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Flipcause Reviewed

Editors' Review by the Nonprofit & Volunteering Software Review Team

Flipcause is a robust management software for fundraising and community services. Designed for non-profit organizations of all sizes, Flipcause helps you launch campaigns to raise funds. You are able to sell items, set up an e-commerce shop, accept donations, and use crowdfunding to support your goals.

Flipcause Features

Flipcause allows you to create online shopping or donation sites to support any campaign. Features in the software include data synchronization, redevelopment, and e-commerce functions. With these features, you can integrate Flipcause to existing websites in order to improve the management of the campaign, whatever it may be. Payment automation can be completed and integrations are available if you’d like to accept different credit or debit cards.

Flipcause events customizable pages dynamic reports guest lists

Website Integration and Development

One of the features Flipcause emphasizes is its integration options for an online page. These options can be customized in both appearance and manner. You can make a floating button to highlight the campaign, or attach it to a button already set on the page. These buttons are easily embedded on other web pages in order to improve exposure. Hosted campaigns are also easy to launch and run immediately, cutting down on the time you spend in development.

Flipcause sites are mobile-friendly and have no additional fees for installation and setup. It also has a “site refreshment” feature that works best for existing sites seeking to update to modern web design standards. For example, when creating a site, you have access to a drag-and-drop layout editor. This also lets you update a pre-existing site by easily converting the current site’s layout into one that uses the editor.

Security for payments and the privacy of clients are integral to a campaign’s success. Flipcause uses fraud prevention methods and avoids storing payment data in their servers to protect your audience. You can also pick which regions can make transactions and send email confirmations to those purchasing or donating to your cause.

Online Shopping Functions

Flipcause also lets you create online markets or shops to fund your campaign. The items for sale can be organized with in-depth details such as type and availability. Discounts can be added to certain items and used by your customers for promotion purposes.

When orders are made, online payments and confirmation emails can be automated for your clients. Market value for each item is automatically calculated, including all applicable tax deductions. This is to give your audience accurate information on the prices of their transactions.

Volunteer and Crowdfunding Systems

You and your organization need to manage all of the aspects of your campaigns to ensure success. Whether your organization prefers to call for volunteers online or create crowdfunding sites, Flipcause helps to keep it easy to make and manage your campaigns.

Volunteering forms can be created and customized to fit your cause. You can create as many tasks and shifts as needed, and attach all necessary files. For example, you can include documents with information regarding the volunteers and waivers they need to sign with the forms. You can manage the shifts and the volunteers for each campaign, including canceling or adding notes for their benefit.

Crowdfunding campaigns can be created in minutes when emergency appeals are needed. Social media sharing is also possible so it’s easy for your audience to spread the word on your campaign. You will also be able to track the progress and goals of your campaign through these systems, as well as show people as many details and deadlines as you need to keep interested members updated.

Payment Processing

When using online credit or debit cards, the software recognizes and integrates itself to accept different methods of payment. You can also connect bank accounts to the software in case you need to transfer funds whenever necessary. This option can be seen in the dashboard for faster access.

Credit card payments can be rewarded with encrypted tokens to reward your audience and encourage further sales or donations. In case you need to keep track of who’s paid the most via what avenue, accounts are recorded and separated by campaign type, date, amount, and other tags for easier searches.

Data Syncing

Integration of important information from other software or platforms is possible with Flipcause. You can import customized information from different solutions such as customer relationship management, accounting, and email services. This cuts down the time needed to manually re-enter data for analysis. The best part of this feature is its easy step-by-step syncing process. You only need to confirm if the third-party programs allow importing and the Flipcause developers can work on it for you.

Flipcause Benefits

Flipcause is noteworthy for its integration features. Aside from payment and data information, the software stands out when it is dealing with existing websites or mobile web pages. Features like the simplified layout editor, campaign button options, and modernization tools help you to create an engaging campaign.

The software also shines in its crowdfunding and volunteering features. With links to online shops and sharing, you can create campaigns within minutes. The donations or volunteers can be tracked, reviewed, and updated to inform your own clients. With this, Flipcause encourages customer engagement and management.

Flipcause donations donor management

Flipcause Pricing

The software has a demo upon request and offers four different package tiers and additional services. The deals are the Starter, Seed, Growing, and Standard tiers. Each deal can be paid for monthly or annually and all of them contain the following features:

  • Unlimited campaigns and transactions
  • Dedicated success teams – Specific teams are made to coordinate and create the best plan for your campaign.
  • Unlimited administrators
  • Webmaster services – Updates for the software or support for technical issues are available at no additional cost.

The Starter package is the cheapest at $100 and is the only one without website modernization. This means you won’t be able to update your site with mobile-friendly responsiveness. However, you still have access to all core features. The other packages all come with mobile-friendly responsiveness.

Aside from these deals, add-on services are available to give you more features to help grow your campaign. These include:

  • Data importing and syncing – Have all your data automatically sent to different programs for analysis and configuration.
  • Domain masking – Customize the URL for your own branding purposes.
  • Subdomains – Hosted campaign sites can be modified to include your company’s name.
  • Card reader – Get mobile payment access using the Flipcause account and app for faster transactions.


The volunteering, crowdfunding, and website development features in Flipcause make it an intuitive machine for fast campaigns. Your organization can benefit from the deep integration system for your website to any available third-party platform. It’s also a cost-efficient, making this a software solution you should consider.

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