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Freshsales Reviewed

Editors' Review by the CRM Software Review Team

Freshsales is an all-in-one CRM or customer relationship management tool for businesses that want to seamlessly monitor and manage contacts. It is cloud-based and features an easy-to-use interface that has helped businesses eliminate the need to use different tools for efficiently tracking current customers and prospects.

Initially created by Freshdesk as a solution to their problem of using multiple tools for handling a variety of sales processes and tasks, Freshsales’ primary function is to determine and identify the origin or location of leads. Along with features like visual dashboards, customizable reports, workflow automations, visual deal pipeline and deal scoring via AI, gathering, managing, nurturing and converting leads is easy and convenient.

What makes Freshsales different from other CRM systems is the fact that it’s free. It doesn’t just claim to be free, it really is free. It doesn’t have hidden costs and it doesn’t charge users for support fees. Also, the number of free users has no limits. There’s no limit or expiry to the free plan, too.

Users will find Freshsales simple to use. They don’t need to know advanced technical stuff to use the software. For example, the leads are captured and shared onscreen, every single detail needed. If a user wants to keep track of appointments, the information is easily available. All files, tasks, demographics, notes and conversations are also captured and shared in just a single screen. Users only have to click on a detail and the status will immediately be provided.

Freshsales is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses but is also used by several big-name companies. Users cite the software’s easy setup process, cloud-based deployment and integrations with several apps, programs and systems as the main reasons for choosing Freshsales.

Freshsales Features

Freshsales has a bevy of features that help businesses of all sizes and from different industries significantly improve their CRM.

Lead management

Lead management is one of the strongest features of Freshsales. It helps users efficiently manage their sales leads so they can easily turn potential clients to paying, returning customers. With a 360⁰ customer view, this becomes easy to do. Using just a single screen, users can check up on their leads and gather relevant information—contact and work details, conversations and even a notes section for updates on product interest.

Freshsales also has an auto profile enrichment function that allows users to complete information on their leads, particularly in terms of contacts and publicly listed and social data. As such, users no longer have to manually search for and enter information as everything will be automatically enriched using company details and social profiles.

Lead scoring is an essential aspect of lead management and Freshsales makes this process easier for its users. The software highlights the hottest and biggest leads through the lead scores, which is determined according to their engagement level with the product or business and their profile.

Freshsales allows leaders and managers to conveniently organize their prospects or leads according to the size of the deal, geography, and business size and type and referral source among others. Territory management, as it is called, helps sales teams focus and follow up on their leads. Thus, identifying potential sales areas and profitable opportunities, as well as team members meeting targets become easier.

The Freshsales phone is a built-in phone that makes it convenient for sales teams to communicate with their leads anytime they want or need to. It uses toll-free and local numbers that are then designated to specific territories and sales teams.

Deal management

Freshsales has a drag-and-drop deal management feature that helps sales teams to closely monitor all the deals per level or stage. Likewise, they’ll get details about how much each deal is worth, which is essential in determining which ones should be their center of attention. Also, this can help teams come up with accurate predictions on the deals that are likely to close and bring profit.

The deals dashboard is clean, simple and easy to use. Teams have the option to get in touch with their prospects directly through the dashboard, via email or by phone.

For users constantly moving around, Freshsales has a mobile app they can use for tracking deals. All it takes is a few taps and updates and deal details will show up.

Event tracking

Freshsales’ web tracking features provide detailed customer insights. Users will see which websites or pages prospects and clients visited, specifically the ones that generated the most interest. Likewise, there is an activity timeline that shows each prospect’s level of engagement with your product or business.

All the appointments, calls and emails of customers are carefully analyzed with the help of filters. Also, activities and preferences are properly segmented.

Advanced lead scoring is also possible with event tracking.

One-click built-in phone

Freshsales’ built-in phone is Freshcaller-powered and takes only a single click to set up. It also takes just one click to call contacts.

There are no hidden costs and call rates are minimal and based on the number of minutes of the call. Extra features like recording and logging calls are available and free.

