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Freshdesk Reviewed

Editors' Review by the Support & Helpdesk Software Review Team

Freshdesk is a cloud-based helpdesk software solution, designed to assist multiple industries in addressing their customer service needs.

This platform simplifies all processes behind your daily operations, such as answering customer conversations, automating tedious work and collaborating with team members.

Not only can you communicate well with your audience but you can automate workflows, manage SLAs, generate data-driven reports and benefit from self-service options.

Freshdesk is suitable for businesses and industries of all sizes. Freelancers, small to mid-sized businesses and large enterprises can also make use of this platform to resolve any issues across multiple channels effectively and efficiently.

With Freshdesk, support is made more automatic and simple. You’re assisted by an Answer Bot that delivers the best and most accurate answers to customer inquiries.

You also get to benefit from stronger collaboration features, which allow you to invite business partners, agents and colleagues into the platform.

This makes it easier to solve tickets and conduct discussions. Lastly, since Freshdesk is hosted on AWS, you benefit from an enterprise-grade foundation that follows robust standards and security frameworks.

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Freshdesk Features

Here are the core features of Freshdesk:


Features such as Team Inbox, SLA management, agent collision detection, canned responses, custom ticket status and scenario automation make it easier to categorize, prioritize and assign tickets.

As you have a simplified view of your tickets in the dashboard, you can manage your conversations efficiently while performing several actions behind your tickets.


With collaboration features, it becomes easier to resolve issues together. You get to benefit from team huddle, shared ownership, parent-child ticketing and linked tickets.

Because of these tools, you and your team can quickly and efficiently solve customer issues.


Automation ensures less time is spent on doing manual and repetitive tasks. The features found under this category are intelligent ticket assignment, time-triggered automation, event-triggered automation, automatic email notification and ticket dispatch.

You can now focus more on resolving customer issues and improving your performance.

Reporting and analytics

These features assist you in measuring and improving efficiency. You get to use the following tools: customer satisfaction ratings, help desk reports, dashboards and schedule reports to easily identify problems based on existing metrics and improve the way they’re addressed.


Top security features such as IP and Network restrictions, custom SSL certificates and identity and access management all come together to ensure a secure and reliable help desk.

They are designed to secure your domain and restrict any outside access. You can also expect comprehensive audits of networks and regulatory compliance options to work with.

Freshdesk Benefits 

Freshdesk provides its users with many benefits that assist with answering customer queries, collaborating with team members and automating processes.

These include:

Centralized solution

Freshdesk offers users and businesses a single, centralized solution to address their customer needs. This central hub contains everything needed to handle your customer support operations and more.

Easy-to-use platform

Freshdesk comes with powerful ticketing features, an easy-to-navigate interface and tools to gather qualitative insights and improve your performance.

The ease-of-use of the platform allows teams to become accustomed to the platform quicker and achieve results sooner.

Encourages growth and scale

Freshdesk is AI-driven, supportive of Omni-channels and designed to be completely driven towards helping your business grow and scale with the solution.

Global customer support

With multi-channel tools and global customer support, you get to experience a simplified ticketing management solution and intelligent automation features.

The global customer support team helps answer any questions you may have about the solution.

Freshdesk Homepage

Freshdesk Pricing

Freshdesk’s pricing plans are labeled uniquely to elaborate on how each package suits different industries.

Each of them offers an affordable omnichannel help desk, which ensures the ability to reach out to your customers through social media outlets, phone, email and chat.

These packages differ from the level of functionality they offer and the range of features they have highlighted. They also come in monthly or yearly prices.

Before you decide which one you’ll subscribe to, you can request a demo or try out their free versions. You can even try out their best-valued plan, Estate, for 21 days.

No credit card information is required and it gives you the ability to upgrade, downgrade and cancel your plans at any point.

In line with this, Freshdesk’s pricing plans are:


Completely free, this plan is best when you need a software solution to get started quickly and easily.

The most basic features are found here, such as email ticketing, team collaboration, ticket trend report, knowledge base, ticket dispatch and social ticketing


For each month, Blossom is priced at $19.00 per month and per agent. But if you’re subscribed under the yearly plan, the price is lessened to $15.00 per month.

With this package, you can benefit from all features found in the previous plan. However, you also get to use advanced ones such as automation, marketplace apps, help desk, SLA management and collision detection.


Garden is priced at $35.00 per month. For the yearly plan, you’re charged $29.00 per month. You get to use all the features found in the previous plans but with additional ones as well.

This means you can now use time tracking, session replay, performance reports, CSAT surveys and a multilingual knowledge base.


This package is ideal for large teams and offers the right features to address their concerns when it comes to customer service. It’s priced at $65.00 under the monthly plan and $49.00 under the annual one.

You’ll benefit from a user-friendly and intuitive interface, complete with all the features found in Garden and more.

Examples are custom roles, ticket assignment automation, enterprise reporting, multiple SLAs and time zones, portal customization and support bot.


This last plan is perfect for large enterprises with hundreds of workers. The monthly cost for the Forest plan is $125.00.

If you subscribe under the annual plan, the price changes to $109.00. You receive all features found in Estate, with a few additional ones as well.

They are IP whitelisting, HIPAA compliance, extendable API rate limit, sandbox environment, skill-based ticket assignment and data center location.

Overall, this package incorporates everything Freshdesk offers, making it a critical tool in improving your customer service and help desk options.


At the end of the day, if you’re looking for a simplified but powerful cloud-hosted help desk software solution, then consider Freshdesk as one of your top choices.

Since it’s designed for powerful ticketing, maximized collaboration and qualitative insights, Freshdesk is a valuable asset.

You can expect reduced customer frustrations, thanks to the solution’s quick ticket updates and instant notifications, and deliver quality customer support to your audience. 

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