Glider Ai Alternatives

Top 7 Glider Ai Alternatives

The best alternative solutions to Glider Ai are:

  • Toggl Hire
  • HackerEarth Assessments
  • FlexiQuiz
  • Devskiller
  • Vervoe
  • Plum
  • Adaface

The full list of Recruitment Testing Software Products can be found on the category page.

Employers often use this type of software to test an applicant’s skills, knowledge, ‘hidden’ personality traits and cognitive abilities, in an attempt to foresee whether the candidate is suitable for the role they are interviewing for. Psychometric testing software, for example, often features the ability to analyze company performance data and recommend what type of personality is the right fit for the organization. Key features include the ability to develop questionnaires and data checking, numerical reasoning, verbal and spatial reasoning tests and the ability to conduct tests and generate reports with graphs, charts and tables. 

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