CRM email integration

No need to switch from one mailbox to another because Freshsales allows users to connect their emails with the software. Organizing emails will now be more convenient. Teams can track their emails on both the app and their email app. Likewise, monitoring email performance is also easier.
The email integration feature helps sales teams improve their sales campaigns. Bulk emails can be personalized and updated on Freshsales. With templates within easy reach, sending email will never be a grueling task again.

Intelligent workflows

This feature takes care of repetitive tasks like writing and sending emails, generating invoices and tracking leads so teams don’t become too relaxed and start making errors. The intelligent workflows automate all the tasks.

Mobile app

Freshsales has a mobile app, which provides teams with updates and details about their contacts, deals, leads and accounts. It even allows sales calls.

The mobile app is available for iOS and Android users.


Reports are more interesting for teams in Freshsales. They’re customized and very visual, whether they’re for appointments, calls, emails or tasks. The reports are easy to track, too, because there’s an easy-to-use dashboard. Likewise, everyone on the team can access the reports.


Freshsales integrates with numerous programs and applications, beginning with Freshdesk, Freshchat, Freshmarketer, Freshcaller and Freshconnect to name a few. Other integrations are with Mail Chimp, Google Calendar, Zapier, Hubspot Marketing, Office 365 Calendar, QuickBooks, Google, Apps for Work, Google Contacts, Freshsales for Web, Piesync, Xero and Segment.

Freshsales review

Freshsales Benefits

Teams that decide to use Freshsales will enjoy an array of benefits.

Easy to use

At first glance, it may look complicated, but Freshsales is actually simple. Anybody can use it, even those who are not technically trained. There are no complicated processes involved.

Comprehensive lead profiles

Freshsales is an automated, cloud-based and centralized system that searches all over the web for detailed information about leads. It gives teams opportunities to get to know their prospects better. They can monitor behavior, buying preferences and other similarly relevant stuff. There are even photos of the prospects. This makes it easy for them to personalize their services and satisfy clients.

This CRM software is as good as it gets—it gives users a 360⁰ view of all contacts, conversations and other relevant details.

A strong set of features including a built-in phone

Not all CRM systems come with built-in phones. Freshsales makes it easy for its users to stay constantly connected to their contacts. Even when they’re out somewhere, they can use the phone to stay in touch with clients and prospects. There’s no need to rush out looking for a phone to use because everything’s there already. The software even has email integration, so teams can easily follow up on calls by sending emails right after their conversation. That’s convenient all the way through.

Visually pleasing UI

Throughout the software, including the mobile app, users work with visual representations. Even the sales pipeline and the reports and analytics are very visual. This sits well with a lot of users because nowadays, the more visually appealing an app, program or object is, the more interesting it is and the easier it is to use.

Makes everything convenient

Freshsales has that “everything-under-one-roof” label, so teams do not have to go from one platform to another just to perform their tasks and take care of appointments and meetings. The system allows users to access all these in just one view.

Improves efficiency and drives profit

Since teams work conveniently, it follows that their efficiency levels increase. Additionally, errors are lesser because the system is automated. This does not only improve users’ performance but also open more opportunities for businesses to become more profitable.

Excellent customer service

All users, regardless of what their subscription package is, get equal access to first-rate customer care. Likewise, the software has resources that teams can get additional information, tips and techniques for using the app properly, as well as for effective lead management.

Freshsales Pricing

Freshsales offers a 21-day free trial period for businesses that want to try the product. You can also opt to go with the Free Forever startup plan. This is good for unlimited contacts, unlimited users and unlimited support.

For businesses that want to upgrade to the paid versions, there are four pricing packages to choose from: Blossom at $12 per user/per month (good for small teams), the Garden plan at $25 a month/user, Estate pricing package at $49 per user every month (for larger teams) and the Forest package that’s ideal for enterprises and is priced at $79 per user/per month.


Freshsales allows businesses to get an in-depth look at clients and prospects. It makes the lead management process easier, faster and more efficient. It is a complete CRM system that helps teams seamlessly manage day-to-day activities.

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