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What is Ginesys?

Ginni Systems Ltd India is the PE-funded organization behind Ginesys. We are one of the leading pos companies in India.

POS software India generates a lot of interest but few companies are able to provide a complete solution. Ginesys is an ERP software which covers the entire retail value chain from manufacturing to distribution to retail. Our customers’ trust us because - we talk their language! We work with them to implement tried and tested best practices and support them by releasing new value added features and integrations. We incorporate our customers’ suggestions directly in the core product instead of customizing it for particular clients. We enable 25000 cr worth of transactions annually across 500+ businesses.

Ginesys Awards

Ginesys currently scores 67/100 in the Point of Sale (POS) category. This is based on user satisfaction (90/100), press buzz (39/100), recent user trends (falling), and other relevant information on Ginesys gathered from around the web.

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Ginesys Review

Editors' Review by the Point of Sale (POS) Software Review Team

Ginesys is a comprehensive, cloud-based retail software solution that serves as a one-stop shop for production management, warehouse management, accounting, retail POS, and eCommerce fulfillment.

Ginesys is a retail software solution from Ginni Systems, a provider of various retail ERP systems and other related technologies based in India. It is a feature-rich end-to-end ERP and retail billing solution that provides businesses and organizations in the retail industry with different, industry-relevant features and capabilities, such as retail business intelligence (BI), ecommerce order management, and goods and service tax (GST) integrations. Its advanced point-of-sale (POS) software offers real-time support services and is very popular among retailers and online merchants.

Ginesys is a cloud-first retail ERP and POS platform that offers a broad range of retail solutions—such as loyalty and rewards management, sales and distribution management, wholesale and inventory management, eCommerce fulfillment, complete billing POS, GST, and accounting software—all under one roof. It is best suited for multi-location or multiple-store formats, which include big retail chains, exclusive brand outlets, direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands, large format stores, franchisees, and multi-brand outlets.

The cloud-first software boasts a customer base that belongs to multiple verticals, like supermarkets, pet care brands, medium-to-large-sized fashion retail chains, luxury fashion brands, lifestyle brands, fashion and apparel companies, etc. The main purpose of Ginesys is to provide retail businesses and merchants with a complete and robust retail management ecosystem under a single unified platform, which is known as Ginesys One.

Ginesys One delivers the power of the cloud, along with artificial intelligence (AI), retail business intelligence (BI), and a superb tech support team, to bring the vision to life and put together a truly capable retail ERP and POS software solution for small and midsize businesses, as well as large retail companies and multi-location, multi-national manufacturers, distributors, and traders.

Ginesys Features

Under the Ginesys One flagship, this cloud-first retail ERP and POS software provides businesses and organizations with a wide variety of features and capabilities, from production and wholesale management to loyalty management, billing, sales and distribution, eCommerce fulfillment, and retail finance. With its different products, Ginesys is able to provide solutions for different aspects of retail, such as lifestyle brands, supermarkets, fashion retail, and fashion distribution.

Retail management

The retail industry has had the brick-and-mortar store as one of its cornerstones, attracting customers from all over and leading to quick sales and profit. Ginesys’ retail management and point-of-sale functionality provides retailers and merchants with a complete set of tools, features, and solutions that should enable them to efficiently and successfully manage their real-world stores.

With Ginesys’ retail management solution, you get a clean, centralized console to help you manage a single or multiple brick-and-mortar stores from one location. Whether you have just one or multiple physical stores, you can easily manage all of them through this central platform. It even comes with policy settings that can be applied to all locations with just a single click, as well as centralized document management and user management functionality. You can obtain detailed reports from all of your geographically dispersed stores in a quick and efficient manner.

Mobile and offline point-of-sale (POS)

Ginesys also offers feature-rich multi-terminal offline POS as well as lightning-fast cloud POS for mobile and web-based transactions. Its robust multi-terminal offline POS solution is designed to run on Windows desktops, supporting both single-till and multi-till environments. Point-of-sale data from different terminals across multiple locations will be synced automatically with the Ginesys ERP system at the head office as well as your web store. The software is designed to work smoothly and efficiently, even when there are long customer queues and large item purchases.

Ginesys’ mobile POS solution is a modern point-of-sale that is cloud-based and works seamlessly on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets as well as web browsers. Zwing, which is a modern billing software solution, is fully integrated with Ginesys’ retail ERP system. This is the ideal option for retailers and merchants that have lean store operations and wish to have a minimal footprint at the stores.

