the service. Gogohire also takes a more personalized approach to the vetting process of potential candidates and partner companies. This helps to ensure a smoother and more efficient way of connecting candidates with the right company.

Companies may also provide constructive feedback about the candidates Gogohire is providing for them. When you decline a request for an interview with a candidate, a pop-up window will appear, enabling you to provide your reasons for declining, as well as your feedback. Users may also contact Gogohire via email to provide feedback. All comments are protected by confidentiality and are never shared with candidates and vice versa.

Gogohire Pricing

Signing up for the Gogohire service is free for job seekers and companies. Candidates receive a special gift if they are hired through Gogohire and remain with the company for at least 90 days.

Gogohire is also free for companies that participate in the Gogohire network, at least until a hire is made. When a candidate accepts a job offer or gets hired by a partner company, Gogohire takes a 15% placement fee based on the new hire’s first-year salary.

For more information about the pricing, or any other details about the web-based service, you may visit the Gogohire official website and contact their sales team directly. The website has the service provider’s contact information, including an email address for support and any important questions candidates and companies might have about the service.


Hiring top-notch talent and qualified professionals to fill in a position in a tech-based company can be time-consuming, costly, and labor-intensive. For job seekers, finding the right job that suits their skill set and experience can also be tough. Gogohire fills in the gap between the company and the professional.

The web-based service connects the sales tech professionals with companies in the San Francisco Bay area. For now, Gogohire is only accepting candidates in the San Francisco Bay area or those who are willing to relocate in the region.

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Gogohire Product Overview

  • Earn a $500 bonus when you land your next sales job through our marketplace.

Languages Supported: English
Regional Restrictions: SF and NY

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Gogohire Pricing Plans

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Free for candidates and companies to sign up

Plans starting from: $0.00/month Credit card required: No
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