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Editors' Review by the Image Editing Software Review Team

Fotor is an online photo editor, catered for both professional and individual use. With this software solution, users are equipped with photo editing and designing tools that they can use to create collages, enhance images and apply filters to their photos. Several industries such as small to large-scale businesses can use this editor.

This platform provides robust features and tools to bring out the best in a photo. Users can also edit pictures into artistic collages for their personal use and erase any imperfections they might see in an image. This ensures they can create the pictures they want for all types of purposes, such as portraits, promotional posters and collections of happy moments.

When using Fotor, users don’t need an extensive background in technology to work their way through the platform. With this photo editor, people can edit the perfect photo, create a beautiful design and make stunning collages—all within reasonable price ranges. Its core features include photo editing, photo effects and photo retouching.

Fotor Features

Fotor has robust features that will help users get started in producing the photos and images they want, such as:

Photo editing

Featuring renowned photo editing skills, Fotor offers the basic tools required by users such as the ability to resize, crop, remove backgrounds and enhance images with a single tap. Other tools include rotating the image to the correct angle and straightening them to fit the frame. It also has a wide range of effects and filters, namely: blur effect, cool effects, photo effects AI photo effects, Lomo effects and more.

Photo collage

Sometimes, a single picture isn’t enough to evoke the emotions you want. This is why people resort to combining different pictures in a single frame or turning them into a collage. Fotor has topnotch effects such as photo stitching and a simple collage maker to create the overall picture you want.

Graphic design

Fotor isn’t limited to just adding stickers or applying effects to your pictures. It also has graphic design tools, which give you the ability and features to design your images into unique and dynamic options. This includes creating a wide range of product designs such as book covers, logo makers, poster markers, business cards, resume makers, event programs, Instagram posts, photo cards and email headers.


HDR, or high-dynamic range, gives pictures brighter and overall better image quality. Now users are equipped with rich features that will help them explore between normal, low and high exposures to their images. This works with a world-leading HDR algorithm, ensuring that Fotor users are given the best tech in today’s market.

Beauty retouching

Sometimes, you might not get the perfect image but that’s what retouching tools are for. Now, you can always look the way you want to every single time. Top tools in the photo retouching kit include wrinkle remover, red-eye remover, teeth whitener, blemish remover and photo reshaping.

Fotor Homepage

Fotor Benefits

Editing pictures can be a hassle to deal with, especially if the software you’ve downloaded is difficult to navigate. However, this isn’t an issue for users of Fotor as a rich and comprehensive suite of features is available in this user interface.

The benefits of using Fotor include:

Comprehensive solution

With this software solution, you’re given access to the following tools: beauty retouching, HDR, photo editing, photo collage and graphic design options. You’re also given access to different image shapes, hundreds of fonts, more design tools and countless stickers to customize and personalize your pictures.

Streamlined processes

The features and tools of Fotor simplifies and streamlines the processes behind photo editing applications. People from all walks of life—professionals, freelancers, small business owners and individuals—can make use of this software solution to get the end results they want. Despite the software solution’s advanced technology, users can easily use these tools to adjust, retouch and work wonders with their images.

Guides and tutorials

Additionally, Fotor has a wide range of tutorials and guides for you to choose from if you’re not as tech-savvy as other people. You can learn useful tips and tricks in graphic design and create posters that will kickstart the holiday promotions well. Fotor offers several articles for you to dive into, all to increase traffic and improve marketing strategies.

Other benefits include more than 100 exclusive photo effects, 30 stylized photo frames, 300 custom-designed stickers, 80 exquisite collage templates and over 1000 design templates in various dimensions.

Fotor Homepage

Fotor Pricing

Fotor’s pricing packages are available in two billing cycles: annual and monthly. These packages are straight to the point with a set price per month. Users can save more if they subscribe to the annual plan, as seen in the following:


For each month, users are charged $3.33 per month for an entire year. Overall, this means you’re charged only $39.99 per year.


This package is priced at $8.99 per month. If you compare it with the annual plan, each month charges you $5.66 more. However, this plan is useful when you want a short-term solution for your photography needs.

In line with these billing cycles, you can choose between Fotor Online or Fotor for Windows. Then you can choose between Basic and Pro. Fotor Pro helps users experience a seamless cross-platform experience and offers more tools for you to work with. These previously mentioned packages offer different features and functionalities for different industries and businesses.

Fotor Online


The Basic plan offers basic edit adjustment, basic photo edits, basic portrait touch-up, basic HDR tech, classic contents, the ability to sync photos up in the Fotor Cloud and the ability to work with classic contents.


Here, you’ll benefit from all features in the previous plan but with key additional ones such as ad-free content, advanced editing features, advanced portrait touch-up, advanced design features and advanced HDR tech.

You can also access more than 100 exclusive photo effects and the ability to edit their content with 10,000-plus custom stickers and 50-plus photo frames. You also have larger file storage.

Fotor for Windows


In Fotor for Windows, users benefit from similar features to the one offered in Fotor Online such as basic edit adjustment, basic portrait touch-up, basic photo effects, classic contents and the ability to save your format in basic formats.


Pro in Windows doesn’t have the same available features as the ones offered by the Online platform. You get to benefit from ad-free content, advanced editing features, more than 100 exclusive photo effects, advanced portrait touch-up and the ability to edit your content with unique and updated tools.

What makes Pro in Windows different than in Online are batch processing, which processes dozens of photos efficiently and edits images in multiple formats such as BMP, RAW and TIFF images.


Overall, with this revolutionary photo editor and design maker, you can easily and quickly process billions of photos in less time. Editing photos, making collages and creating designs don’t have to take as long as usual, especially if you’re working manually.

If there are any problems when it comes to coming up with ideas, then you can browse through Fotor’s professionally designed templates. Here, you can accent ideas with pre-existing templates that are all catered to different social media platforms. For millions of users, Fotor has risen to the top as one of the best photo editing applications in the current market.

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