Ecommerce management

If brick-and-mortar stores are the foundation of many successful retail businesses, eCommerce is the doorway to achieving greater brand awareness in a global market. In addition to increasing brand awareness, eCommerce is also an effective approach for reaching new customers and providing a much broader product and service catalog to your customer base. Ginesys’ eCommerce management solution ensures your retail ERP and POS systems are constantly in sync with your shopping cart options as well as your marketplaces.

With ecommerce management, you can broaden your customer base by selling online through marketplaces. Ginesys allows you to sell on multiple channels, including Amazon, Myntra, Paytm, Flipkart, and more than 60 other marketplaces, via seamless integration with other retail and ecommerce solutions such as order management. One such integration is with Browntape, which allows for efficient order management and invoicing functionality.

Warehouse and shipping management

Ginesys is equipped with a robust warehouse management system that is readily available and fully integrated with Browntape Order Management System (OMS), Ginesys’ order management solutions partner. With both warehouse management and order management systems working together, the entire process from order picking to the timely delivery of eCommerce orders will be streamlined and optimized for operational efficiency. Managing orders from retail websites and marketplaces to fulfillment is fully supported by the system.

A major component of order fulfillment in an eCommerce setting is shipping services. Ginesys facilitates the shipping management process through Browntape OMS, which gives online retailers and merchants the ability to integrate and partner with multiple premier shipping services. With the shipping management function, users can create their own shipping labels in different formats based on the marketplace. They may also create manifests and airway bills (AWBs). They may also schedule pickups and update marketplaces from within the platform regarding ready-to-ship orders.

Ginesys Dashboard

Ginesys Benefits

Ginesys’ retail ERP and POS software offers a lot of benefits to every retailer and online merchant, regardless of the size and scale of their operation. The following are a few of those benefits:

Frictionless digital rewards

Rewarding the best and most loyal customers is crucial to ensuring higher customer retention rates, whether you’re managing a brick-and-mortar store or an online retail outlet. Keep your best clients and customers coming back to your store through Ginesys’ loyalty management solution. You can create various customer loyalty programs that are either based on points or sale discounts.

Ginesys’ frictionless digital rewards come in three main options: shopping vouchers, e-gift vouchers, and traditional paper gift vouchers. Shopping vouchers, which are also referred to as discount coupons, play a significant role in driving repeat customers to your physical or online store. E-gifts, or electronic gift vouchers, are the electronic counterparts of traditional paper gift vouchers. These can be redeemed by simply entering an affiliate code or a dynamic one-time password (OTP) in the given field. Then there are paper gift vouchers, which are still commonly used by a number of brick-and-mortar stores to increase sales and retain customers.

Detailed payments and accounting reconciliation

Ginesys, through Browntape OMS, is capable of tracking payments and various charges in different marketplaces automatically. Apart from being able to monitor payments and charges across multiple marketplaces, the cloud-based software also provides you and your team with insightful data regarding your estimated profit per item and per order.

The Ginesys retail ERP solution also allows you to automatically capture both credit and debit information for all eCommerce orders made within your ERP system. This can help save you a lot of time and effort since this aspect of online selling can be time-consuming.

Flexible and scalable cloud-first solution

Ginesys’ retail ERP and POS system is built from scratch for the retail value chain, small online stores, and global ecommerce companies. The cloud-based software is flexible, scalable, and modular, allowing it to accommodate both expected and unexpected changes in market dynamics.

Equipped with best-in-class retail POS systems in the form of offline Ginesys POS and cloud-based Zwing POS, along with a robust eCommerce order management system (Browntape OMS), you are in the position to process both offline and online payments, manage inventory, and fulfill customer orders with relative ease and efficiency.

Ginesys Pricing

Ginesys only has one pricing plan designed to meet all retail business requirements. You can avail of their cloud ERP, cloud POS, desktop POS, and eCommerce solutions with a single subscription package that starts at around $30/month, plus around $10 per additional company. Interested parties may visit the Ginesys official website for more pricing information.


Ginesys is India’s premier retail ERP and POS system, providing a wide array of features and capabilities, such as production and wholesale management, eCommerce order fulfillment, loyalty management, retail finance, billing, as well as sales and distribution management. While Ginesys is a cloud-first software solution with cloud ERP and cloud POS systems, it does support offline point-of-sale through its desktop POS solution. This retail ERP and POS system is a reasonable choice for brick-and-mortar retailers and online merchants, regardless of size and scale.

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